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Classical Stimulation and Suppression of Nicotine Effect
Bupropion (Wellbutrin)
by Somniphile
Citation:   Somniphile. "Classical Stimulation and Suppression of Nicotine Effect: An Experience with Bupropion (Wellbutrin) (exp76789)". Apr 7, 2016.

150 mg rectal Pharms - Bupropion (liquid)


I am currently writing this while experiencing the come up of effects. I've tried this on and off the last week or 2. It's a really nice experience, and if you're open minded and have no societal/sexual/religious/etc stigma about rectal administration of a drug, it might work out nicely for you.

I got my bupropion legitimately from a doctor who diagnosed me as major depression with psychotic features. This diagnosis is false. Basically my only real problem is anxiety. If I overdo the stimulants, like this wellbutrin (or even just using it as prescribed to me) it puts me into a hypomanic state. I realized I was acting out of character and got back to normal after I stopped the wellbutrin.

So I was left with a big bottle of 162 (I counted) 150mg wellbutrin pills. These pills have sat in my drawer or medicine cabinet for about a year since I last took them.

A fellow psychoactive adventurer I know from a forum online had been telling me he liked wellbutrin orally, and I told him it didn't do much for me except eventually seem to put me into a hypomanic state. A few months later (about 2 weeks ago) he started experimenting with using it rectally, snorting it in a liquid solution, or smoking it mixed with baking soda. I didn't really want to try smoking something that smells like plastic farts in the bottle, or snorting it either. I was, however, intrigued by the possibility of rectal use. With minimal water he said it's not actually uncomfortable and I had tried a few other drugs that way before without much discomfort or side effects sometimes associated with oral use.

His method when he originally told me how he prepared it was to basically wash the pills so they had the colored coating off (note he had different pills than me), dry them a bit, smash them up into powder, dissolve into water and then microwave it a little at a time until it was dissolved well. He then put it in the fridge to let the filler separate out to the bottom, similar to a cold water extraction of some other pills which are drug fan favorites. You know the ones. there's probably many that people use that method for.

I asked him about the boiling, he said someone on a forum recommended it and said the logic behind it was that boiling helps the bupropion molecules separate from maybe some sort of oil or something. I don't really know and I didn't find evidence for that when searching online. I decided to try it my own way, which has worked well for many other substances. I liken it to when poppy seed tea was relatively unknown (Report) people would read a report of someone grinding the seeds and adding vitamin C or lemon juice. After trial and error, I found out that basically all I need is to wash the seeds with hot water with a lot of shaking. Their methods had unnecessary and time-consuming steps, so I always like to try my own methods based on what makes sense for me personally.

I decided to basically just wash off the coating of the pill (the ones I have I found a PDF for with the inactives... they all seemed fairly benign but I wash anyway) by running the pills under a little water then rubbing them around in my hands, occasionally adding water. I then sit them on a small strip of wax paper just cause a paper towel they'll stick to. The coating usually will come off pretty easy. On the sides, I can just rub my finger on the parts with coating still on and sorta just scrub it off with a fingertip.

I have tried various methods so far of smashing the pills up. I have a mortar and pestle, but the slight dampness (unless I wait for them to dry which would slow the process a lot) would cause a lot of the powder to stick inside the bowl of the M&P. I also tried smashing them in my vice grips... it worked but the vice grips have the very textured gripping surface, and I still haven't picked all the little 'butrin bits out.. lol..
This last time I used it before writing this report is probably the idea I'll be sticking with from now on. It was clean and it didn't cause chunks to fly. I basically took 2 similar spoons (like silverware) and I put 1 pill in one of the spoons, then put the other spoon on top, like bottom down into the bowl of the first and smooshed them between. It smashed the pill and then the spoons have clean non-textured surfaces. You can just use the spoons to scrape each other and get it all into a little container.

I then put the powder in a small container with warm water. I would say I use a little less than 1 oz of water, maybe like 20-25 ml'.. I drop the powder from each when it's smashed good into the water. I use little containers I found at Target, but any little container would work well. You could probably use something like a coffee mug or whatever else to mix the powder/water together. I like these little screw top plastic containers because I can then screw the top on and shake it around and it dissolves the powder into the solution.

I then use my own self-made rectal admin thing. It's basically like a fleet enema thing, you can buy them real cheap at any pharmacy or retail store. They'll come with some sort of solution for constipation but you can dump it out. Some people I guess prefer to clean themselves out before rectal administration of drugs because if there's fecal matter in there, it'll steal some of your drug.. or the water might provoke the need to have a bowel movement.. so whichever. If you had a bowel movement recently (or wait till you do) you could probably use one of those fleet things with the solution dumped out. There's also oral syringes (that's what the online pal uses) or there's bulbs. Mine I made myself, I took the glass part of a dropper (standard dropper comes with amber bottles usually for herbal tinctures) and I attached it to a contact solution bottle. Then I cut a hole in the screw-on cap so it goes down over the glass thing and locks it in place. This was because I'm a penny pincher. It's about the same as the fleet enema things. If cleaned they'd be reusable.

So at this point I want to have the powder dissolved in a little warm water then I squeeze the bottle part of my thing and when it pops back out, it sucks up the liquid like turkey baster sorta thing. It's then ready for however I wanna get it in there. My device makes it easy, I can just lay on my stomach on the floor and do it. The online friend says he prefers to lay on his back with his legs in the air. However it gets done, whatever.

Now on to the effects. Within a minute or 2 of getting it in there, I notice effects. Me and the other guy basically agree it feels very similar to insufflated ritalin. Sniffing ritalin is really nice for me... light stimulation, good euphoria, tingling in the genitals and sometimes in extremities... sometimes in the scalp. the euphoria is the best part. It can help me stay awake obviously. Rectal bupropion is basically the exact same effects. It lasts about the same too. By 5 minutes, there's a definite noticeable beginning to the come-up. By 10 minutes I'm feeling a good euphoria. It builds all the way up through about 30 minutes for me, then levels and stays pretty damn good till at least the hour mark.

When I started writing this, it was 8:15 and I had just got my dose in me. I'm still feeling quite nice now at 9:15. It's good with poppy pods too, although I'm not currently on the combo. With the combo, it's quite pleasurable and enhances the opiate much like ritalin does (I've had pain meds for a medical problem at the same time as ritalin in the past)

All in all, the effects are classical stimulation. The one difference I'll note that should be noted is this.. If I smoke, my cigarettes will not have an effect. I can go out and smoke right now and it will still feel like smoke being breathed in and out of my lungs. It doesn't seem to make it seem BAD, like oral wellbutrin did for me, but it does seem to totally block the nicotine receptors. I don't even try to smoke on it anymore, but really the wellbutrin is better than cigarettes so I don't feel the need to, other than to satisfy the oral fixation.
I don't even try to smoke on it anymore, but really the wellbutrin is better than cigarettes so I don't feel the need to, other than to satisfy the oral fixation.

Hopefully this information is useful to someone. The most I've done is 450mg's, and I'd be wary to go over that. I think the maximum per day might be like 300 or 400 mg's for prescribed doses. I will say that my friend however has used 600 mg's, but he takes the filler out and I don't (he says his filler causes diarrhea) and he could possibly be losing actives with the filler. People who have a history of being seizure prone seem to have problems with it, sorta like Tramadol. I guess there's some evidence of it lowering the seizure threshold. If you don't KNOW if you're gonna be prone to it (there's really no way you can know, it can happen to anyone) and you decide to try this, start slow. For gods sake, don't make yourself have to go to the emergency room because you were putting your antidepressant up your ass. That sounds funny, but I mean.. if that happens you really will probably feel crappy about where your life is at.

I'd say 450mg's of it rectally is just as strong as 15mg's of ritalin insufflated, maybe more.. and I only ever needed 5-10 to really get where I wanted to be. I have to restrict myself to maybe 1 use per 3-4 days. If I do it 2 days in a row, I noticed myself slipping into the hypomanic state. While it's not entirely horrible, I don't like it because I talk so much that I start to annoy myself.. plus it causes compulsive behavior. Be aware that if you have a fairly wired up personality, it could make you hypomanic or even manic. I wouldn't recommend stimulants of any kind to people with extreme anxiety or bipolar disorder. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who has a problem with insomnia. I have insomnia, but I'm currently in a situation where it doesn't matter when I sleep. If you gotta sleep, I wouldn't try it. My friend says he thinks it lasts longer for him than I think it does for me, yet he can sleep after it and it can leave me feeling unsleepy for up to 30 some hours.

Use your brains. I like to dick around with recreational substances, and I know there's others out there like me. If you think you have any risk factors at all, don't use it. High blood pressure is also a concern. Be safe.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 76789
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 7, 2016Views: 12,999
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Pharms - Bupropion (87) : Preparation / Recipes (30), Alone (16)

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