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Getting High Like Towlie
by The Mayor
Citation:   The Mayor. "Getting High Like Towlie: An Experience with JWH-018 (exp76681)". Mar 9, 2009.

  smoked JWH-018 (powder / crystals)


dosage:see story

Well the long wait was over. It had arrived, my jwh-018, and a long wait it was. I received a gram of off-white yellowish powder. As I understand this is the appearance that you want, as opposed to a rust colored lump that others have been buying on the internet.

A friend and I decided to try it out. I could not find a proper vaporization (meth)
pipe so first I improvised with a light bulb based vapor pipe. I took a tiny amount
of the powder and put it in the bulb. I just stuck the tip of a knife in and got as
little as I could. i took 1-2 hits and blew out very little smoke as did my friend.

It took aboubt 5 minutes to start affecting us noticably. The effects were identical
to smoking very good marijuana. I was not extremely 'high' per se but the effects
were unmistakable.

We followed up by smoking roughly the same amount on foil. this worked much better
but it was difficult to get it to that point where all the smoke releases at the
same time in a big cloud. We got pleasantly baked. After we were already high and
hit the foil again we could notice a rush right when it hit us. the buzz lasted for
about 1.5 hrs.

4 hours later I went to another friends house and were gonna get good and blasted this
time we did a few foil boats and got extremely high. It lasted about an hour for me
but was extremely pleasant. I'm sure i went over the 5mg dose recommendation and
I did not have any sort of paranoia or 'bad place' type feelings. All and all it
went very well and the only thing I am going to do differently in the future is get
a vaporization pipe rather than that nasty foil.

Its not for everyone as the method to smoke it is a difficult learning process that
is more for the harder drug user.

In closing I think that milder forms like Spice are probably better if one
plans on smoking it for a long time (probation). But for the price per use jwh-018
is unbeatable. In the future I plan to use the proper pipe and I am going to try
oral dosing dilluted in grain alcohol.

Side effects: munchies, red eye, short term memory loss, telling stories no one
wants to hear, cottonmouth, and telling stories with no point. Hope this helps.

The Mayor

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 76681
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 9, 2009Views: 27,664
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JWH-018 (483) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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