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Tripping for Two Days Straight
by Gill
Citation:   Gill. "Tripping for Two Days Straight: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp76357)". Aug 18, 2022.

T+ 0:00
2 tsp oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
  T+ 17:00 1 tsp oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
Iíve just returned to reality after being high for nearly two days on nutmeg.

Iím 16 years old, and have been very interested in drugs for years.

My past drug experiences include; cannabis, amyl nitrate, alcohol, catnip, nitrous oxide, glue, dimenhydrinate, diphenhydramine, ecstasy and butane. Iíve been a smoker for about a year.

My nutmeg experience was better than I expected to be honest. I began reading reports on nutmeg the day before. On a Friday afternoon, about 5.15pm, I ingested two heaped teaspoons full of ground nutmeg powder in a class of milk. It tasted like someone had taken a bite out of a bar of soap, drunk a glass of piss, and chucked it up in a glass of milk. Nice.

Once I finished the vile drink, I went back on the computer. Dinner was at 7.00pm. It was just after I had finished eating when I realised I had started to come up. I got out of the house as quickly as possible. By 7.30pm I was at the park with loads of mates.

By the time I got to the park, I was quite high. I felt like I had ripped a couple of bongs.

[Please note that all time from now on are guessed, as I had no means of telling the time.]

Everyone else who was out was drinking and/or smoking weed. I did neither to ensure I was just feeling the effects of the nutmeg and nothing else.

At first, I told no one what I had taken, but apparently it was quite obvious I had taken something. One of my friends had heard about nutmeg as a drug before. Everyone else was very interested. They all new my fascination with drugs, and my imagination and creativity when it comes to thinking of a way getting high (I have built several bongs, pipes, vaporisers etc using all sorts of different things).

By now it was about 8.00pm. I went up to the church to find the people smoking green. We began to talk about absolute bullshit. By 8.30pm, I began to describe my high as feeling like I had smoked several bongs, and dropped a couple of pills. I began to see all the streetlights dancing and winking at me.

At 9.00pm, we all went back down to the park where I meet up with a walking drug store I had met on New Years Eve. He was very drunk. He was about to give me his number when the pigs turned up. The small group of people I was with were smoking weed, so half of them disappeared, which spun me out big time. Me and a friend went to hide under a slide in the park, as he had a little bit of bud on him. He had given the rest to our new dealer friend to hide.

I was freaking out big time. I was shit scared the pigs were going to find us. I had recently been done for burglary. Once I remembered that I wasnít actually doing anything illegal, I relaxed again. I had really come up now. The nutmeg kept coming in waves that got shorter and shorter, stronger and stronger and closer together until I was engulfed in a blanket of nutmeg.

We then saw our new dealer friend be patted down by the fuzz. Bolocks. But I turned out they didnít find anything. They only confiscated booze from a couple of underage people. When the cops left, we went back to get the weed back. He claimed he had lost it. He also said the police had given him the wrong amount of money back.

It was now about 10.00pm. Most the people had gone now, so I decided to leave as well. I got home about 10.30pm, and pretty much went straight to bed.

I woke up about 10.00am the next morning. I was still quite high. As soon as I got up, I had another heaped teaspoon full of nutmeg in milk. It really did make me gag. I had a cold shower which made me rush somewhat, got dressed and went out again. As soon as I left the house, it struck me how bright the sun was. It was bouncing off cars and creating a haze of beautiful coloured light. I completely zoned out
it struck me how bright the sun was. It was bouncing off cars and creating a haze of beautiful coloured light. I completely zoned out
as I was walking down to the park where I would be meeting friends.

At about 11.00am, I met up with a friend who wanted to try the nutmeg. I began to roll a fag, but then had the genius idea to sprinkle some nutmeg on it like I was smoking hash. It tasted as you can imagine. Awful. I only managed to smoke half of it. It kind of worked, but I guess it just made me come up on the teaspoon I had taken earlier.

At 11.30am, we went down to Tesco and bought a carton of orange juice for my friend to get the nutmeg down with. I really couldn't deal with the number of people in Tesco. I freaked out, and my friend told me to wait outside. I just sat on my own on a wall, and stared at the wall opposite because the bricks were all moving around.

At 12.00pm, he began ingesting it. I still felt like I had smoked a few bongs and dropped a pill.

As soon as my friend began to shovel the nutmeg into his mouth, and wash it down with OJ, two other of my druggy friends turned up. They were soon shovelling nutmeg into their mouths as well. Friend one had about 5 teaspoons full, friend two had three teaspoons full and snorted two bumps, and friend three had four teaspoons full and snorted one bump.

At 1.00pm, they were all quite disappointed that they werenít tripping yet, and went to McDonalds. I stayed up at the park skating. For the next hour, I was in my own little world. I didnít talk to anyone, I was just skating. It felt like I was hovering above the ground.

At 2.00pm, my nutmeg buddies came back. They had really come up now. One of them was scared to eat his burger because it was talking to him, another one said it was as if someone had pressed fast-forward on his vision, and the other was lying in the middle of the car park with his head on a skateboard saying he was flying. I lay down next to him for a while (no idea how long) and I could really tell what he meant. I felt like I was taking off on a plane.

Later, three of us nutmeg-ers started playing rugby with people's shoes. My god by the end of that game I was rushing like mad. I was just leaning against a bush playing with my hands and clenching my jaw. It felt like I had popped several pills and was peaking. Then, suddenly, I fell into the bush I was leaning on. I got really angry and started kicking and punching the bush. Eventually, my friend calmed me down.

Then one of my friends on nutmeg thought he was a dinosaur, and began to chase me. I was really scared, and legged it. I started rushing again, and dived to the floor and curled up into a ball. The dinosaur lay down behind me and hugged me. Another friend, who was sober, came and picked me up and calmed me down.

At 4.30pm, everyone went into the park. I spent about half an hour hugging a pole and saying I was in love. It was really strange. I could really feel a physical attraction to the pole.
I spent about half an hour hugging a pole and saying I was in love. It was really strange. I could really feel a physical attraction to the pole.
Haha Iím weird.

At 5.00pm I went off to work. I work in a pub kitchen, and most of the staff smoke weed and could obviously tell I was stoned. I began to feel really dehydrated, which was okay, because I work in a pub kitchen and get free drinks. =]

I finished at 10.00pm and went home. I was still fairly high, so I went straight to bed to avoid my parents. It took me ages to get to sleep because I was worrying about my friends who were tripping, but eventually I nodded off and had some pretty fucked up dreams.

This morning, I woke up and I feel absolutely fine. Iím still quite thirsty, so Iíve drunk quite a lot of water. I started to write this about 1.30pm. Itís now 2.00pm. I have completely returned to baseline.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 76357
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Aug 18, 2022Views: 4,860
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