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Tripping from THC
by Nail
Citation:   Nail. "Tripping from THC: An Experience with Cannabis (exp76238)". Apr 5, 2012.

  repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)


This was my first step into curiosity into bigger and better psychedelics. I had been invited to a guy named W’s house for a session, with a friend of mine N, and a few other guys, one of them being V. This report was scribbled on a paper the night of my experience when I was coming down ready for bed. Hopefully it explains well enough. Times are best estimate.

T+0:00 – First hit – I started to laugh at almost anything, and felt comfortable around the older guys. I was very relaxed with everyone and almost unaware of the cold coming in the garage side door.

T+0:20 – Second hit – My ears started to buzz and I felt incredibly relaxed, I had no worries. A bright purple grid work of dots spread across my vision, pulsating weirdly. I found it interesting and found my sense much more enhanced.

T+0:30 – We went inside to the basement. I had some trouble walking in and my vision was swaying. The ringing in my ears continued along with the purple grid, I almost fell down the stairs on the way. We sat on the couch just laughing together and feeling good, waiting for V to arrive. At this point I would close my eyes and the colors in the dark would form simple geometric shapes and patterns.

T+0:40 – V arrives, we go out for more. Hits 3-9 – My world is now viewed in layers, seeming like a high graphics fluid video game. The background reaches out to me and grabs my interest, and I spend some time scanning it and watching different things grab my attention. My vision zooms into things, a strange feeling. A stone 10 feet away could take up my entire vision or be invisible at will. Very surreal feeling to everything, it feels very fluid. My thoughts come clearly and my mouth is dry. It is very difficult to stand – standing just doesn’t feel important anymore… there is so much to look at with a pleasant euphoria. I now am having average OEV’s, zooming in to certain objects, and the CEV’s become more intense, yet enjoyable. Quite awesome.

T+0:50 – Went back inside. Walking is very surreal, as if it is not me walking. I can watch myself walk from above in the sky, floating a few feet above our heads when we are outdoors. I can barely speak anymore, my mouth is too amazingly dry and water doesn’t hydrate it, too many amazing thoughts to give voice to. I sat down next to the couch in the basement, and started to just look around… Every individual object was just that, an individual jumping out for attention. People lost importance. Average OEV’s and High level CEV’s.

T+1:00 – I started to close my eyes, to see colors speeding through every possible shape and complex pattern imaginable, and if I closed my eyes closed long enough I would feel such an extreme euphoria and an ecstatic feeling, both physical and emotional, would start to build so strongly until my vocal chords started buzzing and I wanted to scream in ecstasy, which would have weirded out the guys there, so I would open my eyes and see everything clearly, see what I truly felt about each object… see it’s essence. I would look at someone or something and decide if it was “Right”, which was represented by a dazzling green arrow pointing upwards filling my visions, and “Wrong”, the opposite happening. At this point time loses all meaning. I am eternity. The guys realize I’m tripping and start freaking out, telling me to stop it or they will tell C. This thought terrifies me and I huddle in a ball, but manage to force myself back to reality, fearing the consequences of disobeying. Reality is far away still but I manage to pretend. One guy is more experienced, but still a novice tripper, and tells them all to chill out and let me rest alone with N. N is there with me and the rest of them go out to smoke some more. They are all on their 4th or so hit, and all have a high tolerance. I go lie down on the couch and close my eyes, letting myself float away on the joy. I have lost the pure ecstasy of the colors but I feel so warm and comfortable, as if I’m wrapped in a heated, vibrating wool blanket. There is no pain, which is rare for me… I decide to think of heaven and am taken there… White light and a golden kingdom in the clouds. I decided that I truly wanted a God to exist but couldn’t believe it. I got up and decided standing was good, so I looked around when an antique model pirate ship jumped out at me… I walked over to it and stood staring at it for some time, then closed my eyes. I was on the ship, on a dark stormy sea calling out orders. I could feel the rain, smell the sea, hear the howl of the wind, living lifetimes in a moment. I opened my eyes in shock and fear, so I turned around and sat in the center of the floor. N started waggling his fingers at me, which frightened me and made me look away. When I looked back up he faked throwing a football at me. I was terrified and went into a little huddle and nearly cried and would have screamed if I could. I got up and he threw the ball at me. I didn’t even flinch, I just let it hit me in the arm and picked it back up, going through a radical change in thought. I stared at him, hating his very essence, baring my teeth and growling. I heard footsteps coming from the stairs and rushed back to my original seat trying very hard to act normal. They asked if I was alright and told me I had to go soon, and that it was.

4:40pm. I resisted the strong temptation to close my eyes and fly away.

T+1:20 – Everyone was back in the room. I tried to talk and laugh and be normal but I couldn’t. Too many thoughts to voice. I drifted in & out of reality, trying to stay, begging to leave. I forget all that happened for 20 minutes.

T+1:40 – I had to leave. I decided to walk to N’s house, then back to mine, expecting the trip to come down enough so I could function around parents. 10 steps out the door and I am completely lost. Trees are scary yet interesting at night. My mental map seemed to be spinning, could not tell north from south. I feel an urge to chase cars but I hang onto N and start talking about how each object, living or non-living, deserves to be noticed and respected. I am still getting High level CEV’s and OEV’s, the world is swaying. Time loses meaning again. At some point N tells me just walk straight on the sidewalk and points me in the right direction (next to very busy street). I say OK and shuffle along. The lights from cars flare in my eyes and I try to hold a straight course walking. It is quite hard. I will glance in a direction and my feet follow 5 steps before I know what I’m doing. This makes looking at the road dangerous so I keep my vision fixed forwards. Closing my eyes is fun & I just want to stop and sit on some ones lawn and let myself go. But I don’t, and continue walking. I reach my old school and decide to go and sit down in the yard. I am enjoying myself now. I am at peace. My phone starts to buzz and I open it and my mother and best mate S have texted me. I decide to go to S’s house and text my mum to be ready to leave when I get home.

T+2:40 – Still sitting in my old school, looking around in the dark (Normal OEV’s and High level CEV’s). I take off my coat and sweater and throw my sweater in the snow, walk away and take a piss, come back and shake off my sweater and put it in my backpack. It’s freezing out, but I feel so warm and fuzzy. I put my coat back on and stand in a basketball court for a while, looking around at stuff. No memory of my thoughts at the time, but I decided to rehearse a phone call to my mum and finally phone her. I managed to stay quiet and eat a PB&J sandwich on the way to S’s.

T+3:10 – I have an average high feeling and am babbling when I talk

T+4:40 – It’s Dinner time. Taste was incredible, yet the pain in my arm from a magnified sense of touch without pain is starting to hurt incredibly. Pain is fully back now, and I was carrying a 60lbs bag in my hand for the better part of 2 hours with heightened feeling.

T+8:40 – Went to bed, told S of my experience and wrote this report. Turned off the light and got some visuals. I watched rainbows flash until a comforting sleep took me.
Next day, felt amazing.

I guess I have a hyper-sensitivity to THC

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 76238
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 5, 2012Views: 14,540
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