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Not Too Sure What To Think About This Drug
by Nik
Citation:   Nik. "Not Too Sure What To Think About This Drug: An Experience with 2C-D (exp76197)". Jan 25, 2009.

  oral 2C-D (powder / crystals)


First a little background info about me. I am an experienced MDMA user for about 15 years now (wow, time is running...) and had so far only one psychedelic experience with magic mushrooms which I enjoyed but rather don’t want to do again. Other than that I tried amphetamines and cocaine several times. I'm physically in good shape (doing sports) and live a healthy life (food wise).

I ordered 1 gram of 2C-D online. The powder is white and looks like almost any other drug.

The day I tried it out I woke up at around 10 o clock on a saturday morning. I took a toothpick and dipped it about 1cm into the powder and swallowed this much of it. After ingesting the powder to my empty stomach I went to the supermarket to buy some food. Around 1 hour later I first felt some effects. The only effect I noticed was that I had a blurry vision. I did not feel any nausea or discomfort. First I thought the blurry vision comes from the cold air (we have minus degrees at the moment) but the blurriness did not subside in my apartment. I unloaded the purchased food and dipped the toothpick about 1cm into the powder again twice. After ingesting it I left the house again and headed to another supermarket to buy the rest of the food I needed. I would assume that I took about 15 to 20mg of 2C-D in total – although I really cannot confirm this (I yet have to buy a precise scale).

Around half an hour later I returned home from shopping. That’s when I definitely felt the effects. The blurriness of my sight got stronger and stronger. It was like I was heavily farsighted. Every close object was hard to see blurry. If I focused something in a distance I could see it crisp clear. Driving a car in this condition is absolutely not possible (I went to the supermarket by bike)! I also noticed that I started to sweat. My hands were pretty wet and I felt a raised body temperature. The sweating was through the whole experience.

I sat in front of my computer and listened to some trance tunes. I felt like the music completely consumed me and I literally was in the music. The effects started to get stronger and I began to feel uneasy. I guess I was not really prepared for a psychedelic trip! The sweating increased and the blurriness of my sight, too. I felt kind of fuzzy and had to concentrate more to focus on anything. But once I got the focus on something I could keep it. I chatted with some friends on MSN when I noticed that my hands sort of had their own movement without my actively controlling them. But I was glad about this because my thoughts seemed to be kind of clouded. I absolutely do not believe that 2C-D is a smart drug at all. I got distracted by little things and because of my blurry sight I could not really do anything which needed a lot of my attention.

Whenever I sat still for a moment I started to „float“ above my head. It kind of felt like my mind was flying a few centimetres above my head. But as soon as I focused on something the floating disappeared. After a while I started to feel a nice tingling under the skin in my entire body. It felt very nice and almost had a bit of an erotic feeling. My skin felt very warm and nice. The second I did not „think“ about my body (especially my arms) I started to feel like I was floating above my head again. My arms felt extremely light, almost if they would not exist. I had the absurd fear that I might lose control over my arms. At this moment it felt like they were not a party of my body.

In terms of visuals I did not have any altered perception of reality. I neither saw any vivid colors nor did I see the walls breathing whatsoever. It just felt like the white was slightly brighter than usual.

I decided to go out to „cool off“ a bit because I felt a little uneasy. Took my bike and drove downtown. When I was with a lot of people I realized that I was kind of introverted. I did not notice the people around me and was lost in my own thoughts and actions. It was like I mentally was in my little world and no one could distract me. However, the coldness seemed to „lower“ the effects of the drug.

About 5-6 hours later most of the effects seemed to disappear. I still felt that there is something in my body. The sight is still a little blurred, especially close objects are hard to focus.

My retrospect:
Not sure if I’m a fan of psychedelic drugs at all. The blurriness of my sight was very unpleasant. While on the plateau (I assume) I really had a hard time to see anything close to me at all. Other than that I sometimes felt uneasy but never was scared, though. I guess the compound is okay for a „psychedelic beginner“ since the effects were pretty mild and I easily knew that they came from the substance and were not real.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 76197
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 25, 2009Views: 12,987
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2C-D (103) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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