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Senior Fancy Across the Universe
by Kat
Citation:   Kat. "Senior Fancy Across the Universe: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp76146)". Aug 12, 2018.

3.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
To begin, I wanted to write because I read many Experiences, and find a lack of female perspective and experience. And this trip was especially notable for me. Attending University in Los Angeles at 20 years old, I’m writing this less than one day after the experience.

My friend Addie* and I decided we would shroom together for the first time of our Winter Break (Just under an eighth each). I’m very careful about who I choose to shroom with because I don’t think everyone is cut out to take them. From personal experience I’ve grasped that it is extremely mentally based, if a person seems too nervous, too wound up, scared or mentally not completely stable, I won’t even think about shrooming with them. Positive vibes throughout a trip are very important so we have to go into together and comfortable with each other. Addie is a very chill girl so I knew it wouldn’t be a problem.


I’ve shroomed about 8+ times now (she’s tripped around 6+) and I like to be extremely prepared before I decide to “cross onto the other side” because once I cross over there is no turning back, and distraction from a task becomes increasingly more plausible.

In preparation for the trip we both decided to pack an adventure backpack. We’d each just fill it with engaging things that we thought would be fun while tripping. I’m an art major, and she’s very into art so both our backpacks were packed full of art making supplies. In my backpack, I packed a camera, my sketchbook, art books full of pictures, candles, a bouncy ball, a blanket, and (of course) my ipod.

Her backpack contained more colored pencils, glitter, glue (and other various art making supplies) her laptop, speakers, 8 diet cokes, gummy bears and gum.

We knew that as soon as we actually started the trip, we may never use any of these things, but as long as I “FEEL” prepared, I don’t go into tripping with any negative mindset of forgetting anything, or missing something. Also, the backpack helps keep everything together so you don’t end up loosing things while tripping.

T:: (1:40pm) This is the only time I’ll give exact time because a promise of our trip was to avoid a clock until we were done, since all perception of time is usually lost. We decided to go to campus. We have a very beautiful and old campus, with tons of foliage. Its winter break so its empty on campus, and we’ve both tripped there before, and each time it’s a different, amazing experience.

We arrive at our first “camp site” as we referred to it It was in a grassy area near a wall covered in ivy, we were under big trees that were completely BRIGHT yellow, red and green in color (probably more so because of the shrooms) and it was about 70 out, with a slight wind. It was an especially beautiful spot because every so often the wind would gust and it would literally rain and array of yellow, red and green leaves. We laid out the blanket to sit down and begin our trip.

By this time we were already starting to feel the effects. We had the body high on the walk over, and as Addie described it, she could feel them [the hallucinations] creeping in as we sat down at our site. We got out the computer and speakers and began to listen to the soundtrack of the trip which was the Across the Universe soundtrack.

Across the Universe soundtrack was always music I’ve wanted to listen to while tripping, and hadn’t yet, she agreed. Music is very important on a trip because its unavoidable, whenever I am hearing music, my mood changes accordingly. This soundtrack was especially good because it has songs with different moods, and deeper and partially drug induced meanings, which while on drugs, inspires lots of deep contemplation.
This soundtrack was especially good because it has songs with different moods, and deeper and partially drug induced meanings, which while on drugs, inspires lots of deep contemplation.

We then began to create art, and we would feed off each others creations, and add. We found leaves and glued them into our sketchbooks and drew from their random coloration as flowing inspiration. The best thing about drawing and coloring while tripping is that you don’t’ have to think about, every movement makes sense and comes natural, and you like it, you don’t second guess your drawing, and you appreciate your creations more.

Addie drew a comic book character. I told her I could just SEE, and just knew he needed glitter. We named him Senior Fancy, and his job was to spread glitter to the world, making it a better place. Throughout our trip we’d reference him and add to the story. We added Bueno Bums as his accomplices to his glitter spreading ways.

We talked about an assortment of deep and insightful things. I can always tell a shroom conversation from a normal one because insightful things on shrooms are always things I never would talk about normally, although they make sense, they just don’t come to mind sober. This is one of the amazing things about shrooms, because when I sober up later, they’re still amazing ideas that I get to take with me from the trip.

We talked about all the people in the world, and how so many of them live their life each day separately, and we’ll never know or meet most of them. Yet they keep living in their own world. And we were sad that we can’t just go up and talk to anyone. And we were sad because so many people seemed so great and so nice, we felt like we were missing out. This travesty dawned on us for a bit as we went on about existence. Then we eventually just layed down and enjoyed looking up at the rain of color (leaves). We took the yellow bouncy ball and threw it up into the sky and as it distanced from our hands it blended in each time with the assortment of the yellow until it came back down. It seemed like it was all moving in slow motion.

During this time we had smoked out of a one hitter about 3 or so times, which always brings on the visuals a little stronger and makes the trip even better. We were also drinking down diet cokes, for some reason they taste amazing and the carbonation feels great in our mouths and going down into our bodies.

We later walked through campus and decided that we were both in the Jurassic park watching mood. For whatever reason she understood and was totally on the same page as me. And then we started laughing wondering what about Jurassic park we liked, was it seeing people being torn up by dinosaurs? We felt horrible about liking it, then we realized that it makes us feel better because while watching it we know no matter what happens, we will never be torn up by a dinosaur, then we decided that would be the worst death ever.

We found a new spot on campus which was a little nook under a staircase with some really soft rocks. And we talked about how weird it was. Because someone actually made these rocks, they’re not naturally that smooth, and we found it odd that someone’s job is to make rocks smooth. Then we noticed large gashes in some of the rocks laid together, and realized that the gashes had to have been made after they were laid there, and began to wonder, what exactly makes a gash in a rock? Just normal random trippy talk.

Then we took out the music again, commenced drawing. Then all the sudden someone walks out of a door and smiles and says hi to us. He kinda laughed because I’m sure we looked odd. The location on campus was really random and we were listening to beatles, drawing and it probably smelled like weed haha. We loved that he had come into our world we felt like he was a part of it now, so we had to give him a name. We decided he looked very elf like with his jolly beard, so we named him buddy the elf. He came in and our of our fantasy land without even knowing it.

We caught a glimpse of the computer’s clock on accident by this time and saw that it was 4:30pm, this was the first trip that kind of felt time relative. I think its mostly because the sun helped us, since its winter, at about 2 the sun begins to rapidly set, so it almost felt like time passed really fast, yet our experience felt like an eternity, so it kind of balanced out. We talked about love, and The Beatles, and how there are so few men who think of such beautiful simple lyrics as they did, and how we wanted a man to think of us like that one day.

We went to the restroom in shifts, since we had nice stuff with us, and had an entire little area set up. And each time we’d separate it was nice alone time, which I always need on a trip. I went into the building to go to the restroom, I’d never been in this building on campus, and it was AMAZING! It was bright yellow and red and black inside, and very geometric and I was just walking through the quiet halls tripping on all the simple echoes and shapes and colors. It just felt almost like I wasn’t real, and this world wasn’t real, and was all just a fantasy, and although I knew the experience partially was a fantasy, I knew this world was real. I thought it was amazing.

We concluded the trip around 5:30pm we were almost completely done tripping by this point, just a little off mentally still. We walked to get some food, went to my place played with my kitten, smoked and chilled and just drew the rest of the night.

The most that I gained from this trip was the whole idea of appreciation and new confidence.
The most that I gained from this trip was the whole idea of appreciation and new confidence.
I realized that I doubt myself a lot, especially my art. This trip helped me understand that I just need to have more patience with my work and confidence in it. I realized that I need to be more outgoing and confident with my decisions and just stop having so much doubt.

I gained the most about myself this trip which is another reason I think the experience is so important. I think there are parts of myself and of the world that I will never completely understand. I think our minds are almost too powerful to understand without the help of hallucinogenic to really open our minds and break down our thoughts a little slower than we normally would. The details of life are beautiful, and mushrooms allow us to slow down and really take note, and appreciate them. A quote from our trip “it’s a crime that it’s a crime” to do these things.

We discovered life, and the universe and how every day is a gift to us. And how we need to stop worrying about what others think, and try and do more of what makes us truly happy. Another plus of tripping, is we always learn more about each other, become closer, and take away memories and jokes forever. I always tend to grow little closer with whoever I trip with.

We laughed when we thought about ourselves sitting on a blanket drawing, listening to the beatles as a crime, we wanted to know who it was hurting. We weren’t even hurting ourselves. And while tripping we don’t want to interact with others, so were definitely not interfering with anyone else. Its sad how close minded of a world we’ve come to live in. But we wont let it get the best of us. We still have our little escapes from reality.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 76146
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Aug 12, 2018Views: 1,852
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