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10 Seconds Behind
Salvia divinorum
by Ruiner
Citation:   Ruiner. "10 Seconds Behind: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp7609)". Erowid.org. Jun 24, 2001. erowid.org/exp/7609

2 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)


My girlfriend and I had a gram of salvia we were trying to get a high off of. Despite several attempts at hitting it off of a pipe we weren't really getting much - just a lot of laughter and a LOT of irritability afterwards. A couple days later we hooked up with a friend who had a steamroller. I packed a pinch and used a folded piece of paper to prep another for right after. I took the hit sucking down all the smoke I could. Then I held it in loading the second hit and ended up swallowing the first. Then I sucked down the second hit. A few seconds later I ran about 15 steps across the lawn and threw up brown nasty shit. Then I turned around and I was in another world. I could still see the 'real' world and understand the conversations taking place and knew that everyone else was quite normal compared to me. Everything had an odd halo sort of glow to it that would move into tracers whenever I was to move. But I knew I had to tell my friend and girlfriend that I was REALLY fucked up because it was kinda scary at first. So in my head I knew I wanted to say 'I am fucked up.' What I thought I ended up saying was something like 'It just moves and all floats.' But all I really was able to say is 'Bluh blah blu bloh blah.' Nothing terrified me so much as the fact that I could not be understood and how everything seemed to be time-delayed like 10 seconds. I ended up pacing around back and forth muttering 'I want this to end' for about 5 minutes. I finally came down about 20 minutes later thinking I would never do Salvia again...but ya know...I would.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7609
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 24, 2001Views: 5,069
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Difficult Experiences (5), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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