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I Created Life Through My Hand
LSD, Cannabis
by J-Zoid
Citation:   J-Zoid. "I Created Life Through My Hand: An Experience with LSD, Cannabis (exp76061)". Feb 24, 2010.

T+ 0:00
1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:02 1 cig. smoked Cannabis (ground / crushed)


I'm 19 and acid seemed like an awesome idea. No matter how much i'd prepared for this drug, i never could have predicted the wrath and power of acid.

It was 5.20pm and NYE was arriving soon on the night, when i took half a tab at my house. I walked to Hungry Jacks as i awaited my friends to pick me up. I felt nothing after 1 hour so i took the second half. Within the next hour shit really started to kick in and i was at a party where only us 4 were on acid and everyone else were just drinking and smoking. I had a joint with a mate too. i was on the fone speaking faster than my lips could move and then i looked at the clear night sky and saw actual universes going past as earth plummeted through space. the stars were drifting around and i saw portals in the most beautiful sky. boundless energy flowed through my body and insanity progressed every minute.

My close friends, J, Z and D were just starting to peak, and we became gods and everyone else at this party were just sheep compared to us. We looked in the mirror (my big mistake) and saw our own power which made us become evil, and spoke every word with utter passion. Death metal was playing at the party (another bad idea) and i lost control of positivity. My friends and I could understand eachother, yet our thoughts became insane and we had all lost our fucking minds, saying thoughts which made no sense to normal people. 'TONIGHT WE DON'T HOLD BACK' I said and repeated. I tried describing this drug to some guy saying 'this isnt just a drug, this is real, marijuana, pills and anything else is a joke COMPARED TO THIS' i had to let people know the power i had and when some guy tried to make fun of me, i became angry and i shut him down with words so forceful he backed off. This was just my first peak.

My 3 acid tripping friends and I made it to a bus to go to Broadbeach where fireworks were going to display. After just 15 minutes on the bus, it felt like we had experienced 5 hours and we had a fair way on this bus to continue, but i lost my mind completely and forgot all basic ways humans behave, and i forgot what emotions were. Suddenly everyone on the bus started screaming, literally screaming maybe because new years was appraoching, but they sounded so full of hate, fear... they were demons who didnt let us 3 trip in peace. On the bus i saw a girl spew and piss at the same time, me and my friends lost it, ripped our shirts off and i exposed my muscles to try and ward everyone off and to make them stop screaming. My friends yelled to me 'WE ARE IN HELL LETS GET OFF THIS BUS' luckily we jumped off where it was near Broadbeach! (We were at Pacific Fair)

As we were sprinting away from the bus we found toilets but the door was locked so me and jason bashed it with our fists and saw the thick wooden door starting to indent. We just walked off and made it to another party where more death metal was being played, but I knew everyone at this party and they were all on drugs. Everyone seemed so friendly yet I had to get out of this bongsmoke ridden hole and we ran to the beach where thousands of people were. my friends lay down, but I couldnt go down I had to keep moving so I just bailed on them and made it into the crowds.

I saw people fighting and crowds were cheering, and I couldnt understand why causing pain could be considered fun and i questioned every detail about what people could consider fun. I was peaking so hard at this point, I just started talking to this man about logic, he walked off because i wasnt making sense. I closed my eyes for a second and opened them, and my arm was facing forward and this world suddenly portalled out of my hand for me to see everything. I turned 360 degrees and I created life through my hand!

I made for the crowd and asked every person in my path all my questions that needed answering and in turn I appeared mad. 'why is good so good? why do we need good to feel good? what do we need to do to feel good? what is do? I AM DO AND DO IS ALL!'
I made my way down the steps to the beach where the fireworks were being displayed, and when they did... the sky became an orgasm of colours of which I questioned every bit of light with the speed of thought no mortal could manage. all these colours and sounds and even the feeling as the earth shook from every explosion left me paused in time and wonder, not even god could make this night better!

Ok now my mind became what they call 'fucked'. no one was speaking english, I saw my friends again somehow and I ran away from them back to the pacific fair bus station, and I had to find sanity or else I would stay on this trip forever, or just die. so I went up to strangers and tried to talk to them so I could relearn english and find reason to everything I held dear to me.

Then a bus came i got on without paying AND MY MATES WERE ON IT! we gazed at eachother for a moment and laughed in discovery of eachother once more and my mates got me close to home safely. Taking a piss in a bush as I walked home was incredible, it felt like some evil force was being banished out of my member. as I got home I couldnt work out how to open the door, so I lay outside in the night on a pool floating bed thing and just stared up at the stars once more and travelled through space and time as the sun rose.. the clouds were images of screaming female ghosts as they all morphed into one another, but I was in too much bliss to feel any negativity. stars were swirling in the sky and this sunrise of red ignited the clouds into flames and I just lay for hours watching..

If you're having a bad trip or you need to find a way to enjoy it more, look at the night sky and let universes overtake you in journeys out of this world :)
It was all worth doing acid and I loved it

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 76061
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 24, 2010Views: 6,050
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LSD (2) : First Times (2), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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