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Dancing with Domingo
by Omni
Citation:   Omni. "Dancing with Domingo: An Experience with DOM (exp75733)". Jan 27, 2009.

T+ 0:00
1 oral DOM (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:20 0.5 oral DOM (blotter / tab)


Background: I am a 20 year old guy, about 165lbs. so one December day a friend of mine calls me one day saying he has got some DOM. So I decide to get a bunch of hits at a price around 7$ each. They are supposed to be approximately 2mg each on blotted paper which have pictures of daisies on them. I consider myself experienced with this kind of stuff. I tried DOB twice before (once with 1mg and once with 2mgs) and found it to be very odd experience, similar to acid (tried it 10+ times never taking more than 2 hits) but very different at the same time. One morning I get the house to myself for 10 hours so I decide to pop some DOM for my first time.

<7:10am> I take one hit (2mg) of DOM on an empty stomach as soon as I wake up

<7:30> I take another half hit (1mg) and then sit down and study to the finals I have the next day.

<8:30> After an hour of studying It started to get increasingly hard to concentrate, so I go over to the computer when I feel a wave of nausea for a few seconds. After that passes, I can feel the increase in energy, I have a small amount of shakes while typing this, could be due to the fact that itís so cold in my room.

<9:10> so its 2 hours after the initial dose and definitely have an increased heart rate but still feeling very sober with a slight feeling of something being off, almost like a very very slight dizzy feeling. Also my stomach isnít 100% perfect, could be due to the fact I still havenít ate anything. No change in thinking, I still am 100% sober in the mind. But I can see why this is partially an amphetamine, I got the increase energy and the urge to do something/anything. But canít find anything to do and still a little tired from the lack of sleep that night so I decide to go lay down for bit.

<10:20> so I have been lying down for the last hour in a mixed state of sleep and consciousness, very unique feeling, and great. I knew I wasnít sleeping but I also knew I wasnít awake. It was like I was in my own world, felt euphoric, I knew if I opened my eyes I would snap out of it so I was determined to keep them closed. Best nap of my life, if you want to call it that. But eventually I decided to open my eyes and the brightness almost overwhelms me, after a few seconds I was fine and decided to get up and walk around a bit. Still no tripping state of mind. But there are still those amphetamines symptoms, hands are shaking oh so slightly and also have a dry mouth. Also mood is elevated, feeling very good almost euphoric. As for the visual effects: noticing more detail in closet door, everything looks enhanced a tiny bit, and no movement in anything. Overall, still consider myself borderline sober.

<11:00> Same as above, getting some unwanted jaw tension, nothing too bad but still unpleasant. stretching feel good. Also get some periods of moderate but brief nausea feeling. Music definitely sounds really good, first time I heard bass out of my shitty computer speakers.

<11:30>so at this point I assume Iím at the peak or plateau, which was not that strong. The strength compares to about one hit of acid or about 1mg of DOB. I feel like no one would ever know that Iím on DOM unless I told them. The effects are there, but very weak.

<12:00>after I smoke 3 hits of high-grade marijuana I definitely feel it a lot better. I find myself just listening to some funky ass techno and I cannot stop smiling. I can also see the difference in my vision, everything seemed to move but yet stay still at the same time, *staring* at the wall produced some slight visuals :-D but u have to work for them, but still no real movement or distortion. Smoking the pot brought about a weird ďtrippingĒ feeling, elevated heart rate, increase energy, elevated mood to unique levels. Very slight irrational paranoia.

<12:40> same as above but slightly less intense and for the first time feeling a little bit tired.

<2:00> by now the trippy feeling has gone away but I still feel different.

<4:00> completely sober except for my vision still a little weird.

Im gonna try it again for sure, with a higher dose. Much like DOB but better.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 75733
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 27, 2009Views: 11,891
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DOM (20) : Music Discussion (22), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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