If It's Bitter...
Citation:   Jessica Rose. "If It's Bitter...: An Experience with DOB (exp75631)". Erowid.org. Dec 22, 2008. erowid.org/exp/75631

  sublingual DOB (blotter / tab)
This is the story of my first time taking a hallucinogen.

I go to a college where drug use, especially of hallucinogens and marijuana, is widely accepted and available. One of my friends, the Ambassador, is a somewhat experienced drug user. My other friend, Commodore, and I both have never done drugs, and wanted to try LSD. We planned to do this after our exams were over, right after winter break.

We went to the campus's most reliable drug dealer, and bought what he told us was a hit of 250 micrograms of acid. We decided to drop at around 4 am on Thursday morning, with a whole 24 hours of no obligations to last out the effects.

I got to the room a little late, so Commodore and Ambassador had already dropped. As I started to take the tab, I mentioned the bad taste, but it was a printed tab, so we all thought that the taste came from the ink. (Know the phrase: if its bitter, its a spitter. We didn't.)

At around an hour after dropping, Commodore and Ambassador, both fairly lightweight, began to feel jittery, and extremely caffeinated. I drink a fair amount of caffeine, so I didn't notice too much of a jitter. We decided to leave our dorm and walk down to the bay. At this point, Commodore and Ambassador were noticing some strong effects. Ambassador liked the feeling of the wind on her skin, so she took off her shirt. I also liked the feeling, but my shirt was thin enough to feel it through.

At this point, I was feeling very disappointed, as I hadn't noticed much of anything. However, about halfway to the bay, I stopped to look at a palm tree, and I thought to myself that it looked very 3D. The most noticeable early effect of DOB for me was seeing how vivid and 3D various objects look. At one point, I looked at the grass, and it had red and blue halos around it.

We got down to the bay, and looked at the water for a while, then Commodore and Ambassador began to watch the sky. We were lying on the tiled walkway, and I noticed that one of the tiles looked rather happy, and another one had no emotion whatsoever. At this point, Commodore was feeling her jacket, and Ambassador was greatly enjoying the feel of the tiles on her bare skin, mixed with the wind.

It was at this point that we started noticing amazing trails, mostly from Commodore's sweatshirt, which was red and white striped. We stayed down at the bay for a while, then began the walk back. As we got to the side of campus where the dorms are, Ambassador and I paused in a field to look at the skies. I saw patterns that I inferred were the Davinci Code in the skies, along with the Mayan Pyramids.

This is where Ambassador claimed that she peaked, at around T+3.5 hours. After watching the sky, we went to another friends room, where we were amused by various online videos, and I wrote down some things that were happening. I noticed that colors were much stronger, as a sort of dark pastel. It was very pretty.

We went to breakfast after this, which was interesting, seeing as how I work in the cafeteria. I managed to act normally in front of my bosses and coworkers, though by concentrating so hard on being normal, I noticed that I couldn't feel my hands holding my food. This feeling continued on through eating, which is where I think I peaked. Some people complain of nausea, though I found myself hungry, and ate a lot. I did find it hard to concentrate on chewing, tasting, and holding the food all at once. Quite often, I found my hands going over the qualities of the food, and thinking of it as fluffy and warm as opposed to chocolatey and sweet.

The trails were still going on, and after this, we all wandered around, in the rain. The rain really kind of mellowed us out, in the sense that we didn't want to be wet. This drug really had us wanting to move a lot, but eventually the cold and wet made us stay inside. We cuddled under a blanket for a while, then Ambassador and Commodore left me. I cuddled with myself and a blanket for a while, then two of my other friends came by. I really loved feeling them and rubbing various fabrics and textures. I could really see this drug being sexually fun. The cuddling happened at around T+ 6 hours.

As I began to come down, I still saw vague trails, and occasionally I would see patterns on the wall. The only negative thing that I noticed was a bit of an ache in my upper back, and neck. Also, I felt as though I had done a lot of strenuous exercise the day before, like all of my muscles were a bit achy. I still felt wide awake, and as though I wanted touch. Right now I am at T+21 hours, and I am still wide awake, and I see slight trails if I move my head/arm fast enough. Another thing about coming down: at various times, for no apparent reason, I would feel disassociated from my body parts. For example, I was itching my nose, then it felt like it was someone else's nose. Same thing happened with my hand. It wasn't unpleasant, just odd.

In talking to the others about this, Ambassador was not a fan. She is now sleeping it off. However, she had gone into this without any sleep, so that may be part of the issue. Commodore went off to do her own thing, but she seemed to be ok. I would like to do this drug again, except for what I found out about the drug risks later.

All in all, if you are going to do this: I would suggest doing a lighter dose, unless you are a larger person. Also, make sure you have a long time that is free to be coming down. I felt no bad trip feelings, but I also avoided anything that would freak me out. Before getting high, I drew a blue square on my wrist that I said would keep me safe and grounded. Not sure if that helped, but I did it.

Also, again, be careful about mistaking this for LSD. Having never taken acid, I can infer that it would be a lot different. Remember the saying, If its Bitter, its a Spitter. I would recommend that if you are not sure what you are taking, take a light dose.

Other strange bits about the day: Commodore felt like she was a cicada for a good part of the day, when my shoe broke and got floppy, I felt like my foot was going to fall off, and I spent 15 minutes in a bathroom because the toilet paper was waving at me, and the sock on the floor was wiggling.

There was some heated-feverish feelings right at first, but this was remedied by eating ice.

[Reported Dose: 2.5 mg]

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 75631
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 22, 2008Views: 32,205
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