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My Brain Refuses to Feel Anything But Bliss
Codeine & Acetaminophen
by R. Fields
Citation:   R. Fields. "My Brain Refuses to Feel Anything But Bliss: An Experience with Codeine & Acetaminophen (exp7563)". Jun 4, 2003.

8 tablets oral Codeine (extract)


I obtained the Codeine by way of script after having dental surgery. I am writing this article under the influence, about 3 weeks after the surgery. Tonite was my last day of finals (I am a highschool student), and I was very bored, so after a good amount of research, mostly from this site I decided to finish my last 8 pills. I dissolved the pills in water and filtered out the Codeine using the method I found in the FAQ.

I must say this is truely a unique expirience as I have tried many other drugs including all kinds of weed, shrooms, MDMA, Nitrous, Coke, K, Kava, acid, and probably other things that just arent traveling on my train of thought as of now. Anyhow at this moment it is currently 12:50PM and I am in my room chillin, listening to Armand Van Helden (Trance music), chatting with chicks from my school on AOL Instant Messenger, and just enjoying life looking forward to a long summer :).

As for the experience in particular: In the writing of this article I must say it was rather difficult for me to articulate my words at first, but now it has become quite easy. The onset of the high was about 30 minutes after drinking the harsh-tasting liquid (kind of a bitter-tangy taste that slighty numbs the mouth and face). At first it made me rather nausious, but I followed up the gulp with a cup of chocolate pudding and a bowl of cereal. This combination eased the nasea and got rid of the terrible taste in my mouth. Anyhow, initially, the high sort of eased in.. it did really just 'hit me'; it was sort of a mild feeling of numbness throughout my body along with Euphoria. The physical feeling feeling running throughout my body can best be described as an anxious, numbing cloud that is extremely pleasant. Other noticable physical effects are blurred vision, slight dry-mouth, and figityness in the fingers and toes. On the mental side, it really just feels like my brain is lazy and refuses to feel anything but bliss.. I will just doze off and start blankly staring at my wall for minutes as a time with a distorted perception of time.

After the first 30 minutes of pure relaxation came a pretty strong stomach ache, but after lieing on my bed for 10 minutes the symptoms subsided.

I must say that so far this has been a new and enjoyable expirience. I think that one should be careful when trying this, and make sure to take the Codeine on a full stomach. I just hope everyone who does this exercises caution as I have and realizes that Codeine is an Opiate in the same category as Heroin, Morphine and Opium.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7563
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 4, 2003Views: 1,314
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Codeine (14) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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