Frozen Sticky Nutmeg Blobs
by zero
Citation:   zero. "Frozen Sticky Nutmeg Blobs: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp7541)". Jun 4, 2003.

  oral Nutmeg
I had tryed Nutmeg quite a few times and quite enjoyed the experience but hated swallowing the shit so I invented a Recipe so I would'nt taste it so much, I call it Frozen Sticky Nutmeg Blobs

Firstly grind up about 15-25g of Nutmeg or use the Preground stuff (I have used both and can not see the difference)and put it in a cup, then add a couple of big table spoons of Golden Syrup and mix it all up in to a thick brown paste.

Scoop out the goo and put it on to a plate in little blobs (a little bigger than a marble is best) then freeze the the little blobs over-night.

You can also spread it out and cut it up once it is frozen

Take the little frozen blobs one at a time and roll them round in you fingers and swallow them with a mouth full of water (keep the rest in the freezer while swallowing coz they are hard to swallow when thy thaw out)Keep doing this untill they are all gone (the smaller the blobs the better but you can get used to swallowing larger ones)

In about 3-6 hours you will be tripin hard

-I recomend swallowing them in the morning coz they can take a while to kick in and they make it difficult to sleep so it is good to trip all day and then try to sleep at night if you can

-I dont recomend doing this to often coz it can fuck up your liver aparently

-This is not a party drug!!! it is a sit at home and buzz out while watching TV drug

-Have Fun - Be Carefull

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7541
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 4, 2003Views: 20,705
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