Side Effects With No Pleasure
Risperidone & Hydrocodone
by AF2F
Citation:   AF2F. "Side Effects With No Pleasure: An Experience with Risperidone & Hydrocodone (exp74757)". May 2, 2016.

37.5 mg oral Pharms - Risperidone
    oral Hydrocodone
I've been prescribed risperdal consta for reasons that I won't get into but for the sake of simplicity I will say that I am wrongfully diagnosed with mental illness. The reasons are deep as to why I am compliant (actually lack of compliance is what got me on risperdal consta in the first place).

Anyway risperdal has the tendency to make me more down in mood as compared to when I am sober thus paradoxically elevating my desires to do rec drugs in the first place. Sometime ago I tried a 5 mg hydrocodone while being prescribed geodon and I found it to be reminiscent in quality of smoked opium. The thing about geodon is that it clears the body relatively fast so that if I take hydrocodone several hours after I take geodon the geodon will be at a minimal level in my system when the hydrocodone kicks in. This is not the case with risperdal and especially risperdal consta. I was of the belief though that since risperdal blocks D2 dopamine, alpha adrenergic, and 5HT2a receptors it would not have a detrimental effect on something like a mu opioid agonist. So I tried 10 - 15 mg of hydrocodone sometime ago with risperdal consta and it had minimal effect so I increased to 20 mg and still mute in effect. But then I had I ran out of pills to go higher so in the back of my mind I filed away that I would try 30 mg the next time I got a chance.

Well I did get the chance and I was given 30 mg of hydrocodone by a friend and after sometime that my friend left I crushed up the hydrocodone and did a cold water extraction because I didn't want to f*ck my liver up with acetaminophen. I mixed the extract with milk which became bitter milk and drank about 3/5 of it at first, and waited about 40 mins before drinking another 1/5 and then at about 1 hr 10 mins the hydrocodone started to kick in though there was no euphoria or nice feelings except a fleeting faint warmness in my lower legs.

Things where ok getting progressively stronger but without any body buzz or anything positive in feeling until about the 2 hr mark where I started to feel like I was going to fall asleep but still no euphoria so I drank the remaining one fifth thinking that I needed a little more to get over the edge so to speak. At some point things didn't feel right as my breathing became shallow, my pupils became pin pricks but no pleasure, and I began to feel frail
At some point things didn't feel right as my breathing became shallow, my pupils became pin pricks but no pleasure, and I began to feel frail
(as if my muscles didn't have the strength to support me properly) so I got worried. The worrying turned into panic as the intensity of the feelings became stronger and I began to think that because I was taking 30 mg as opiate naive that I would suffer heart failure (I know coma is more likely, but the weakness of my body made me believe that my blood pressure had dropped deeply and that I was a matter of time before my heart stopped.)

I eventually decided to go to the cardio room to do some running on the treadmill to get my blood pressure up as I was thinking all about how hypotension and bradycardia would do me in. When I began to walk on the machine my heart rate was already 120 probably do to my panicking more than anything else but I still felt like I was going to collapse to the floor at any moment, so I went back to my unit. The effects at this time where peaking but I know this in retrospect, as I felt really weak and had a racing heart so I lied down on my couch. When my heart rate fell again I began to panic again, turning my experience into a cycle of sitting on the couch and getting up to walk as I waited for the hydrocodone to metabolize.

During this time I felt slight not deep nausea from time to time as well as dry mouth. Both would come and then go, and neither would be present at the same time. Eventually 3 and half hours from the start I began to notice the effects starting to subside and decayed until about 4 hrs and 30 mins in which I felt safe enough just to lay on the couch without needing to get up. Laying there felt slightly good as I did not move or anything much like the doses of 15 - 20 mg of hydrocodone on risperdal that I had tried earlier. So in effect my plane descended below the storm clouds. That lasted about 30 mins and then another 30 mins went by where I felt more sober. I decided to get up and I realized that I was still feeling slightly frail, but not as badly.

In retrospect I believe that risperdal mutes the pleasurable effects of lots of rec drugs leaving one with only the side effects, and thus in an attempt to feel good one needlessly doses higher which in turn only increases the side effects without delivering the desirable component of such drugs.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 74757
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 2, 2016Views: 4,120
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Pharms - Risperidone (253), Hydrocodone (111) : Combinations (3), Health Problems (27), Alone (16)

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