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Intriguing, Sensible First Trip
Mushrooms - P. cubensis
by Jack
Citation:   Jack. "Intriguing, Sensible First Trip: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp74572)". Jan 22, 2020.

2.33 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
Prior to my first experience with mushrooms, I did a considerable amount of reading on their effects, so that I could prepare myself for what I was going to experience. What I read boiled down to two things: prepare to be unprepared; and, your experience will develop according to your mindset going into it.

I had limited experience with marijuana, and a bit of drinking. I was, and am still, a 4.0 student, and don't think of myself as a stoner in the least, and my choice to take mushrooms was very calculated.

The day I ate them, I called up my friend T (who was very experienced in all types of drugs, and had tripped on shrooms many times) to see if he was interested in joining me. He was, as was his friend M, who I did not know at the time. We drove to a friends house to buy an eighth, and M already had an eighth, so all in all we had about 2/3 of an eighth each. We took them out to a place in the woods, nearby, and divied them up. At this point, I was feeling very excited, and felt no worry or doubt about my decision. We ate the shrooms, with water, at about 2 in the afternoon. We then walked out of the forest onto a road, which would take us to a nice trail, which ran deeper into the woods. On the road, a friend of mine flagged us down, and gave us a ride to our trailhead, unaware that we were going tripping.

As we started out the trail, I became aware of the first sensations. They were purely physical, which I was not expecting. They were not really enjoyable, but neither were they really negative. I felt a little bit heavy, all over, with a slight buzzing and pressure inside my head.
I felt a little bit heavy, all over, with a slight buzzing and pressure inside my head.
After about 20 minutes, we were well onto the trail, and I noticed the first visual effects: each of us was carrying a Nalgene bottle, and these were a very bright neon yellow color. The light filtering through them made them look a bit like lanterns, even normally, and this became much more apparent as we walked. They seemed to glow intensely. As we walked, we passed a tree stump which was twisted in strange ways, like something out of a movie. In and around it, there were about 20 squirrels, completely unafraid of us.

This is the sort of experience which would be alarmingly odd to begin with, and as we passed it, it struck me as utterly bizarre and hilarious. We loitered for a minute or so, and then moved on. I should note that this trail is in fact quite heavily trafficked, and as we walked we passed a good number of people, young and old. After leaving the squirrels, a father and son were catching up to us from behind, and I began to have fits of hysterical laughter. I tried to look away as they passed us, which ended up being a little bit awkward.

As we crossed a stream, I felt an intense shift in scenery. I looked at T and asked him if he noticed anything, and he replied, “Change in scenery.” This occurred about four times over the course of our trip, and each shift was accompanied by a change in mood and lighting. After about an hour, we broke off from the main trail, and began the climb up to a lake. We stopped at the side of a trail, where there was a huge boulder. M climbed to the top of the boulder, and said I should join him. When I declined, he asked me what was the matter, and whether I knew how to rock climb. This question struck me as utterly bizarre, and I sat around thinking about it for the next ten minutes or so: wasn’t climbing a boulder a simple action, just like walking? Why couldn’t anybody do it? After those ten minutes, it hit me that I was dwelling on something utterly meaningless, so we moved on.

There was another scenery change after about the second hour, and I felt like we were now hiking through the mountains of Spain. I began to feel really connected to my surroundings, and I felt as though I understood things. I could not for the life of me say what it was that I understood, but I understood it. I went off to go to the bathroom, and became utterly engrossed in a small ravine that lay in front of me. It was in fact a swampy sort of terrain, but to me it looked like the sort of place where I would find fairies and pixies and… well… magical mushrooms. I felt called to walk through this place, up to the other side. It was probably the most beautiful thing I have seen in my entire life. But, upon trying to cross through, I realized that the ground was soaking wet and my feet sank in. At this point my friends called me to move on, as I had been sitting, watching the ravine for about 10 minutes. This period of time was probably the peak. As we left, I went to explore the leaves, and thought about how the beauty of nature extended from such huge things as mountains to the tiniest parts of leaves. Then I came to realize that what I was experiencing was really all there was in life. Where I was, with just me and nature, felt more natural than anything I had felt before. I loved it, and tried to explain this to my friends, but they didn’t seem to understand.

As we descended from the small “mountain” we had been climbing, I felt that we were coming down from our trips as well. This little metaphor intrigued me, and I felt as though our physical trip and our mushy trip were one and the same. Upon reaching the main trail, there was another change of scenery, and T suggested that we sprint for a bit to energize ourselves. We did this, and it was oddly invigorating. We discussed what we had felt as we walked, seeing as we were at a point where we were again coherent and thinking somewhat logically. We reached the road again, and it was an abrupt end to our trip. I felt as though, all at once, night had set in without my noticing it, and the cars whizzing by showed that we were back in human society. As I left my friends to go on my way, they reminded me that I was still tripping, which I was (although only very mildly). I went home, about four hours after eating, and ate dinner with my mother. Upon going into the bathroom, I realized, in complete horror, that my pupils were completely dilated. My mom either didn’t notice, or chose to say nothing.

In retrospect, I realize my trip was not really intense, and didn’t involve many visual hallucinations, but it was hugely enlightening and enjoyable, and I do not regret my choice at all. I also extend my thanks to other writers of experiences, since reading their reports helped me prepare to trip.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 74572
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 22, 2020Views: 910
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Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66) : Nature / Outdoors (23), General (1), Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53)

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