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Season of da Siccness
PCP (on cigarette)
Citation:   d-doc hella sick. "Season of da Siccness: An Experience with PCP (on cigarette) (exp74560)". Erowid.org. Feb 13, 2010. erowid.org/exp/74560

repeated joints/cigs smoked PCP (liquid)
The first time i used pcp 'wet' was after a normal days work selling vaccums, i was a sales man at the time. i arranged to meet up wit the homie 'rocket' and my brother in law. i thought we were going to smoke a blunt honestly. i was familar with pcp i had never used it but i had plenty of experience with acid and shrooms so i was always egar to trip. when we got in rockets car he pulled out his viel of wet or pcp. he explained what it was... we weren't hesitant at all. he then proceded to dip a moore red cigirillo in the viel and suck the liquid back and rip the filter of with his teeth. he repeated this process twice started the car and we was off. he put the first one in rotation then the second and so on. by the time we had finished the first wet stick i was already feelin it. it was like i was floating, it felt great. it also felt alot like a really heavey dose of dxm. whitch i had plenty of experience with. so i was comfortable. rocket was driving like 20 in a 40 mile speed zone. so he dropped me and my step brother of at my car. we just floated bck to my appartment and kicked it. i didnt have any problem driving.

My use of pcp and dank grew over time. every couple days i would buy a couple of sticks after work and smoke them that night. i started to notice i became increasingly well spoken while high. in september of 07 after i got back from a sales trip in chicago. i decided to invest in a half viel of dank. rocket hooked me up with a brown vinella extract bottle it was kinda small and half way full. i gave rocket 250 dollars and he explained just how to dip it. i started smoking it imediatly on kools mostly. then i started smoking it on kools and blunts and joints, i was gone in a about a week. i was in a seperate relaity. i developed ritchuals when i would smoke dank. i would listen to brotha lynch's season of the sickness over and over again. he often refered to smokin dank and gettin the skitz as in skitzaphenia. the skitz made him wanna kill and barbaque babys, and gang banging to the fullest. he often spoke with the deviel on his cd and it just went prefect with the thoughts that were in my brain. i would go deep into thought deep deep down for hours after smoking heavey amounts of dank. i guess you would call that getting stuck. keep in mind i was going to work sellin and demonstrating vaccums everyday in peoples homes. i often smoked at work. i became comfident on a level i cant even describe. the dank made me fearless and comfrontational at times.

I understood that i was starting to become a skitzo on a very real level. i felt like i had all the power in the world and i could just kill a man or anything i wanted. i evently distanced my self from my high school friends(i was 18 at the time). at about the 3 week mark i started to go completly crazy. there are so many little storys i have from that time. i wrecked my car got in fight shot at people so many little and not so little things. my life became out of control. i started to have bad mood swings i could still maintain when i felt like it. but these mood swing were killing me. i had drivin off a girl i really cared for and had alot of drama going on in my life... in the last couple day i started sleep walking and hear demonic voice before id fall asleep. i thought i was going to die.. i was sure of it. i cant remember how or why but i was still going to work most of the time. the last day i smoked pcp i smoked 4 cigggeretts dipped in my viel before i had to be at work, at ten o clock in tha morning. i was so fucked up i just road around in the van a good friend of mine who also smoked was running the van. so he was lettin come down but i wouldnt i couldnt. i had noticed my kidney was hurting and the skin on my back started to burn, i was poisioning myself.

So the last demo i did that day, i went into a house with a guy who i suspected was homoseual. his nose was red like he had been snorting somthing he said he had to do somthing in his room and when he was done he would come see what i had to offer. i was alone in his livin room vaccuming building my case why he had to buy it. he came out i tried to sell him and failed. i fanially just asked him 'where's the coke at' it turned out he just had allergies he started to ask me questions i was totally still dusted we started to talk about kurt vonnegut when another man walk in the house and he joined in the conversation. he ask he if i wanted a cappacino i said yes. he said he was a doctor, some how some way we began to talk about my pcpc and my fear that i was going to drop dead any minute he assured me i wouldnt he ask me if i had ever meditated before i said no. keep in mind i was completly high. he asked me if i wanted to try he said he thought it would help me. i said okay we went into his room where i sat in a lawn cair and he put a guided cd on i closed my eyes followed the instruction for five minute then realized i didnt know these guys and i got scared i stood up and open my eyes. when i stood up i was completly sober for the first time in a month it was amazing i started to cry. we talked about it and he gave me a book before i left the shambala the path of the worrier. i dumped the viel out a couple days later. i felt as though i was still in the skitz for a about a week after i dumped it. with heavey deppersion. the shambala changed my life i probley would have not made it through that fifth week. all and all that has been the most important and infulencial month in my life. and pcp is still my favorite drug i dont use it offten though. i only used it once in the last six months or more. i dont belive pcp is negative thing. it helped develope the man i am today. but i could also see it being very dangerous. be careful. but hey that was the sean this is the ened of the true story of my encounter and molestation of the drug pcp.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 74560
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Feb 13, 2010Views: 31,756
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PCP (113) : Various (28), Addiction & Habituation (10), Health Problems (27), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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