A Fight with Sanity
by Psy-conaut
Citation:   Psy-conaut. "A Fight with Sanity: An Experience with DOC (exp74396)". Erowid.org. May 10, 2010. erowid.org/exp/74396

5 hits oral DOC (blotter / tab)


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T+00:00(1:30 AM 10/10) Took 5 hits of what was presumably acid, immediately tasted the MDMA taste and thought it was DOC(I knew there had been some going around town recently). R took 4 and A took 2 1/2

T+00:30 Still feeling almost nothing, I knew something was different but didn't know what exactly it was. I laughed more, like with weed, but that was the only noticeable change. R was the first to notice it.

T+00:50 I started staring a light on the ceiling. It started to become almost a liquid and was very soft. After 25 or so seconds, it started to faintly turn green than was instantly turned into a VERY vivid light blue, then into magenta/purple. After I noticed it, I told R and A to do the same and the exact same thing happened to them, The color was probably influenced by what i told them. The walls looked softer and there was a very small amount of waving.

T+1:20 2 friends came over, T and K. K was very drunk and T was driving her. A and I stood outside talking about what we had taken. It was about 40F outside according to K and T but I was completely numb at this point and A and I didn't notice it. I looked up at the stars and they were all teal and had huge halos around them. It looked as though they were only a few feet above me, hung from the sky by a string. The moon's details started shifting very slightly and it was tinted green. I noticed at this point that I had VERY pronounced tracers. I had them on everything that moved(My hands took about 3 seconds for their tracer to catch up).

T+2:00(time at this point is going VERY slowly, most of the times after this are all guesses) By now B and Ra(R's brother) were drunk as well. R, A, and I were describing to T about what we were experiencing and she decided to take the 2 1/2 remaining blotters. By now, all the walls were completely covered in very pronounced rainbow halos and the texture on everything seemed to breathe and flow. Looking at my hand, It looked very cartoonish with Blue, green, gold, and purple mainly comprising it's colors.

T+2:20 A and I started listening to 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' and I remembered to close my eyes just as the lyric:

'Follow her down to a bridge by a fountain
Where rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies,
Everyone smiles as you drift past the flowers,
That grow so incredibly high.'

It flashed through my vision perfectly, it was VERY vivid and dreamy. A also noted this.

T+3:00 After looking through many 'trippy pictures' I noticed that they moved on their own and were animated even though they were completely still. Shadows were very pronounced and as I looked up at a shadow on the ceiling (which shouldn't have been there because the room was very well lit), it turned into a red liquid of drops and swirls that started floating through space closer to me (it cast it's own shadows onto the ceiling as it moved). T started noticing how weird everything was and we all started rambling on about our own stories that evolved into discussions about existence and our interpretations of things in the room.

T+3:40 VERY out of body at this point. My mind is completely numb and all of my senses are one. They 'moved' spatially through the air which felt very strange. We were all shaking to some degree and breathing was somewhat labored. At this point we started to get scared at the rapid rate the trip took off on. I had a headache from the very distracting world and sensory overload. I couldn't find refuge in my own mind with closed eyes(a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes changed with insane speed). I was so out of body now that I could hardly move my body how I wanted to.

My ego died, Existence had no meaning to me and I had no ability to care about anything. The only thing keeping me from going insane was the very distant and almost abstract thought 'it is all the drug'. 1 Min seems to take 30mins to pass.

T+6:00 A drove K and T to his house where they all slept until K and T could drive home. R and I were left to ourselves, continuing to get even higher. All my senses were one, I sensed things as a thought, rather than how you traditionally do. Apparently there was a fire in the main part of town and 35 or so sirens started going off. During all of this I had to keep reassuring R and myself that this would wear off. I started second guessing myself as R kept asking me. I remembered how someone had taken 6 hits of 'acid' about a week ago and checked them selves into an insane asylum(I am now certain they took DOC). I fought with my own sanity and was experiencing self-induced insanity.

T+10:00 I walked over to A's house with B(who had just woke up) after cleaning up R's house and making sure he was alright. I was still tripping very hard at this point but the Ego death was gone by now. I was still out of body and I moved by telling my body where to go and it would interpret it on it's own. Every now and again I could (physically) shake away this feeling and be 'normal' as long as I continued to move and not think about my trip(this was the first sign I started to come down). I still had very pronounced visuals. Everything was moving and vibrating, the entire world was covered in rainbow halos and textures were constantly shifting and flowing.

T+13:30 For the past 4 hours I tried to drink water and eat what little I could tell my body to. I was still shaking and very out of body, but visuals were dying down. Still pictures still animated themselves, but they didn't change colors. Everything seemed unreal and I couldn't grasp events yet. We cleaned up A's house and got everything under control. I started to get feeling back but was still very out of it. I got a ride back to my house and went straight to my room.]

T+16:30 Visuals were still there, I was still very out of body but Was defiantly coming down, but very slowly. I watched TV to pass time(made it seem to pass faster, though it was still going very slowly). Breathing was still very labored and my sense of touch was very weird(I would feel tingles everywhere over my body when I brushed up against something, it was floating through space only a little bit.

T+25:30 I guess I fell asleep, but I had absolutely no dreams. My visuals were completely dead by now but I was still out of body and my sense of feel was still very messed up.

T+34:00(11:30 Am 10/11) Back in my own body, My sense of touch is back. Light field of Blue dots when I look directly at light. Not so drained as I thought I'd be. Not very hungry despite not having eaten in almost 2 days. Being sober is very weird and I don't know if I am completely back yet because I don't completely remember what 'normal' is.

Overall I'd say DOC should be taken very seriously. The hallucinations are intense and very pronounced. I could see having fun with it if you had an entire day lined up where you had nothing to do.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 74396
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 10, 2010Views: 9,179
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