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Fork in the Road
by Blas
Citation:   Blas. "Fork in the Road: An Experience with DXM (exp7437)". Jun 4, 2003.

6 oz oral DXM (liquid)


After reading the text contained here, I decided that a trip would be in order. Having waltzed many a time with shrooms and acid, a little DXM had an adventerous ring to it.

I went to my local drug store and looked for the drixoral capsules, of which there were none, so I purchased the recommended maximum strength formula and quickly got home to measure out my dose.

I settled with a 6 in the 2nd plateau. It seemed proper to get my feet wet and not go plunging into an abyss that I could not get myself out of. I consumed the dosage at 6:20 in the evening and the effects had cleared pretty much by 12:15, a nice 6 hour dance with the devil.

The onset came with the swiftness of a jaguar. Slow but steady, it crept into my consciousness. The first noticeable effects were the doubling of my vision. Everything was in doubles and I had this drunken feeling. It was then that I knew something grand was to happen, and being that I live alone, I decided to employ a sitter, just for gee whiz.

I venture on a 10 minute drive that was at the very least interesting. Complete concentration was needed for this drive. No mistake was going to be tolerated, not by me and certainly not by the already nervous locals. A quick hop skip and a jump and I arrived at a friends house that I had not seen in close to a year. He was married now and the presence of his wife was a bit unnerving. But she retired to the bedroom and we went for a walk. At this point the double vision had not decreased (as it would become the trademark of this experience) but the feelings had intensified. All around me objects were making a bold stand. Not moving or changing, but standing out as if to declare its foot in this new reality. Another noticeable thing was a bit of jumpiness. Sound seemed to leap out of nowhere and I was quick to turn my head to seek the source. It was usually just my friend talking or a car driving by, but the sound never seemed to originate from where it actually came from.

At this point my sitter had a joint, so we drove back to my apartment to use the bong. It was at this point that the effect began to really intensify. I had no idea of the time. Time had ceased to exist and since I don't wear a watch it was all the more timeless. For any activity I tried on this stuff, it required my full attention. Once we got into the apartment, I felt this need to have my TV, radio, and air conditioner on. Except that when I went to do each one of these things, I got turned around. Any turn blurred the world and once I stayed still, the world had to situate itself. So we smoked the bong and began a little dialogue.

The conversation began with me explaining what I took, how I configured the dosage, and how I found out about it. The next thing I know (and to this day I don't remember how we got to the topic) we were engrossed in a conversation about eternity. One odd thing (amongst others) was that my sitter wasn't on anything, but it seemed as if he was. With shrooms or acid, one usually doesn't like to be around others who aren't experiencing a trip, it makes you feel, I don't know, apprehensive, but not with DXM. We were able to carry a wonderful conversation on the human mind and the grappling of the concept of eternity. And how space was so large that it would eventually come back on itself, but this was still eternity.

Being that the man was married, he had to be back at 10, so the conversation must have been around 9ish. He didn't bring his car, so I had to drive him. Only problem was I couldn't drive at this point. Everything was a task save for conversation. Most objects had my attention, and then just as quickly, I was on to something else. Concentration on one task was very difficult. We went to another friends house to have him drive me back from the sitters. Needless to say I shouldn't have been driving, but I am too mobile for my own good.

I would day I got back to my apartment around 11-ish and sat down on my couch. I was exhausted, all the running around had drained me completely. So I put on some Coltrane and begun to draw. I told myself that I would draw or write what ever came into my mind first. I wrote, and looked down at the paper. Before, in very chicken scratched handwriting was the phrase, 'Are you what you expected. Well R you?' Why this was on the paper, I don't know, what it means, I can guess, but I just posed the question to myself and sat in subtle contemplation for about another hour.

At 12 I went to bed, but did not sleep. I was in complete darkness and remembered something someone wrote about visuals in darkness, so I concentrated and the head board of my bed began to sway back and forth. This was amusing, but not alarming. Hallucinations don't scare me, it is when you can't distern a hallucination from what is really going on that my nerves are up.

My friends came by at 12:35 and I told them about what I had done and the curiosity was peaked. I spent the next 7 hours watching over them as they tripped and at 6:00am, I went to work. But those events are of a completely differant nature. I had my experience.

In closing, if you are seasoned, or a first timer, this is a good thing to try. I recommend a 2nd plateau for first timers and for veterans, savor the 3rd for special occasions.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7437
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 4, 2003Views: 10,437
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DXM (22) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2)

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