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Subtlety in Its Finest
Citation:   StrokeTheKitty. "Subtlety in Its Finest: An Experience with Absinthe (exp74294)". Jan 18, 2018.

8 shots oral Absinthe
I bought the newly legalized absinthe in Virginia called Kublers. About 60 bucks per one liter bottle. I made three drinks with a shot each the traditional way, and took five shots between the drinks over a period of about two hours.

I found the taste wasn't as bad as I expected. Reminiscent of jagermeister, it was like vodka soaked in licorice. I thought it was good... Even straight. I wouldn't classify it as extremely bitter, but rather strongly licoricey and slightly bitter with the strong bite of ethanol, which exponentiates the feeling of bitterness from the licorice taste.

I really like the taste. The more I drink, the more I like the taste.

Anyhow...The buzz is not unlike alcohol buzzes. Actually its almost exactly the same.
The buzz is not unlike alcohol buzzes. Actually its almost exactly the same.
The only difference is a marked cns depression on the first two or so drinks. I felt incredibly tired. I almost gave it up for the night and fell asleep right there. Then after one more shot it was the complete opposite.

It was like drinking a large amount of caffeine (without the jitteriness) while drinking vodka. My mind seemed to almost race like it does with cannabis, but much much much more controlled. It was just easy to trail off.

It was easier to think clearly after about 8 shots of absinthe versus 8 shots of other hard liquor. It's weird... And I would assume that the combination of the lucid clear-headed thinking ability mixed with the physical ethanol intoxication could lead to different ways of thinking, therefore increasing creativity, albeit subtly.

It also acted as a fairly good aphrodisiac. I couldn't help myself but to jump on my girlfriend and let loose. Somehow sex was much more enticing with absinthe than normal spirits. It may be the calamus, though I'm not sure if Kublers has calamus in it, I dunno their recipe.

Long story short... Absinthe is a clearer drunk, which made it easier to drink more than I had wanted, and also could make driving under the influence seem like a better idea, due to the fact that I felt more sober in the head, while my body still felt like the appropriate drunkenedness.

It tasted good (if you really really like jagermeister like I do), and it allowed me to think clearer, though the effects are very very subtle.

I'd recommend it at least one night, at least five drinks worth...

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 74294
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 18, 2018Views: 2,115
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