Mellow, Pleasant, Then Whoah! No!
Ginkgo biloba, Lemon balm, Green Tea
Citation:   herby. "Mellow, Pleasant, Then Whoah! No!: An Experience with Ginkgo biloba, Lemon balm, Green Tea (exp74061)". Jan 30, 2013.

2 cups oral Lemon Balm (tea)
  2 cups oral Tea (tea)
  2 cups oral Ginkgo biloba (tea)
I've been experimenting with various nervines and legal herbs which produce mild mind-altering effects.

I read about lemon balm being a legal high comparable to marijuana, but I thought that description was probably a little embellished considering I've seen other people attribute little or no effect to the plant.

I decided to make some lemon balm tea with green tea and ginkgo to test its effects. I can't tell you my exact dose, but I added enough lemon balm leaves to just cover the bottom of a 1.5 inch diameter tea basket, then added 3 pinches of green tea leaves, and a pinch of ginkgo biloba.

The tea pot I brewed the mixture in holds about four cups of water. I added four cups of hot water and let the blend brew for about 5 minutes. Over about an hour I drank only 2 cups of the mixture, and during that time I noticed a definite marijuana-like inebriation.

The high was a little annoying because it didn't allow me the pleasure of coding (programming for my job) while high like marijuana does. I could not process more than one line of code at a time at the height of the high. However, aside from that inconvenience I felt fantastic. I felt relaxed, and the music I was listening to sounded amazing. Things that usually bother me, like startling loud noises, didn't annoy me in the slightest. This initial high lasted for about 2 hours. Coming down was fine, initially. I spent about 2 more hours coding and listening to the radio, then decided to take a nap.

I thought it was a little odd that I was having trouble reading before napping. I just couldn't take in more than one sentence at a time without my thoughts being muddled. I decided that sleeping would probably be a better idea than reading, and laid down. That's when I got the first hint of an unpleasant effect. I felt like I was sinking into the bed, and sinking into darkness, but I was still relaxed. I can't tell you exactly what happened for the next 30 minutes, as in whether or not I slept, but I know that my thoughts grew increasingly strange. I can't even piece together my trains of thought at the time. They make no sense to me now, but I know that they all culminated in a bizarre closed eye visual.

I noticed a strange figure sitting on the bed beside me; a lanky, green plant-man with a purple flower face. He stared at me as though he was trying to tell me to have a little more respect for his kind, i.e. the herbs I've been wanting to experiment with. Fair warning, since I've been wanting to try salvia, and from the experiences I've read on here I definitely need more time to prepare and get my thoughts and goals together before I take that plunge.

After seeing the plant-man, I decided that now was definitely not the time for sleep, especially since the passing minutes in bed were starting to seem like hours. Time dilation was terrible at that point. I forced myself up, and into a lit room, where I found myself shifting in place on a couch very uncomfortably. My nerves felt like they wanted to expel everything out of my system, and my stomach followed suit. Nervousness and purging commenced and lasted for about an hour and a half. The worst part about this whole nervous sick spell was not wanting to close my eyes again, because I didn't want to get any more closed-eye visuals. So I just shifted uncomfortably hoping this really nasty feeling would end sooner rather than later.

Right now, it's been about 2 hours since the nervousness and shifting began, and I've been trying to figure out what happened. I thought I was being careful. The only other substances that might have been in my system were St. John's wort from yesterdays experimental tea, and solanine from the gigantic (I mean it, this thing was huge) sweet potato that I had eaten for both breakfast and lunch. I thought sweet potatoes produced much less solanine than regular potatoes, but I've gotten sick from solanine before when I haven't been at my best to begin with, so maybe this was another case of that happening. The only other thing that was in my system was stevia from some diet lemonade I had been drinking.

I don't know what happened after the initial high. Perhaps it was a complication of another substance in my system, either St. John's wort, or solanine, or stevia if that makes any sense at all. My conclusion at this point is that ginkgo biloba, green tea, and lemon balm tea creates a great relaxing high for a couple hours and a great deal of distress later on. Maybe smoking lemon balm is a better bet.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 74061
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 30, 2013Views: 43,051
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