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Used to (Ab)use SE Asia
Citation:   nucifera. "Used to (Ab)use SE Asia: An Experience with Nimetazepam (exp74021)". Apr 12, 2016.

1 tablet sublingual Nimetazepam
Usage Report - Street Nimetazepam in SE Asia

I used to (ab)use the black market Nimetazepam in Southeast Asia, circa 2005.

Description: Hard, round and flat pinkish tablets with a slight sweet and minty flavour.
Imprinted with a 5 in the middle of the pill (a single score in the reverse side), hence the street name 'happy 5' / '5 chai'.

Comes in flat red plastic packaging with silver backing (not blister packs) of 10 tablets, has batch numbers printed on the back (some determine the potency of the Erimin by looking at this batch number, highly doubt its of any use due to the rise of fake products in the market). Pricing was at approximately 3USD per pill - quite cheap, considering that ecstasy used to go at approximately 10USD per pop.

Some batches come with pills of different colours, have seen green and purple ones around - highly suspect that these are fakes made with other benzos and god knows what else, as it produced diarrhea and nausea, to the extent of dry-heaving (or even vomiting) frequently. These oddly coloured pills were quite popular (with specific demands, even) as it was deemed to produce stronger effects.

Mindset: Normal (for recreational use)
Set: Outdoors, chilling with friends who are also under the influence.

Mode of administration: Sublingual - placed 1 tablet under the tongue, allowing it to dissolve gradually.

T+15min: Slight light-headedness, onset of a typical benzodiazepine euphoria takes place.

T+30min: Euphoric, at ease of mind, worry-less and talkative, often in quite a loud and excited tone.
Unlike other benzos like Xanax which make me more sedated, lazy and relaxed, Nimetazepam tends to produce a drastic rise in mood and restlessness. Also, pronounced amnesiac effects - I became very forgetful and clumsy, sometimes walking into things. This worsens (by far) with higher dosage.
Flushing of the face and neck is observed on many individuals during this stage.

T+ 2 1/2 hour: Frequent yawning - feeling of sleepiness starts to set in around this stage. Watery eyes and noticeable lethargy and laziness. Sleepiness eliminated to a decent extent if redosed.

T+4 hour: Baseline, rather sleepy.

Dosing on more than 5 pills in a 3~4 hours timeframe will likely produce amnesia, memories will be scattered and one will only remember fragments of the experience, if any.

Glimpse into the popular use of Erimin in Southeast Asia:
Some may use it as a chill pill without involving other substances, far more people use it when coming down on ecstasy, methamphetamines and other stimulants to eliminate the lingering speed effects, lift the cranky comedown mood and facilitate sleep. Many more takes it while drinking alcohol - majority of users report that their drinking capabilities increase significantly while on Erimin. The results are usually not so pretty as quite a number of people end up in physical brawls (probably due to the release of self-control thanks to the benzo). OR overdoing it and not recalling any of the (often embarrassing) events that took place from last night. As a general note, Mixing alcohol & Erimin is not a good idea, as both are CNS supressants and may even put one's life at risk.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 74021
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 12, 2016Views: 7,899
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Nimetazepam (737) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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