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Heinous Errors From the Vine
Morning Glory
by Rev. Psi Locybe
Citation:   Rev. Psi Locybe. "Heinous Errors From the Vine: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp7389)". Aug 26, 2002.

15.5 g oral Morning Glory (liquid)


I write these words of warning, speaking of errors past and alchemy all too successful, that those to come will know the caution to exercise. I wish to speak of the two longest trips of my life.

Naturally, things such as duration, effect, and the like are dose-dependant, and it is but natural that the dose it is dependant on is of LSA (and possibly the odd relative) - *NOT* plant material, especially not solvent.

Y2k - a large psychedelic party in the forest. In preperation, my mortar, my pestle, 15.5 grams of seeds and a bottle of concentrated lemon juice are out to make some lemonade (my favorite method, save crystal)...

So I'm sippin' under a tree, the party gets visionary, and some poor drunk chugged way, way too much as a beverage - and was lucky enough to vomit. Also lucky for him was that it hadn't sat as long as it should have, to the dismay of some.

The next day, I notice 8 oz of lemonade at the bottom of the gallon jug, and pour it off into a bottle, tossing the rest. I drank it about a week later.

The first thing I noticed was that my 8 oz glass of lemonade had no sour flavor whatsoever. It was prepared to a ph which just barely stopped eating sores into the oral membranes. I wrote it off, have a moderate experience, and get to sleep around one A.M.

Day 2 : I notice a fairly strong afterglow (inner-peace and well-being, the trademark of the heavenly blue, it seems)

Day 3 : 'Afterglow' builds in intensity. Still experiencing insomnia.

Day 4-11 : I understand all viewpoints, even those of my most hateful enemies, and in this I see a pattern, from which comes an end to all strife : we wrong one another only in pursuit of that which is right, namely our own inherent rights, the soverignity over our own beliefs, and our own actions, which was lain inherent in our existance, and that right which is the truth of all... but behold, neither the beliefs or acts of one can deny this soverignity unto another, and the beliefs of none have power over the truth... etc.

Day 12-15 : I realize that the 'afterglow' was a lysergic effect commonly known as 'clean ego loss.' No intensity whatsoever. I am brought to this realization by the fact that, increasingly throughout these three days, anything I am not looking directly at fades into a nebular lightning storm of neon-multicolored plasma. 'mellow' equates with cleanliness, not absence, and rational need not indicate 'sobriety.' (by conventional definitions... I, on the other hand, define the understanding achieved therein as to the rights of all, the will of the Creator, and such to be the only true sobriety there is, the anger and strife of this world to be the true delusional architecture... but that's just my belief. It need have no power nor authority over another). I spend much of this time staring at things and following the patterns that emerge - it's amazingly relaxing and refreshing to the mind just to drift and follow, and brings back childhood memories (a *lot* of childhood memories came back during these 2-odd weeks) of doing the same thing as a mental exercise, unaided.

Nothing has changed my life for the better as these two weeks, but I'll not repeat it without a well-planned vacation, if I can help it.

The second heinous error involves the Pearly Gates which, I found, grow wild in my personal sanctuary... a small bit of forgotten land hidden amongst the human things. This error was picking them.

It appears that this plant has developed its lysergic content in an attempt to mimic the 'poison oak', you see. Upon going to court later that day, and summarily being jailed for my beliefs (specifically, choosing not to be 'rehabilitated' from my religion and its dictates), I discovered my right wrist to be covered in a large, blotched skin rash from various saps - I had picked, perchance, a half-backpack, of not the hiking but the scholastic variety... not much pickin' for my rash. The visual effects (which, unfortunately, seemed to be the entirety of the Pearlies) culminated in an understanding that our universe is, in fact, made of a pure crystal of liquid light, and that what are often mistakenly called 'trails' are merely eddies, disturbances in the stasis of the crystal - oh, did I mention colors were more vivid? 'Twas this fact which lead, primarily, to the revelation - the visual peak at about two weeks.

A month later, I have almost recovered from picking these flowers - the rash lasted about 15-20 days. A rubber bodysuit is suggested during harvest, and do try not to spill too much of the sap with violent picking. It itches, and voluntary is always the preferred method of experience. Organic potency varies... drastically.

Act with prudent caution, and enjoy that which I, personally, believe the Creator has ordained unto its place and purpouse.

Exp Year: 1999ExpID: 7389
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 26, 2002Views: 7,614
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Morning Glory (38) : Alone (16), Multi-Day Experience (13), Health Problems (27), General (1)

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