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The Best Day of My Life + Further Reflections
by FellOnBlackDays
Citation:   FellOnBlackDays. "The Best Day of My Life + Further Reflections: An Experience with Cannabis (exp73846)". Jul 19, 2020.

  smoked Cannabis


The trip occurred six years ago. To begin with – I grew up in an upper-middle class religious family, and went to a private school from grades 4-12. I did not have much exposure to anything illegal, and my parents and extended family found any talk of drugs to be abhorrent. I was pretty sheltered growing up and did not know much about marijuana, nor had much exposure to it.

This all changed in Sept 02. I was 19 yrs old, and had heard over the summer from my best friend how smoking pot was the best thing ever. He had just gotten into it, and I decided that I would try it during the upcoming school year (sophomore year of college). I did a lot of research about it, and decided I’d like to try it.

So my best friend (let’s call him Nate) and I carpooled to his friend from work’s (let’s call him Matt) apartment. His friend from work had a roommate (let’s call him Jeremy). So when we arrived at the apartment Jeremy was there and Rick was gone. Nate informed me that Jeremy had obtained White Widow, and that we would be bonging it that night. The bud was dense, had a very strong piney scent, and was covered in “crystals”.

Up to this point I had smoked a few packs of cigarettes, bidis, and smoked maybe a dozen cigars. I would not say I was the most experienced when it came to smoking.

(+0 hrs) I took a big hit from the two foot bong. The bong was a 2-footer, blown glass, very nice. The bong was passed around between the three of us maybe half a dozen times for repeated hits. Midway into hitting the bong my throat hurt like hell so Jeremy offered me some juice from his fridge. I gladly accepted his offer. We sat down and listened to an old Dr. Dre cd from his collection. We all just chilled on different papasan chairs. I felt the most relaxed, happy, content, and sheerly blissful that I had ever felt in my life. I stared up at the ceiling and adjusted the papasan to get it more comfortable. Nothing concerned me and nothing bothered me. Jeremy offered some ice cream, which I accepted. I was so high that I was lost for words, I could not even verbally thank him though I intended to. The most I was able to do was nod. For the next hour or so I just sat in the chair listening to the music, and the music somehow seemed like it was getting louder all the time. Dr. Dre’s words seemed to be much more clear than I’d ever heard them before, and I really could identify with everything he was saying. I felt really connected to the music, and just continued to sit there and chill. The music sounded completely awesome, although I owned the cd at the time and had heard all of the songs many times.

I had to take a leak for about an hour before I finally made myself get up from that comfortable position to go to the bathroom. When I reached the bathroom I took a leak and dripped some on the floor on accident. I reluctantly decided to wipe it up with some toilet paper and flush thereafter – it took a lot out of me to reach over because I was so relaxed. I then looked at the mirror and my eyes were totally blood shot. I smiled at myself and thought about how happy I was to feel this awesome. I laughed at myself for a while. I went back into the living room and Nate and Jeremy offered me a PS2 controller to play a snowboarding game. I declined and just sat down in the papasan and chilled. At this point they took more hits and asked me if I wanted to smoke more. I declined as my throat hurt really bad.

(+2 hrs) They started to smoke their third round with the bong and I joined them (this was my second round of hits). We must have had 12 or so nicely sized hits each, during this round.

At this point I decided to play the snowboarding game and I raced against my friend Nate. I took 12 minutes to complete the course that Nate completed in three minutes. I went the wrong way for a couple minutes straight a couple times, and didn’t even realize it. I finally finished and Nate and Jeremy slowly turned their heads towards me and exclaimed “dude you took 12 minutes on that race” and started laughing. Both Nate and Jeremy were also extremely high. I laughed at that for a while too.

At this point Jeremy’s room mate Matt returned home from drinking at someone else’s party. He talked to me for a while, and I just nodded, hardly saying anything.

(+4 hrs) At the end of four hours Nate drove both of us back to the dorm (45 min drive). At this point I had come down and had a really bad headache.

The next day I woke up feeling a little tired, but other than that, completely normal. This was the best night of my life, and I have never felt as good or blissful since. Hands down the best day of my life.

After that I became a huge fan of weed, and smoked maybe 200-250 times within the next 2.5 hrs. That comes out to about 2 times a week.

I smoked many different “chronic” variations including Blueberry X Hawaiian Indica, Green Dragon, “purps”, and a few others. Even though I had many awesome and very enjoyable times after my first time, none compared to my first time getting high. In late 03 I got my own apartment and started to smoke by myself. I did this all the way up to March 05, mostly smoking alone. While smoking alone can be incredibly relaxing, it can at times be a bit boring if the weed isn’t that great or if there’s no new movies or interesting things to watch. With that said, it was still fun. I feel that getting high also was cathartic to me, and helped with a ton of mental problems that I have like depression and anxiety. It also helped reveal to me things that I did not want to deal with when I was sober.

Some thoughts: The 2.5 yrs (Sep 02-Mar 05) were probably the best years of my life. I don’t feel that weed is addictive, as at times I went many weeks without smoking to pass work-related UA’s. I don’t feel that it does any long term harm to the lungs, brain, memory, or anything else. My grades in college actually got better the more I smoked pot, and were better than before I started smoking.

In my case I always put smoking weed #2, after family, work, school, and religious obligations. I kept a good balance in my life and remember what’s most important in my life and take care of those things first!

Looking back on my college years, I wish I had done shrooms, E, and coke. I had the opportunity to try each of them but I turned them all down. At the time all the research said E messed up your brain – all of which has been rescinded now. I wish I had not believed and been deceived by that gov. propaganda. I’m sure it would have been some great times.

I quit smoking weed in March of 05 because I was going through some issues in my life and I thought it would be a good idea to “get my head clear”. My fiancé at the time made me promise her to quit for good – I reluctantly did. She has always been against weed, at least to some degree. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about getting high, but so many things have changed in my life ---- married, a 2 yr old, another one on the way, work, studying for masters degree, etc, that weed just doesn’t really fit into my life anymore, which is a shame because I wish it did. Maybe someday in the future when things change I’ll start tokin’ again.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 73846
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Jul 19, 2020Views: 953
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