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Good Times and Aliens
Citation:   Boozbie. "Good Times and Aliens: An Experience with 2C-B (exp73800)". Oct 29, 2008.

30 mg oral 2C-B
I'd like to start off with stating that this stuff is pretty sweet, a great mix of euphria and mild visuals with a mellow come down.

Now to the meat of the story. Me and my friend were camping in the interior of Alaska and after nursing a hangover decided to take a bit of a road trip to visit some friends a few towns over, mostly to break the monotony. So while were hanging out we come across a rare oppurtunity up here in the great north. A new drug!

Being a adventurous spirit i jumped at the oppurtunity and purchased the mystery chemical. Now ive done pretty much every major drug and alot of other more exotic things but i've always had a soft spot in my heart for a good trip, with Lsd being a old freind of mine.

So after me and my buddy get our greedy little hands on this mysterious powder we promptly high tail it back to camp to do a little undisturbed experimentation. Being that were on private property with no one well within miles and miles we are all set for (hopefully)a great trip.

We both down 30mg, the dose recommended to us, of loose powder and begin the waiting game. Being told its going to take about two hours we both proceed to get extremely bored as we analyse every twitch and tingle in our bodies to see if its started to 'kick in'. After about a hour and a half i start to feel it, a mild physical anxiety. Nothing bad just some nervous energy that's all.

At about the 2 hour mark and after much pacing about like a crack fiend, it starts to kick in full bore and I begin to zone out and get mild visuals ,shadows and things such as that! I noticed that im gritting my teeth a bit but that is a habit of mine while tripping and can't wholly blame it on the drug.

So now were at the 3 hour mark and i would say were peaking. I'm getting some good visuals, nothing like a high dose of acid but a bit of swaying and movement. I would have say the best part is the euphoria, i was experiencing. Me and my friend were having the time of our lives giggling like school girls with pupils the size of quarters. The stars were out in force and the northern lights were amazing being a crisp clear september night. So far it was amazing nothing could go wrong.

Now this next part has more to do with our combined idiocy and too many youthful hours watching Unsolved Mysteries. While we were both zoning out on the stars spotting a shooting star now and again not to forget the always spectacular Aurora Borealis, my eyes wander off to the horizon where i spot a collection of red blue and white lights blinking erratically. I pondered the occurance for a second and noticed that the lights were occuping only one specific spot in the sky and no where else. Being a veteran psychonaut i came to the conclusion that they might just not be a hallucination. I was about to ask my partner in crime if he had spotted the same anomaly when i hear him blurt out, 'Do you see that freaking shit!?'.

I assure my uncouth counterpart, that i do indeed see that freaking shit and begin to wonder just what that freaking shit could be. Its come over the horizon now a good bit and is heading directly at us and appears to be slowing down! All the while red, blue and white lights are blinking like some mad Christmas display. Now for the love of god i'm lost at what this thing may be, but its circular shape and that its slowing down is starting to freak me out! I am keeping my cool though, its just the drugs! Its not a damned space ship! It can't be a spaceship! I mean, what are the odds that they would abduct two hillbillies alone out in the woods? Stuff like that never happens to people when they go camping....right?

Now my friend at this point utters the most ridiculous plan I've ever heard. which follows the retarded notion that were going to trade earth drugs for space drugs. While i ponder the feasiblity of this plan i admit to myself what exactly this might be and with that the cats out of the bag and out in the open! This damned apparition, that is so silently approaching is a freaking UFO! We stand there for a few more seconds, tension building in the air, with the realization that we are about to be abducted and there is no doubt in my mind, vicously gang probed! After a few more dumbfounded moments i decide 'TO HELL WITH THIS!' and high tail it to the car to securely lock my ass inside that motherthumper!

With a unspoken swiftness we get the fuck out of the open and wait for the unimaginable. Having taken hallucinogens a good number of times more than a doctor might recommend, i am still using my amazing powers of denial, hoping, that this is not about to happen. If it is, then I am going to make those little green bastards use there tractor beam to pick up my 2003 Toyota Tacoma! Because like hell am i getting out! There gonna have to get a locksmith to open those doors because i'm surely not about to! Ha! Not bloody likely!

At this point its almost right over us, the car is completely silent. Neither of us are breathing, just sitting in mutual terror! Yes, terror, i say! I dont know if any of you have ever thought you were about to go jetting around the cosmos but I assure you it is not a enviable position to be in! Were both just sitting, sitting waiting for the green light to surround the car. Any second now and its gonna happen, any second and were going to be part of a very select club of people! Any second and our worlds going to be changed forever and all at the worst possible time, of course it has to happen right ... wait .... is that a jet engine I hear?

Yes it is! I cautiously exit the truck making sure its not some feindish alien trick. Its a military cargo plane, flying at about a 1000 feet coming right from the military base bout 30 miles away, and right directly over the position we have been occupying!
One can't describe the feeling of elation that followed and the 5 straight minutes of nervous laughter intermixed with knowing glances at my mate, that we are in fact, the two stupidest people in a 1000 miles.

After about twenty minutes we calm ourselves down and contiune with the festivities gitty, as all hell. By hour four the affects have started to wane, the visuals have stopped and all that remains is a pleasant body high.

By the fifth hour the affects have mostly worn off and i am actually feeling tired a trully rare thing for a psyhcedelic. I decide to go to bed at about five and a half ours in. Within a half hour am out like a light. The sleep was good and i woke up with no hangover, sluggishness or pain whatsoever.

Overall i would give it a excellent review owing the UFO incident more to our gullibility and far to much X files, than the actual drug itself.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 73800
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 29, 2008Views: 7,175
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2C-B (52) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Nature / Outdoors (23), First Times (2), General (1)

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