A Collection of Experiences
Morning Glory Seeds
by J1
Citation:   J1. "A Collection of Experiences: An Experience with Morning Glory Seeds (exp7354)". Erowid.org. Feb 17, 2002. erowid.org/exp/7354


Well, it's been nearly a year since my last morning glory experience, and I thought I would share a few of them so that anyone thinking about using them can be informed ahead of time. They are kind of long, so I will try to abbreviate them a bit, but be warned. A summary is at the end.

Experience 1: The First Time
Dose: about 7.5g Heavenly Blue seeds
Time: 10:00pm

This experience began as a whim, but I was in a great mood. My best friend J2 and his girlfriend were picking me up for a party. I had tried a simple cold water extraction once before, but I only had mild effects (small buzz, feeling of annoyance). This time I decided to crush and eat the seeds, so I talked him into it (he had never heard of it, of course, although he had tried about everything else) and we drank them mixed into some V8 Splash. They floated to the top, and I had to fight my gag reflex. These things are terrible!

We got to the party, and about 30 minutes later I started to feel sick. Not like normal sickness, this feeling like you want to throw up but can't. I went out back to puke but couldn't. So I fought it and it passed. The people at the party had a red light on their front porch, and it started to get a halo. I was told my pupils were dilated and lied on the living room floor alone and turned on a rotating light and waited. After drinking some tequila, we decided to head to another party. J2 was feeling nothing, he said. The night went normal, drank a few beers, and chalked it up to being an alcohol buzz. I went home, put on some Pink Floyd, and went to bed.

That's when it hit. Music seemed 3D and seemed to pass over me like a wave. It sounds strange, but 'Time' was the most beautiful song I had ever heard at the time. I saw CEVs (closed-eye visuals) of patterns, shapes, rockets, and flashing lights. It was cool, but kind of frightening (although I had prepared by reading stories about tripping and getting advice, etc). I wanted to call J2 (luckily he wasn't driving) but he was living with his parents for the summer, and I didn't want to wake anyone up. Later, he told me he was having similar experiences, right after he smoked a bowl.

After about 30 minutes of this (time was dilated, I couldn't read a digital clock either, it didn't make sense, I just remember what song was on and figured it out the next day), I was ready to sleep. It was around 2:00am, but I felt like I had been up all night. I took something to help me sleep. All in all, it could have been cool, had I been prepared for all that.


Experience 2: Black Crowes & Jimmy Page
Dose: around 10g Heavenly Blues
Time: 5:30pm

Another friend, K, was anxious to try MGs after my last experience. So we ground them up at work and put them in my cooler (prepped with ice, beer, and a bucket of frozen margaritas). At her house, I mixed shots of Corona with the seeds, stirred, swallowed, and repeated until they were gone. K mixed into a margarita and sucked about 8g through a straw and threw away the rest.

Once we got to the show at the amphitheatre (6:30) we hung around in the parking lot and drank some beer for about 30 mins while Kenny Wayne Shepherd was warming up. During this time K was feeling sick, and I had to urinate so we went to the Port-a-Johns for some relief. I peed, she puked, we were good.

Walking back, I started to feel very tall, like I was off of the ground. The pavement felt soft and springy under my feet, and K echoed my sentiments. We went into the show and found a place to put our blanket. K and I lied on our backs and looked at the clouds and the incredible sunset for and while, and then we went to get something to eat (known as the munchies, kiddies) and came back. The ATM seemed very confusing, but I got it. We returned and ate our nachos.

I suddenly had a pain in my chest and started to get VERY paranoid. I remembered that LSA can cause ergotism, and I started thinking that the salt from the nachos had raised my blood pressure and made it worse. Thinking I was going to die, I thought that I should go for a walk to ease my mind and by standing up, lower my BP. Doing, so, however, made me feel like I was making it worse, so I sat down. Then I felt stupid, so I turned around and went back. I was gone a while, apparently, because my friends thought something had happened to me.

I lied on my back, because it was more comfortable, as Jimmy and the Crowes came on. Next thing I knew, it was raining and they were halfway through their set. I had missed half of it due to a blackout. I sat up and was mesmerized by the tracers and the fact that I could see individual raindrops falling slowly. It was the coolest part of any MG experience.

I was incredibly lucid, but things were a little different. My friends noticed I had sat up and one came over to talk to me. They had a question for me, and I understood the question, and I knew the answer, but I was completely unable to vocalize the answer. I started giggling, because it seemed as though everything coming into my eyes was a half of a second behind what was coming into my ears. It sounds funny, but it was so silly at the time. I ate some peanuts and enjoyed the rest of the show. BTW, I woke up to 'Ten Years Gone,' and like 'Time' from exp.1, it was the most beautiful song I had ever heard.

Riding back to K's house, I felt weary. I decided to crash there for the night. My g/f called me on my cell phone because she needed to bring me something, and she came by. She asked if I was drunk and before I got a chance to reply she slammed the door and left. I didn't understand (the MGs made me confused), so I got in my car and drove over to her house. DO NOT DO THIS, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!!! It was one of the most foolish things I have ever done. I thought that the only way she would trust me was if she knew where I was staying that night.

I seemed straight, but when I started driving things got weird. The yellow lines started bending and twisting, and I was super paranoid that every car behind me was a cop. The bad part was that the speed limit was 55, the good part was that they were back roads (which may have been bad, if I wrecked). When I got there (thankfully) she thought I wasn't drunk and I was just staying at K's house for the hell of it. I got VERY emotional (due to the MGs, mostly, and that I could have died driving over there, if I hadn't know the roads like the back of my hand), cried my eyes out, and slept in my car the rest of the night. It was about midnight.

The next day I was very tired (probably because I had summer school to go to), but felt better than hungover. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience, except the paranoia over dying. I swore I would never do them again after that, but I did.


Experience 3: P's Party
Dose: about 9g Heavenly Blues and Flying Saucers, mixed
Time: 9:00pm

Not much to this story, drank the seeds as before, but with P. He got sick and vomited after about 30 minutes. I fought the urge again, but when I closed my eyes after about an hour I started having crazy CEVs, like random images that went so fast I can't remember them. I curled up in a dark bedroom and had another blackout. While these images were happening, I swore (again) that if God would save me, I would never do MGs again, because I thought I was going insane.

Someone woke me up, and I went for a car ride. Didn't drive this time. I remember thinking that it was the clearest, most lucid I had ever been. I felt like I was a child again, the stars twinkled beautifully, and everything was right with the world. P had smoked a bowl, and said he just felt really high. Again, a pleasant experience, on the whole, not really a trip, more of a high. P only took 3g worth, so he barely felt anything.


Experience 4: The Park
Dose: about 12g Heavenly Blues
Time: 1:00pm

Additional: T +3 hours: small (1inch diameter) psilocybin cap

J2 decided MGs were worthwhile and thought he'd try again. We ground the seeds, put them into capsules (I think it made about 25 capsules each) and swallowed them with the orange juice with double vitamin C and vitamin E. We went and got drinks, Starburst (excellent when tripping), SweetTarts, and drove to the park. This is okay, because the effects don't begin for at least 30 minutes. We threw the Aerobie around for a while (get one, even if you just smoke, they're awesome). Being at the park was great, the pink aerobie, J2's orange shirt, and the green grass were very very neon. We couldn't catch the damn Aerobie (a modified Frisbee, by the way) because of the tracers, but it was fun. No nausea this time.

After about 3 hours, J2 surprised me with a small mushroom cap that he had saved for us. It was about 1 inch in diameter. We ate these, and went back to a bench to watch the clouds. After another hour or two, we decided we were hungry (we had only eaten a small meal earlier) and Subway was closest. J2 said he was straight and he could drive. I said okay and we got in the car and turned on some music so he could smoke a bowl. We proceeded to leave the park, except that when he put the car in reverse, I realized that he hadn't started the car, we were just listening to the radio. But he swore he was cool, so we went to Subway.

I was tripping balls by then, so I didn't even think I could order a sub without these people knowing I was messed up. But I did, and it was great. Subway was really really bright yellow, I felt like I was eating inside of a lemon. We decided to catch a movie, but since it was around 8:00 by the time we got to the theatres all the movies had started. After driving around a while, we decided on a movie and went back home to watch it.

I couldn't believe J2 was doing all this driving. I felt like I was on a carnival ride, like the car had no wheels and I was sliding along the ground. We got home and his mom started talking to me, and the whole time she was talking her eyes were bulging in and out and her face was twisting like in Soundgarden's 'Black Hole Sun' video. We watched the movie, and I passed out around 1am.

A great trip, it lasted 12 hours. J2's lasted about 6 or 7, I don't understand. The only difference was all the OJ I drank before that he didn't. I think the shrooms really bumped the MG's up a notch. That's the way to go.Well, there are a few of my stories. Overall, it's a great experience, although I tend to get sick feeling after about 45 minutes and blackout for about 30-45 shortly after. It's like there's a terrible feeling for a while, I black out, then wake up tripping. It rises quickly, plateaus for 1-2 hours, then gradually comes down. I wouldn't advise any more than 10 packets (15g, ~500 seeds), at least not for me. Good luck!

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 7354
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 17, 2002Views: 17,610
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