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Conventional Experience
Lorazepam (Ativan)
Citation:   Starshine. "Conventional Experience: An Experience with Lorazepam (Ativan) (exp73388)". Jan 29, 2018.

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1 tablet oral Pharms - Lorazepam (pill / tablet)
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I've taken legal drugs and I've tried each a few times. It's either I've never took a large enough dosage (how small can it get? I weigh so little) or my body is not sensitive to drugs, because I've never really gotten an experience satisfactory enough for me to make a report. It's also a good thing I've got a strong stomach and I don't get nausea or any stomach aches after that.

So when I took Lorazepam (someone in the house had insomia and was prescribed the pills, which I just fished out of the drawer.) I think I can do a write-up.

After doing some research, I realized there were issues about allergy or respiratory tract collapse but I went ahead and took one pill at 4.35pm on a Friday evening, just in case the drug spreads itself for over one night.

At 4.50pm I felt significantly tired. Wasn't sure if it was the drug or because I sleep late every night. I was still fully aware of my surroundings though, and alert enough.

5.35pm I took another pill. I just let them collapse in my saliva and held them in my mouth for a few seconds before I swallowed them.

5.50pm I felt a lot more sleepy although I had no desire to sleep. Eyelids were extremely heavy. Balance was still there but it was going away and I was knocking around obstacles in my room, especially things on the floor. Little movements like shifting my legs on the desk chair or dipping my head forward abit went further than they usually do when I'm not on anything. Dropping on the floor seemed the easiest thing to do at that time, like it wasn't gravity that aided fall, but the drug itself. Odd that the feeling went away as soon as I laid on my back on the bed. Whenever I did that, I felt normal again.

6.40pm Everything I experienced at 5.50pm just intensified. Also, it felt like something out of a dream, and I was spiritually connected with everything in the world. Something like I was submissive to everything. My fingernails reflected the light off the computer screen and made trails. I turned off all the lights and waved my cellphone infront of my eyes. When I waved it slowly, in big movements, it was like the light from the keypad and the screen poured out onto the air and solidified as a large ribbon. When I stopped moving the phone, it fell to the floor. I was quite excited from the visuals at this point, and I rapidly shook the phone side to side, I felt like I could see the details on the screen clearer than ever. The circles and lines left their shapes on the air beside the phone's screen. Then I shook the phone back and fourth rapidly, toward my eyes and away. Again, the light stayed in the air and it seemed like a 3D block, with colours of pink and yellow moving within the block. I couldn't seem to put my finger through it though, because it disappeared once I tried. I tried with other pictures from the phone but colourful, bold shapes on a black background made the best visuals out of rapid movement and bright pictures made the best trails when waved about slowly.

I am trying the phone thing right now as I am 'sober', and I do not get the same visuals.
Muscles were also very relaxed, thus the lack of balance and coordination. I had trouble focusing my eyes and getting them to point in the right direction together.

8.00-9.00pm Even though I was very tired, I was still quite hungry and eager to go out. Eventually my 2 mates finished whatever business they had, and we went out. They were laughing and chatting and poking each other on the street, leading the way. I despised their joyfulness. I told them to go ahead so I lagged behind very slowly in my sedation.

Anything after that was a hazy memory. I remember not eating anything but having a bite of steak, and I couldn't remember the taste nor the texture. Reminiscing upon it feels like trying to remember an obscure dream.
Reminiscing upon it feels like trying to remember an obscure dream.
I can't even remember how we got home, but I was so beat that I fell asleep.

The next morning I think the drug was totally eliminated because I felt the same as I do every Saturday.
The verdict is that I would do it again, I enjoyed the visuals and the muscle relaxant. And as a drug with sedative and hypnotic effects, it fulfils it purpose. Nothing extremely exciting, but not unpleasant.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 73388
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 29, 2018Views: 10,532
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Pharms - Lorazepam (79) : General (1), First Times (2), Various (28)

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