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For Sleep, Pleasure or Madness...
by Throy
Citation:   Throy. "For Sleep, Pleasure or Madness...: An Experience with Diphenhydramine (exp73132)". Apr 20, 2020.

50 - 650 mg oral Diphenhydramine (pill / tablet)


The following breaks down the doses and effect I have experienced.

75mg – 150mg: Antihistamine/sleep aid.

This stuff is GREAT to help me fall asleep. If only used occasionally, 50mg will knock me right out. The feeling of being pulled into sleep by it is pleasant and soothing. It is great for long travels on buses or getting to bed early on a Sunday night.

175mg – 300mg: Sleep and orgasm enhancement.

At this range I will fall asleep, unless I force myself awake with coffee, cold shower or iron will. The curious effect I enjoy at this level is the amplification of the orgasm. When I ejaculate on this dose my penis has huge contractions which feel amazing! Each contraction amplifies my orgasm and tactile feelings in my genitals increase ten fold. It has been overwhelmingly intense.

Here I am relatively safe from the delirium effects, but will notice red flushing of the skin, hot and cold flashes, a general heaviness and possible discomfort. I enjoy these side-effects.

300mg – 700mg: Delirium, deep sleep and hallucinations.

I can be dragged into waking dreams, hallucinations and confusion. It is extremely difficult to stay awake. This dose can become dangerous. I have gone for a walk in my own neighborhood and got quite disoriented. I’ve had to focus VERY hard to get back home. MY mind forgets what I am doing and where I am going every 3 seconds or so.

Hallucinations begin at these higher doses. I can become paranoid at this stage. It always seems when I pass a group of talking people that they start to follow me. I look back constantly at groups of people that I pass. As I get further away they still sound like they’re right behind me.

I have experienced a number of hallucinations; interesting and terrifying. It is as if a dream sweeps in and takes reality away from me. Suddenly I find myself alone picking at my table for a bug that just isn’t there or mumbling strange things to myself.

A recurring hallucination of mine is; I see my neighbor staring out his window at me. I wave a couple times, only to find out that he is not even there, all the lights are off and it’s 5am! This has happened to me a number of times.

Animals at my feet - Every so often I see a cat or a snake or something just in my peripheral vision. It will usually slither or run in front of my feet making me trip over nothing. I feel dumb for a second and keep going.

Masks and vibrating people – If I am in public and watch the people around me many of them will appear to be wearing strange masks or there heads will be vibrating and blurred out. It terrified me the first few times.

The most impacting hallucination I’ve had was of a man crouched in the room with me facing the wall. I recall his mop-top haircut and blue plaid shirt clear as day. Like a robot he stood up with perfect posture, still facing the wall, turned to face me and as he took his first brisk step toward me he dissolved into dancing electric veins and disappeared totally. My heart jumped out of my chest.

TOLERANCE: Develops uniquely fast on this substance. It used to be 200mg that would set off minor visual distortions and strange feelings. Now I take 400mg’s and virtually nothing happens. I am planning a few months without any use to see if it drops again.

It truly is a hangover the next day… The more I take the worse it is.
It truly is a hangover the next day… The more I take the worse it is.
It’s not a sickly/vomit kind of hangover. It is absolute lethargy, discomfort, depression and inability to enjoy ANYTHING. Are my favorite movies on all night?? Doesn’t matter; I will be bored out of my mind anyhow.

I want to do this stuff every night. I think about it everyday. There is no physical withdrawal that I have experienced as of yet. The mental addiction is present and I feel is something that might be best kept in check.

If I'm going for a delirium dose, best to have a buddy or 2 or 3, educate them on the effects I will be experiencing, have then commit to stay sober and watch over me even if I SEEM fine.

There are 2 benefits:
1.Keep me safe from hurting myself or doing something REALLY stooped.
2.Having people around is what gets the delusion ball rolling.

Staring in a dark room doesn’t normally do the trick. However, I will notice plenty more abstractions and strange occurrences if I am with people and on the go. It would seem my mind doesn’t like to just create things in the dark. When people are with me, moving and talking to me, my mind can’t keep up and the delusions begin. In attempting to understand the environment my mind starts to ‘Make Shit Up’ and I BELIEVE it. After the hallucination ends I freak out and say “Holy Fucking SHIT!!! That didn’t happen?? What the fuck?!?!”

I have noticed myself being a little slower than usual and more 'gappy'. I personally plan to give it a rest for a while.

I enjoy these deliriums. I get terrified, but I don’t get spiritually tossed around as I do with psycadelics. Diphenhydramine hallucinations subside and don’t really CHANGE me as a person. There is no re-evaluation of self or metaphoric mind journey; just good old confusion and seeing shit that isn’t really there.

God love the stuff.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 73132
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 20, 2020Views: 14,204
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Diphenhydramine (109) : Unknown Context (20), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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