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As It Happened
by Leap
Citation:   Leap. "As It Happened: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate (exp73130)". Apr 20, 2020.

500 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)


This was written as it happened
Took 10 dimenhydrinate at roughly 1:15 am.

1:27 am, stomach feels a little ugh. Noticing very slight trembling/twitching in arms and legs, unknown if this is the drug or not as I read nothing about it causing twitching.
I read nothing about it causing twitching.

1:35 am, feeling a groggy reaction, but with a bit more concentration. It feels like I'm more focused on what I'm reading, though the text is getting smaller. Harder to type. Placebo effect? This is a little early for the reaction I think.

1:47 am Tired, feeling like I'm slowly floating away and I am becoming very lost when reading stuff. Hungry too.. But that's not the pills.

1:55 reactions are slowing, especially my eyes. I feel like everything is dragging behind me. Legs feel hard to move.

2:03 am fighting hardcore sleepiness, feel the constant urge to move my hands and feet, but not too much since they are heavy. I am very hungry even though I ate.

2:05 am, just had a freak-out. Not strong, it was just a video that was made to freak out someone tripping did just that. His face changed and I felt a very clear realization that I did not honestly know if what I was looking at was moving. And as I type this I do in fact see waves of lines moving across the monitor. I am so hungry!

2:09 am, saw a couple lights flashing where there should be no lights. Monitor now has wavey lines along with a heartbeat like pulse.

2:12 am, I just heard a voice coming from the tv. It was muffled and when I faced the tv the voice was heard on the other side. I had a rushed feeling of 'who is that?!' and my shock stopped the voice. I am noticing slight itching.

2:14 hair is itchy, I feel like there is something in my throat, and sudden sound makes me jump. Have to almost constantly move and flex leg muscles.

2:17 am, a voice on tv went really low-pitched and slow. Wow.. Also I am losing track of being able to type.

2:18 am I want to turn off the AC but the hallway is too dark.

2:19 got scared enough to get chills when I saw a shadow walk by, this is interesting. I am having open eye visuals, including everything crawling.

2:22 just saw butterflies, I think. They flew in front of my face, they were white, but no they were colorless blips? This is getting strange.

2:26 texting is nearing incoherence, and I just saw a spec on the wall run around like a bug. Wow.

2:32 can't stop moving my feet, rubbing them together. Head still itches sometimes, still seeing open eye visuals and sounds without true sources.

2:37 dogs anywhere. I heard one barking. A not animated photo, but one just 'slid' open to show what was beind.

2:42 Became so focused writing a text that I completely forgot. Something. I don't know. I was so focused that felt I was in a tiny room, like a closet. Until nathan coughed, then I snapped up.

2:44 A clear audio perception.. Something coughed next to me.

2:49 I can hear a man saying 'ow' repeatedly coming from bellow the tv, inside the desk. Holy. Crap. Neck feels like it's on fire sometimes, but subsides. Itching is infrequent but when I do I could sweat I heard a knock on the wall.. From the peopl that are gone next door.

2:56 put a burritoe in the fridge. Er.. The microwave. It's sizzling so louD I thnik it is. Haha food tastes mazing!! Never had food like this be so good.

3:00 'well, whats the difference' was just heard from a muted tv

3:09 having trouble understanding what I need.
3:09 having trouble understanding what I need.
Either I am scratch, rubbing my feet together, or starting at the words on my screen. Stomch was werent it's the medicine not that I', storry

3:14 true time altered. Song slowed down a lot during right before the second snow we got.

3:20 monitor just knocked.. I got worried.

3:23 nearly answered the person next to me, but I didn't want to wake nathan up. There is no one else here.

328: I see what looks like smoke, but it's not. I think I'll go to bed. Hehe

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 73130
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 20, 2020Views: 604
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Dimenhydrinate (17) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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