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I Officially Give Up...
Morning Glory
by ivegivenup...
Citation:   ivegivenup.... "I Officially Give Up...: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp72981)". Apr 3, 2020.

250 seeds oral Morning Glory


I heard about MG seeds and thought it sounded pretty cool. I've been trying to locate LSD for a good two months and couldnít find anything. So I thought that LSA would be similar and I could easily get the seeds from target or home depot or whatever. So I did some more research and found the instructions on extracting LSA from the seeds using alcohol. I did it but it didnít work. I thought about it and guessed what went wrong. I ground the seeds in a coffee grinder and the heat might have destroyed the LSA. I used zippo fuel instead of petroleum ether. After soaking in the fuel, I let it dry in the sun. Probably destroyed the LSA there too. I only had 80 proof alcohol. When the extraction was complete I drank the LSA laced shot. I felt more buzzed of the alcohol than anything else. I also made tea by putting ground seeds in water with some lemon in it for a week. Twice. Nothing happened. Now I straight up chewed 250 of these suckers 5 minutes ago in my last attempt at tripping off of MG seeds.

The only experience with psychedelics is with a Ĺ 8th + 1 gram of shrooms. I was a vegetable on the couch and I didnít do any research on them so I didnít know what would happen so I didnít get the full experience. I was blazed too, I donít know if that affects the trip. I bet it makes it better. But I was kinda new to smoking and it was an opportunity me and my stepbro took advantage of.

7:00 Pm
Ate 250 MG seeds in the bathroom so as nobody would know any better if I threw up or anything.

Feeling sick. Took ginger extract before to help with nausea. Its not working.

Took a shower and more ginger. Feeling a little better. It just feels like there is something heavy in my stomach. Still uncomfortable though. Not feeling anything yet.

Not feeling anything still. If anything was going to happen shouldnít it have happened yet? I havenít thrown up yet on the plus side. I'm gonna go downstairs where my mom, bro and momís boyfriend is. Hope I donít start tripping around them. (my thighs are kinda sore. I think I remember muscle soreness can be associated with LSD???)

Around 9:20 I ate some food and laid down on the couch feeling a little sick, but on the whole, ok. 9:45 I threw up to get rid of the seeds. When I did I couldnít help but notice that they were half digested and if there LSAís in the seeds, I would have absorbed them. It is now 11:37 (T+4.5 hours) and I'm not tripping.
It is now 11:37 (T+4.5 hours) and I'm not tripping.
Maybe I'm not doing it right. Maybe I threw up too early. Maybe I didnít chew the seeds thoroughly.

My conclusion: if there are LSAís in Morning Glory seeds, then I have failed to dose on them or extract them in any way. I officially give up. Donít worry though, my efforts will now go into finding actual LSD. This kid fucked me out of 50$ once for four hits of cid. He gave me four squares of GRAPH PAPER. Even I'm not that stupidÖ.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72981
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 3, 2020Views: 584
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