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Stimulant Heaven and the Otherwordly Euphoria
by A_R
Citation:   A_R. "Stimulant Heaven and the Otherwordly Euphoria: An Experience with 4-Methylmethcathinone (exp72394)". Dec 18, 2008.

  repeated insufflated 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)
    repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  


I go to the mailbox and find the package! Woo-wee! It's morning, I'm alone at home and I got nothing else to do!

:D I have a fully empty stomach in preparation for this experience.

report hour: 12:15
reported dose: 1.7 grams over the course of 17 hours

t+00.00: taken 1 pill with 1 beer
t+00.10: nothing.....
t+00.15: slight urge to dance
t+00.20: I burped slightly, and could feel the mephedrone taste up my throat, interesting
t+00.25: drinking another beer, nothing else yet. snorting half a cap.... damn that hurt!!!
t+00.30: I'm getting the rushes I've been hearing about :) nice
t+00.35: THIS IS FUCKING GREAT (this is all I could write coherently at the time) The euphoria was overwhelming, it hit me full on. It was the most powerful sensation I have ever felt in my life. Objects appear with a blur and I get a sudden rush of speed in all of my limbs and body parts.

t+00.35 - 03.15: throwing myself around, being among the clouds, dancing like a maniac on any song possible. It was so unbelievable I started calling all my close friends to tell them how brilliant this BubbleLuv is! Went outside in the sun and relaxed in a chair! It was like I was melding with nature, so nice! Then I went into the middle of the street with a big smile on my face, stood there, and raised my arms in the air as in a victory gesture... That was the best part ever, I could still hear my music from my window and felt the need to dance in the street, but I abstained myself :P
t+03.15 – 04.00: effects diminishing gradually
t+04.00 – 06.00: I guess that’s the comedown... I feel pretty bored, not really in the mood to do anything, so I try to get some sleep, as I am exhausted after 4 hours of restless dancing and moving
t+06.00 - 09.00: Got some sleep! (albeit difficultly) Some really wicked, vivid dreams! I usually experience lucid dreams, in which I am aware of being in a dream, but these ones seemed so real and I remember most of them. I really was surprised by the shift in reality when I woke up, nice.

Second part of the experience: I wake up in the night. My internet isn't working and it seems it won't work until tomorrow, no one wants to go out (it's monday, eh) ...

So... Let's try to get to heaven again! :D (This part is also on a fully empty stomach)

hour: 21:45

t+00.00: snorted half a cap, this time in 2 nostrils! Much more manageable then snorting a full 100 mg up just one nostril. This is 3 times worse than K on the nose...
t+00.15: Appreciation for some chilled hip-hop and raggae music.
t+00.45: taken another cap to get some full effects.
t+01.00: wow! now it's becoming pretty speedy - listening to drum'n'bass now
t+01.15: The speed continues to increase: It's time for some speedcore.
t+01.30: Time for another dose to continue the trip of a lifetime :)
t+01.50: Now I'm a one man rave. cheers! Having so much fucking fun!
t+02.05 - 02.15: Some orgasmic heat waves through my body compelled me to start masturbating... weird! I went with the flow anyway :) The feeling was awesome! It was pretty hard if not impossible for me to get a full erection on this but it sure felt fucking awesome!
t+02.20: Snorted on whole cap to to this high euphoria up!!!
t+02.30: Full on euphoria!!! Nasal doses act much quicker and with a much bigger slap it seems. mephedrone is fucking awful on the sinuses, lemme tell you that, I feel like someone poked them with a big needle!

t+03.25: took out another beer! this certainly will up the effect of...... the next cap I'm going to take! Now I understand how this is fiendish... But it sure pays, the feeling that I don't need any other drug mephedrone gives is great!
t+03.50: the other cap :) I have a good feeling about this! My net is now working so I can talk to people too :D
t+04.20: The effects come again, this time in a more chilly manner, I feel like smoking a joint to go with this
t+04.55: Now I begin to go into a phase when I am concentrated on every song, I understand every little sound. And I'm merging with the music. The tolerance is there, but not REALLY that much... I haven't made the follow-up doses bigger, but the same or smaller, and every time I very satisfyingly trip! :)
t+05.10: Feeling tingling sensations all over my body, especially my face, this is cool :) Think will up a massive dose later on! It's gonna be HEAVAN :P
t+05.35: Now comes the biggest dose of the night! Just took 2 caps at the same time… I think this will hit me hardcore (btw I’m still feeling those tingling sensations all over, and experiencing some mild jaw clenching)

t+05.45: I feel the jaw clenching going away, hope when the trip blows I won’t pay much attention to it anymore… Anyway I just feel it when I try to smile, so it’s not that bad :)
t+06.05: Wow this is announcing itself to be as good a trip at the first one from this morning
t+06.20: mild reduction in effects…
t+06.50: The trip is a mild one ( I think 2 beers would have been better with that last dose, oh well :P ) Anyway it’s a really chilled out pleasant trip, and I seem to be taking great pleasure in playing arcade games, interesting…
t+07.20 - 08.00: I’m slowly going to baseline... It seems my writing skills were somewhat lacking at this time (I only noticed the mistakes I made then the next morning)
t+08.15: Any trance except the tingling in various bodyparts is gone - now the tingling has come back with a vengeance it seems! :))
t+08:30 I look in the mirror and my pupils are still noticeably dilated, strange...

t+08.45 - 09.00: I'm in bed, trying to sleep, this is really difficult - What happens right now is pretty funny - Every time I close my eyes I start seeing Tetris being played, by me. After keeping my eyes closed for 3 minutes or so, I start getting some small weird dreams, and voices in my head, but I quickly wake up again after each one.
t+09.15 - 09.45: Ok, now I still can't sleep, and I go to check my watch ( It's 7:30 AM dammit, I gotta get some sleep ) and my pupils (they were normal). Now something pretty strange happens: I start seeing ripples and waves on my ceiling and walls. A few minutes after that, the effects change - When I keep my eyes open, every 3-4 seconds a flash of bright yellow and white light appears in front of my eyes, intriguing... I finally start to get sleepy. ( I think I fell asleep at aprox. t+09.45 or 8 AM)

t+10.45 - 10.50: I wake up again to piss... I'm pissing like an elephant. Oh, now here's an interesting note: I drank AT LEAST 8 litres of water and 2 litres of beer throughout the whole report. I had no idea someone could drink that much water. I come back from the toilet, and get into my bed, only to realise I am feeling really cold! (the temperature in the room was 25 - 30 degrees celsius) really strange... I throw a blanket over myself and fall asleep again.
t+14:50: I wake up. I feel pretty good! The first thing I did was piss, and the second was to come and finish this report (I really enjoyed the experience and not writing a report about this would have been a shame) The only bad thing is the pain in my foot soles I got from 4 hours of jumping around like a madman.

This small meph binge was absolutely worth it! I never thought a legal stimulant could be this potent and mind-blowing. I look forward to repeating the experience at a party somewhere sometime in the future, but take this as a friendly warning: DON'T take this day in day out, this is really heavy on the heart and the respiratory system from what I could gain.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72394
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 18, 2008Views: 33,534
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