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The Trivials Traveled Not Unscathed
Citation:   Fisher Fly. "The Trivials Traveled Not Unscathed: An Experience with 2C-B (exp72284)". Oct 14, 2008.

18 mg oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)
Sucks that the Trivials Have Traveled Not Unscathed By Our Dangerous Drug Laws

Being a lonesome lad in the coveted halls of the chemically deranged, I decided to make some 2-cb, otherwise known by the knowledgeable as 4-bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine, in the same manner as Leminger saw fit to make vicarious phenethylamines from nitrostyrenes (nitrovinylbenzenes)…ahhhhh, isn’t zinc such a wonderfully simple reducing reagent?

So, 2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine was brominated ala Shulgin, this reaction went terrifically, however, my attempt to convert to and isolated the HCl salt fell short of adequate. But, in the end a modest amount of 2-cb was obtained and due to its potency (~18mg a hit!) the overall feeling was one of pleasure.

I first tried 15.6mg while at work, incidentally this was the day that I had to train a young woman who began working on the synthetic project I had been developing for four months. I weighed out the amount while fellow coworkers were walking and talking around me…who could possibly know that a chemical made illegal by our inept legislation was being weighed and not some chemical that would be working towards an awesome JACKS publication…yeahs its spelled wrong but who gives an eff?

I started training the woman on how to cook like I do; she seemed very new to the whole make a molecule thing and I could tell that I was in for a long summer, but nonetheless I made myself have patience with her this day and began to train. About an hour after taking 2-cb I began to feel a bit of something, but what I could not tell. About this time I got another colleague to help the woman and I use an HPLC instrument. As he was explaining the ins and outs of the instrument, I began to feel the compound come on in a distinct way. I felt a bit like I wanted to salivate and well you know the feeling…maybe you don’t. It felt like I wanted to touch my body all over and lick my lips and roll my tongue around in my mouth at the same time. But, I did none of those things except listen to how the pressure of the column must not change rapidly for that would surely damage it.

While this was going on, I experienced noticeable trails and a quickening and broadening of thought all the while maintaining clarity and confidence that I had never experienced before while on psychedelics in a social environment. Like most phenethylamines/amphetamines it gave me loads of energy and interest in whatever I was doing and of course make me feel pretty darn good. But at this dosage it was easily handled even in populated areas.

One thing I will give this chemical is its renowned ability to spark the libido if that has not been sparked in a while. I work next to another woman (one of the very few women on our floor…science has the effect of attracting few women and even fewer attractive women) and while on this substance I felt a horniness that was almost uncontrollable! I could not even look at this woman that I worked next to for fear that if I did I would stride over to her and rip both of our clothes off and fuck her right there next to her laboratory hood with others watching. UNBELIEVABLE!

When the compound finally began to wane, a little over 5 hours, I experienced a euphoric afterglow for another 3-4 hours even though all visual and somatic effects were long gone. An irresistible urge to smile was ever present.

I tried this compound again numerous times, but the most memorable was my hike to a wonderful lake in the mountains (9000ft!, and 18mg) in the wilderness that is my city’s playground…the lake by the way is called Lake Blanche and was carved out by a receding glacier many many years ago. So, I took about 18mg of the compound and went to pick up my rental car to transport me to the mountains. I ran some errands first and then arrived at the beginning of the trail about 45 minutes after consuming. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

What a tough hike! This was done in the middle of May and believe it or not there was still snow packed tight once I got to certain altitude. But until I had to slip and slide through the snow there was nature of utmost beauty surrounding me including slide rock of great magnitude, fields of wild flowers, and wonderful aspen groves that had the names and professions of love for others carved in their bark. About the time that I got to the snow (2 hours), I could not really feel the effects of the compound and contributed this to the strong exertion that I was making to get to the final destination.

One thing that I noticed was a marked lack of fatigue. This hike is a very popular one due to the extremely scenic views one will experience while transversing it, but here I was a skinny, out of shape, emaciated, chemistry fool, outpacing what seemed to me to be experienced hikers or otherwise very fit and health conscious people, and I contributed it to the fatigue reducing chemical I had taken.

Finally, after much scrambling I reached the destination known as Lake Blanche and what a destination it was indeed! The lake was partially frozen and I could see birds going for a midday swim or bath. And the Sundial Peak amidst the lake…incredible! I sat there on the red rock cliffs looking at this marvel. I took off my shoes and socks for they had gotten wet on the ascent and I wanted to dry them out. The tactile sense of my feet on the red rock was exquisite! I lay down on the rock where the contours of it fit my frame well (who was it that made the reply that his bones were harder than any rock which was why he slept not on any cushioning in the mountains…Muir?)

As I lay there experiencing the vivid blue sky with little UV protection and admiring the amazing peak before me I squirmed on the rock like some kind of crazy body…but it was amazing. I sat there thinking of wonderful things like how to make my life complete and full and how to be admirable to my family and how to be just a downright wonderful human being. But after about half an hour of sitting there in the snow capped highlands I realized that like most inexperienced hikers I had forgotten to bring the clothing necessary for vast changes in temperature and I began to shiver up there in the cold weather even though I had started out in warmer lands. I quickly made my way back to civilization and got home safely, took a shower and felt goddamn renewed all around. John Muir was right, the wild rejuvenates you now matter where it is…as long as it is wild.

I have also taken this compound at 19mg and lay in bed for the whole experience, just with my eyes closed and having great imagery and fantasy abound all the while thinking clearly and coherently about what was to be done in the lab the next day. This is a great compound. It allows me to experience the psychedelic soup but have my mental processes relatively unaffected so that I can still perform normal duties without interruption.

Overall I give 2-cb two thumbs up and cherish it as an ally forever.

Keep Traveling,

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72284
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 14, 2008Views: 12,889
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2C-B (52) : Glowing Experiences (4), Nature / Outdoors (23), Sex Discussion (14), Cultivation / Synthesis (31), Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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