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Salty, Trippy, Buzzy, Numb
by Trance
Citation:   Trance. "Salty, Trippy, Buzzy, Numb: An Experience with Benzydamine (exp72269)". Feb 27, 2016.

400 mg oral Benzydamine (liquid)


I tried Tantum Rosa once. I bought one pack of Tantum Rosa from the pharmacy which contains 10 envelopes with a white dust inside.

I put the content of 1 envelope in a glass of water and mix it until almost all of the dust was dissolved.

I drank a little and found that it is extremely salty, almost made me puke. This was expected since Tantum Rosa contains sodium chloride, but never believed that Tantum Rosa has such a big concentration of sodium chloride in such a small envelope.

I then took a 2 liter bottle of water to help me drink the rest of the glass content. Idrank a little from the glass, a little more from the water bottle, Ismoked a cigarette to mask the salty taste and give me the guts to continue, repeated this for 3, maybe for 4 times in about 30 minutes until I drank almost all the glass content.

One envelope of Tantum Rosa has 500mg of Benzydamine, I drank around 400-450mg of this.

I went to bed around 1 AM and waited for something to happen. And waited some more... Around 2 AM I started to feel my feet and arms a little numbed, pretty pleasurable, a small buzz like Ihad on a small dose of DXM. Ihad a little stomach discomfort but Iwas anxious to trip on Benzydamine. And I started to trip, my thoughts went to my past life and some mistakes that I made. The numbness was still there and that buzz, although very subtle, was pleasurable. At some times during the night I might have fallen asleep, but not sure since I didn't open my eyes while tripping, being afraid that I might throw up still feeling the nasty salty taste in my mouth. I didn't even move too much for the same reason and anyway the body high was good.

I opened my eyes around 6 AM, feeling like I had woken up from a good sleep, pretty energetic and my mind was still processing a lot of thoughts. It started to be light outside and when I looked in the direction of my window I saw some bizzare light lines that I never saw there before. I had a smile on my face when I realized that I might be hallucinating. I took my mobile phone from the bed table to check the time. It was around 6 AM, but this wasn't a big surprise for me. The surprise came when I moved the phone which had the backlight still turned on and I saw the phone moving very choppy and leaving trails behind it. I played with the phone a couple of minutes and then got up from my bed moving towards the window. I saw trails when I moved my arms, saw trails from the cars passing on the road when I looked outside, and the light that entered the window was brighter and full of glowing lines.

My friend's movement was a little unbalanced so I decided to go back to bed and fell asleep, considering that I had to woke up around 9 AM and go to work. One stupid thing from I was to try a new drug on Monday night when I had work the next day. Back to bed I couldn't sleep, the thoughts keep running inside my head, I opened my eyes several times and enjoyed the sunrise outside that sent incredible glowing lights through my window. I finally fell asleep for some time around 8 AM and got up an hour later still seeing the strange light behaviour. I had to do something and end this trip as soon as possible since I couldn't drive with all these visuals. I drank one cup of coffee, smoked some cigarettes and drank a lot of water. I puked from the coffee, because it had a strange reaction in my stomach, and it gave me a nasty salty taste in my mouth. I drank some more water to clean my system, pissed a lot and around 10 AM felt that I is ready to drive, since all the visuals we're gone and I had a good balance.

I got to work with no problem. There I had a lot of mind trips during the day, wasn't able to concentrate on my work. I was exhausted from the lack of sleep. That evening after I got home I finally got a real sleep.

I doesn't want to try Tantum Rosa again unless I finds one way to get rid of the sodium chloride in it, since this gave me a really nasty feeling in the stomach that took a lot from the magic of the trip. Benzydamine is a powerful drug, but it should be taken responsible, and make sure the next day you don't have to do something that may require attention. I is very slim, so this probably was a big dose for me for the first time.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72269
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 27, 2016Views: 7,768
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Benzydamine (730) : First Times (2), Hangover / Days After (46), Alone (16)

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