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Like Acupuncture on My Major Joints
Brunfelsia, Mansoa alliacea & Unspecified
by Suougibma
Citation:   Suougibma. "Like Acupuncture on My Major Joints: An Experience with Brunfelsia, Mansoa alliacea & Unspecified (exp72253)". Oct 16, 2016.

6 g oral Brunfelsia (tea)
  6 g oral Mansoa alliacea (tea)
  6 g oral Unknown (tea)



Chiric sanango + Ajos Sacha + Una de Gato [unspecified plant]

I have bought these plants in an attempt to give my father relief from his arthritis but took some myself since I would not give anything to someone without knowing what it will do.

I started with 2g of each the day before with nothing more than what I thought to be placebo effects but I did have a full night sleep without waking where I usually wake 3-4x per night from discomfort. I heard plant tell me a half ounce of each was needed for the strongest affects (I should mention I hear my higher self, gnomes, plants and animals as a separate voice since my experience with DMT). Anyway, I decided to try about half that (~6g of each). I had what I expect produces mid-range effects.

I boiled the ingredients (with a lid in 3 cups of water) for 20-30min ending with about a cup of tea to which I added a regular tea bag of Early Grey to block bitterness and some sugar for the same reason. The flavor really isn't too bad and slightly numbed my mouth with spiciness.

About one hour later my hands began to feel numb. This numbness was not enough to inhibit my ability to function but it felt as though novacaine was starting to kick-in in my hands. This semi-numbness crept up my arms and in my neck and shoulders. The numbness didn't progress but the feeling changed to what felt like I had icy-hot on my major joints (1.5 hours). Following this I began to feel as though needles were sticking into my aural field and penetrating to the bone of my joints (the sensation of a small sting was felt ~3in above the skin and then penetrating). This feeling was not uncomfortable but was like having repeated acupuncture on my major joints. The sensation was in several areas and seemed to repeat in the same spots in a pattern. This lasted for 3+hrs and I was very sleepy and went to bed and had the best night sleep of my life. I have IBS and intolerances to many foods but have felt the best I have ever felt (intestinally) for quite some time...

I think I will start my dad at the 6gs but will slowly step him up to the half ounce and hope it makes a difference on his arthritis because the morphine is making him an unpleasant person and his tolerance/dependence keeps growing.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72253
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 16, 2016Views: 1,922
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Brunfelsia spp. (146), Mansoa alliacea (767), Unknown (120) : Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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