Extracting an Experience
Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue)
by Here Now
Citation:   Here Now. "Extracting an Experience: An Experience with Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) (exp72137)". Erowid.org. Mar 9, 2010. erowid.org/exp/72137

T+ 0:00
1 mg oral Morning Glory (extract)
  T+ 0:50 10 mg oral Morning Glory (extract)
  T+ 2:40 80 mg oral Morning Glory (extract)
  T+ 3:40 160 mg oral Morning Glory (extract)


A note about myself to give context for the extraction process and the experience report to follow: I am in my early 20's, and first started using psychedelics about 4 years ago. Morning glory was actually the first one I used. Got interested in the stuff, ordered some, and ate it. Alone. It was nice. Since then, I've used acid enough times to count on two hands, shrooms maybe 15 times, a bit of mescaline, and generous amounts of salvia divinorum. I've often combined small amounts of morning glory with these substances. I found it difficult to get strong effects from the seeds without inducing nausea, but I liked the mellow effect, and so often chose to take 50-200 seeds along with whatever else I was using. While chewing and eating seems the most efficient way of using the seeds in terms of effort and lack of waste, I normally don't eat more than 50 or so seeds straight at any one time anymore due to nausea. They've never made me puke, but the nausea doesn't feel healthy.

A number of times I let ground seeds sit in grain alcohol for about an hour, strained and drank. This technique was not very efficient, but easy and nausea free. I got maybe 1/3-1/4 the effect this way that I would have if I had eaten the seeds straight. Another technique was to chew or pregrind seeds and let them sit in my mouth, hoping to get effects sublingually and from swallowing saliva that I strained the large chunks of seed out of. Kind of like chewing tobacco, but a bigger, wierder tasting mouth full. With this technique, I generally kept them in my mouth for 10-15 minutes before spitting them out. I did not get nausea from this (besides from taste), and it seemed slightly more effective than the quick vodka extraction, although if I had it available I would choose to just throw a half or quarter shot of vodka into my mouth with the ground seeds- I don't know if this helped or not.

The extraction process listed bellow is essentially the same one I used a few years ago to make a very potent salvia resin, the main difference being that I did not strain the morning glory with as fine a material as I did the salvia (for which I used a french press), so I ended up with salvia resin, but a morning glory seed powder concentrate. Oddly enough, most people seem to opt for a salvia concentrate and a resin from morning glory. I think it's just that people expect to have to smoke a lot, but expect eaten hallucinogens to be ultra potent like acid. That's just my guess. They both work either way, regardless. Next comes the extraction process, after that comes the experience report in which I recorded the session in which I found the dosing of the stuff I made.

Method: approx 8oz of heavenly blue morning glory seeds was ground to a fairly fine powder. It was placed in a bowl and mixed with approx 8 oz 99% isopropyl alcohol so that the general consistency was liquid rather than pasty. Lid was placed on bowl. Bowl lid was left on for 36 hrs. The bowl was shaken once every few hours over the course of the 36 hrs. Mixture was strained through 2 layers of medium weight cheesecloth into another bowl. Seed remnants in cheescloth squeezed, then discarded. Bowl with tincture was let sit in ventilated area at between 60 and 80 degrees farenheit with minimal sun exposure for approx 36 hrs, until substance was viscous. Viscous seed mush moved to plate to aid evaporation of final isopropyl alcohol. As mush dried, it was successively broken up to aid evaporation, finally resulting in a powder. If you are interested in the method but not the experience report, there are some notes on it at the end.

Injestion method: sublingual dissolution for 1-2 mins. swallow.

3:30-Injest: a piece the size of a sand grain

4:10-no effect

4:20-Injest: a piece the size of a pin head

4:50-mild effects, possibly placebo.

6:10-Injest: approx 80mg

6:50-threshold-slight eye dilation.

7:10-Injest: approx 160mg

7:30-mild mental effects-noticable eye dilation

8:10-after noting that the primary effect was a feeling of increased pressure in the head, I had prepared a dose of approx 350 mg. Just before taking it, I noticed that my nose was wet. Upon checking, it was found to be bleeding. This confirms the feeling of pressure, and has happened to me with morning glory once before, both times in dry climates. I have had blood in a fair portion of my boogers in the last few weeks, but I have never had a spontaneous nosebleed (or any other kind, for a year or two), so I certainly attribute this to the mg.

8:20-The nosebleed has stopped. I have noticed a greater than normal frequency in errors while typing. With open eyes, the world seems more dreamy, or surreal than usual. With closed eyes, I feel as much as see somewhat wavy patterns... reminds me of the way things can seem to breathe at higher levels of phychedelic substances. No tracers. I may increase the dose with another 100mg or so.

8:40-Time is passing... (here my mind alternates between faster and slower)... differently from normal. At this point I would say I am at a (++) on the Shulgin scale. Typing errors are much more common than normal, normally because I am trying to go faster than my hands can accurately go. I thought I was meditating for maybe 5 mins, but it turned out to be 10. I feel like I'm halfway to somewhere... maybe the ideal effect I'm going for. Reality seems smooth, but not in a way that detracts from detail... kind of like with time- its going between a sublime generality in which everything runs together and sensual input that in some ways seems more finely tuned than normal. Like the sound my fridge makes. I think normally I tune it out, it is quiet. Now it is a very obvious part of my environment. This may seem steryotypical, but it is really excellent. I could go on rambling, but that can wait for later.

8:50- Eye dilation has increased slightly from the level they were at around 7:30, but effects are at least trippled- at that time I was was still tentative about calling my status (+). I'm glad I waited so long between doses... I am in a situation where I would be safe going into a (+++), but tonight's injestion was primarily to determine the potency of my creation. I've read it and reminded myself of it over and over again, but it still took a nosebleed to keep my impatience at bay. With somehting new, always wait a very generous amount of time before increasing dosage.

9:00- After walking around for a short time, effects seem somewhat lessened. The nosebleed may have triggered a bit of a flashback type reaction, since the effects don't normally dimminish so soon. Since my ingestion was tapered, however, it may be that what I am feeling is the dimminishing of the effectiveness of the first 2 doses, however minute they were. The third possibility is that being in public for a short time caused me to take my attention off the drug and enter as normal a mindset as possible. Likely all three are factors to a degree.

11:00- Shortly after 9:00 I went outside. Encountered some people playing tennis ball golf. Felt coordinated enough to drive to the store. Was surprised by sparrows in the natural foods section. Was offered help by a gleeful lady. Drove back. Saw post game tennis golfers walking back to where they had come from. Very surreal, relaxed trip. I look forward to experiencing this substance in the future.

Here is a bit of extra info and explanation, for any who are still curious:

*a note on potency: This experiment produced an oddly potent result. I have certainly had (++) experiences from 100 unextracted seeds before, but on doing the math, I'm not sure what to make of my result. Using 30 seeds/gram as an estimate for dosage, and calculating number of seeds I consumed based on the fraction that was of the total product, I consumed the equivalent of 90 seeds. Calculating the same thing based on my estimate of the weight of the material I ate, again using a standard of 30 seeds/gram, I consumed the equivalent of 75 seeds. Either 75 or 90 seeds would be low but reasonable for the level of intensity experienced. What surprises me most is that this implies that either the extraction was either far more efficient that I expected, or that the seeds used were perhaps twice as potent as ones I've encountered previously. The final possibility is that there were more than 8 oz of seeds to begin with, as I never weighed them, but assumed the weight listed on the package was close enough to correct to not necessitate double checking. Although I am quite pleased with the result, it may or may not be the result of the process I used. Looking around at others and finding what will work best for your timeframe, tool set, and experience seems like the way to do the ideal extraction.

I estimate that this extraction process resulted in a product with 10x more alkaloids per mass than the origional seeds. I did not eat any of this batch of seeds straight (maybe I should have kept a few around), so I don't know their origional potency, but either they are far more potent than any morning glory seeds I had hitherto encountered or this was a rather efficient extraction process. I am pleased with it for its combination of simplicity and efficiency.

**a note on plagarism: I hope it doesn't seem like I'm claiming anybody else's idea for my own. I read a number of extraction techniques a few years ago, and they've all blended together into a bit of general knowledge in my head. I didn't re-research for this extraction, so I don't remember if the same thing has been done. I do remember that a cold water extraction doesn't yield a solid product like I wanted, and that I didn't want to use any naptha type solvents, because that extra wash reduces potency and introduces bad chemicals, tanins shouldn't be soluble in alcohol anyway, and small amounts of seed matter don't produce noticable nausea. Isopropyl alcohol has a number of advantages as a solvent: Its cheap. It's medical grade, IE, controlled and pure. It's readily available. Finally, it evaporates quickly at room temperature.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72137
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 9, 2010Views: 17,517
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