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A Day With Albert's Child
by Glenndog
Citation:   Glenndog. "A Day With Albert's Child: An Experience with LSD (exp72089)". Jan 7, 2010.

1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)


I am a male 18 years old of average body weight. I have always been interested in mind altering substances. To this day I have only experimented with alcohol, marijuana and now LSD. Nowadays I no longer use marijuana however I still drink alcohol fairly often. Up until recently I never had or knew of a way to purchase something like LSD. I suppose it always seemed to me as one of the hard drugs.

Recently a friend of mine, who I do not see that often anymore announced that he could get LSD. Of recent times he has been right into experimenting with many new drugs other than alcohol and marijuana, due to this he had acquired a lot of new contacts and now knew of someone who could get him LSD. Naturally when I heard this news I was very keen to get some, as I have always been particularly interested in the psychedelic side of drugs. Anyway, I purchased one blotter tab off him for $20AU, to me this seemed fairly expensive. But never having purchased it before I didnít really know what to expect and it wasnít much money to try something new that I had been wanting to try.

I was amazed by the size of one dose, itís really is tiny. It was a little piece of coloured paper wrapped in foil. I had also heard that it was important to keep LSD in the freezer to preserve it so this was also done. On the day I decided take the dose Iíd had a fairly late night the night before and was slightly hungover from drinking. I am sure this had a negative effect on the experience. I arrived home in the morning at about 10:00am and took the tab at about 10:30am along with a few toasted sandwiches and juice. After taking the dose and eating breakfast I headed up stairs, I started watching TV to fill in time as I knew I would have to wait a while for it to set in.

After about 30mins I began to feel a slight change in thinking patterns but just assumed it to be my imagination at this stage. About 5 or 10mins after that I began to notice little things changing. If I really stared at my curtains they would ripple slightly but nothing special at all. Throughout this time my stomach seemed very gassy and often made gurgling sounds so I could tell that it was being absorbed.

Realising that it was just beginning to come on I turned off the lights, lay on my bed and put on interesting melodic music. After another 10mins I began to find myself staring at my curtains and could now see clearly that they were moving. They were moving as a whole thing, almost as if they were attached to a board and this board was being rocked forwards and backwards. I then began to notice my sheets and if I let my vision run they began to resemble some sort of skin. When I saw this I new that the LSD was starting to take more of an effect, so got up and sat at my computer and became fascinated with my desktop background. It is a 3D computer generated picture that starts out bright in the middle then darkens off on the outsides and allover it there is sort of like a network of wormlike structures with brighter parts to them. Normally it is an interesting looking picture but now the wormlike structures were beginning to squirm about the screen, particularly at the brighter spots.

Suddenly I noticed one of my walls, this wall is brown and the lower part of it is fairly dirty from peoples hands touching it. The finger marks appear a whitish sort of colour against the brown wall. When I looked at these marks they spread right up my wall and onto the ceiling but they were no longer just marks they resembled a sort of Asian script. If I put my ear against the wall and looked at them side on they appeared to be raised off the wall. Now it was just a foggy looking haze that now flowed down off the wall at a very fast pace. It was like watching fog get blown into a valley, if you have ever seen this happen. All of a sudden what was happening sunk in, it was amazing, everything in my house was incredible to look at, to touch! I then couldnít stop smiling as I ran around the house like an idiot feeling and looking at different things, each one just as amazing as the next.

Soon I found myself looking at all our pictures on the walls. One painting in particular, well two, they are meant to be put together and were sold as a set. The sides that face each other are a rich yellow with blots of red and the outer sides are indiscernible people shaped patterns, each a different colour. Staring at these paintings was amazing as the once stationary red blots were now jumping between the pictures with amazing trails. I could not stop it happening, relaxing or concentrating my eyes did nothing, it was just how I saw it.

Other less stimulating pictures would appear far away only to race up towards my eyes and become what appeared to be about five times larger than they were when I first looked at them. The other amazing thing was when I found the mirror in my bathroom. It was me but then again it wasnít. Imagine a thousand photographs of your face are taken from the front but each one at a slightly different angle, left, right, up, down. Then play all the shots back to yourself at about five every second and that is how I saw myself in a mirror. It was interesting but a tad unnerving at the same time.

My sense of touch was as heightened as my sense of sight, I felt as though I could keep pulling off my skin as I pinched myself. I amazingly could pinch myself as hard as I possibly could and would not feel any pain. It was as though I was encased in a layer of dough. As well as my own skin, my dogs fur felt pretty amazing in-between seeing him turn into a wolfish looking creature and then appear as himself. The colour of his fur would change uniformly as if adjusting the hue of a picture on a computer screen. By now it had been about 2 hours since it took the LSD.

I was feeling very different but it still knew where I was and what was going on and I still had a good 4 or so hours until anybody would come home. I figured that it wouldnít come on anymore and I would be fine by about 3:00pm. But while walking around the house I felt a sudden kind of jolt or something in my head, like my consciousness had periodically been jerked out of my head, all of a sudden I didnít really know where I was and no longer felt with it. All my hearing had become muffled and strange so I sat down and felt a bit better. Then it happened again but stronger this time, it was then I realised what Iíd got myself into. I turned the heating off and went to my room, closed my curtains and got into bed. Strangely enough I felt far more sane with my eyes closed.

I spent the next hour in this position freaking out. I was panicking as my mum would be home in about 2 hours and I didnít know how long I would be like this for. I certainly wouldnít have been able to hold down a conversation and not let on that I was fucked. I drifted in and out of what felt like consciousness, gibberish persistently echoed around my head in this scratchy old sounding English accent??! My heart was racing and nothing was as it seems, the walls of my room were convulsing and pulsating. Periodically the whole room would appear to tilt on a 45degree angle. Still realising that this is was in fact just the LSD and that it would eventually go away, I just put up with it and shut my eyes. It may not have been an all that unpleasant experience if no one was going to be home in a few hours. I would probably have had loosened up a bit and not been in such a state. But at the time I kept thinking why have it taken this? Will I ever be normal again? I missed normality but thatís were I was and I had to deal with it. It did get quite terrifying at times and I shuddered to think that this was only one tabs work and couldnít imagine what taking five or something would be like. Not getting any better I figured Iíd put on the TV again, this did wonders as I would have a few seconds at a time where I knew what was going on. Then just as quickly as Iíd recover my consciousness, it would be ripped from the side of my head again.

At about 2pm, two friends came round to see me, this turned out to be very fortunate as one of them had used LSD before and had experienced all this. She was able to reassure me that it would wear off eventually and just to relax, while her boyfriend kept me entertained (and conscious) with stupid comments, as he likes to do. The three of us sat in my room watching TV and Iíd have snippets of conversation with them in my more sober moments. This was great as I had people to reassure me and some company, I began to feel better again. Despite this I was still tripping incredibly and my room was still bending and bowing uncontrollably. I still found this fairly disconcerting as my mum was going to be home within the hour. My mum did come home within that hour and came straight to see me and who I had over. I just said I was very hungover and she went away and she didnít bother us anymore. I was lucky she didnít ask too many questions as I would be unable to provide much of a coherent answer.

Another hour went by and the three of us just continued to chill out as we had been doing afternoon. Then almost as quickly as I had realised that I was tripping, I felt extremely spacy but sober and like my brain had just run a marathon. Suddenly I was capable of conversing without my consciousness deserting me. I could walk straight and the room stopped rotating. The drug was far from gone but it never returned as it did earlier that day. Surfaces still swam when stared at them and the Asian script was still in full view but the high was just fun now, not too intense. Soon after this happened my friends went home and I was extremely thankful that they came along. Then a good 2 hours after that I went out for a walk in the cool evening, the sky was clear and the fresh air was fantastic. Looking up at the stars still provided me with flashes of colour, the lights in the valley looked brighter and their colours were much more intense. I was basically myself again but was just feeling very spacey and mellow, not a bad feeling really. I pondered the dayís experience very deeply on the walk. I felt extremely mentally drained but very relaxed.

It was a truly incredible experience but wasnít something to be taken lightly, not like have a few tokes or a couple of beers to relax, it was something pretty heavy. It was like the classic drug scene from movies, the hallucinations were unbelievable. I canít say I was having debates with posters on my walls or flying gracefully down the stairs of my house on the back of a unicorn but you catch my drift. The experience opened my eyes amazingly to what the mind could do if provided with the right ingredients. I would definitely do LSD again but definitely in the company of others I trust. I think that I will be waiting a while to do so though, my brain should be allowed a fair bit of time to recover. As I have only taken it once I donít know if I have a low tolerance, if that was a particularly strong tab or thatís what your are supposed to feel off one tab.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 72089
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jan 7, 2010Views: 5,475
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LSD (2) : First Times (2), Various (28)

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