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Observational, Not Self-Analytical
Citation:   LucidStudies. "Observational, Not Self-Analytical: An Experience with 4-Acetoxy-MiPT (exp71912)". Feb 25, 2009.

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20 mg oral 4-AcO-MiPT (capsule)
The 4-Substituted Tryptamines are a precious thing to me. Nearly every one seems to have tremendous value, and a unique character. Lately, they have seen an unfortunate dry spell. Although they shouldn’t be particularly difficult to synthesize, some of them have recently become practically impossible to find on the open market. That said, I was able to procure a supply of 4-Acetoxy-MiPT in its fumarate form that I believe to be quite pure. I was interested to see how it compares to the ever-familiar 4-AcO-DMT, a personal favorite of mine. I decided to start with fifteen milligrams and then increase my dose in five milligram increments, for as far as I felt comfortable going.

-First Trial: 15mg-

This was on a Saturday. I was at home alone and had no particular events planned.

2:15 PM: A capsule containing 15 milligrams of 4-AcO-MiPT powder is swallowed. The fumarate is a rusty color, almost pink. My stomach is not completely empty. I listen to music as I await the effects.

T+0:25: The substance is starting to kick in. My pulse is speeding up. In fact my whole perception of time seems to be getting faster. I feel very awake, very alert. There is a little bit of body tension, vaguely reminiscent of DiPT or 5-MeO-MiPT, but it isn’t really unpleasant. In fact, it is pleasurable.

T+0:35: In addition to the continued shifting of my perception of time and my state of awareness, colors are now beginning to change. There is a subtle shift toward pastel hues. It is a noticeable contrast to color-brightening drugs like 2C-I… this makes colors deeper, cooler, almost more old-fashioned looking. It’s not an electrified, shiny look at all. Yet it still distinctly looks ‘hallucinogenic’. It may not be eye-popping, but it does look a bit surreal.

T+0:45: With music playing, I walk around the apartment with my digital camera and take photographs of things where I live. I feel very precise and in-control operating the camera and framing subsections of my surroundings.

T+0:55: There is a very strong body energy to this compound. There is still color alteration, but without any moving open-eyed visuals. The closed-eye visuals are playful and tactile: Rumbling landscapes and warm impressions.

T+1:00: Sense and reaction times seem heightened. I feel hyper-alert.

T+1:15: Visually, this never really reaches a conclusion. Mentally, it is still deepening. And really it is there already. It is socially and analytically strong, with an echoing energy in the body- potentially quite erotic. A subtle, sensual drug. I feel very focused, very much able to interact with my surroundings and respond to anything that happens around me.

T+1:20: As it continues, I realize there is a pushy side to this substance… it feels warm and friendly at first, but after a while it strains on my consciousness… as if the hyper-awareness wears me out. At times, 4-AcO-MiPT can feel demanding.

T+1:30: I am laying down in bed and enjoying the satiny feel of the sheets. There are very strong sensations now in the skin. I’m trying to find the most comfortable position to take it all in. As I lay here, I can say there are definitely open-eye visuals, and they sometimes go beyond just color alteration. Changes in texture start to occur... things can appear grainy, pixely, leathery, or marble-textured. Color hues still tend towards the pastel. Things appear very relaxed.

T+1:40: I have been getting lost in thought... long periods of time spent pondering are good. Reading a book might be nice.

T+2:15: I find it difficult to read… I get sidetracked analyzing each individual sentence or just lose interest completely. It’s interesting: At first this clarifies things. Like a stimulant, it focuses my train of thought, pushing along my internal monologue and making it easier for me to process my own normal thoughts. It really seemed for a while like it might be a very strong tool for thinking, reflecting, learning- even working. But after a few hours it makes me tired, easily distracted, and at times downright lazy. A wide variety of different states of mind have come out of this substance.

T+2:45: There is still some effect. About the same as a half hour ago.

T+3:45: Still some tailing effects… beautiful at times, and the skin tingles feel nice, but I think I’ve seen enough for today.

T+4:45: STILL some lingering effects! This may be a bit longer lasting than 4-AcO-DMT.

T+5:45: Return to baseline.

This was a reasonably enjoyable introduction to Miprocetin. There were moderate but undeniable effects, sensorial and mental as well as physical effects. While the visual effect was not particularly strong compared to anything else, it was graceful, entertaining, and fairly unique. There were side-effects at this dose, but they were not severe. I felt comfortable following up with a slightly higher dose. For the second trial, I decided to interject an activity and see how well Miprocetin works in company, and in a more public role.

-Second Trial – 20mg-

1:55PM: Two gel capsules full of Miprocetin are swallowed on an empty stomach. Each capsule contains ten milligrams of powder.

T+0:15: I can feel some “squirming” in my brain… it feels like my neurotransmitter levels are shifting already, but I can’t yet judge the effect it’s going to have on my senses.

T+0:23: A sudden increase in pulse occurs. Not uncomfortable, though.

T+0:30: Feelings of energy in the body. Some dizziness, perhaps a bit uncomfortable. Not yet any visuals.

T+0:37: The earlier dizziness and anxiety symptoms recede. My mood evens out… and then the visual changes begin to set in.

T+0:45: Subtle visuals. Mostly color-shifting: The familiar emphasizing of pastel hues. Color tones are down-graded, yet emphasized. I am clear-minded, but there is a “heavy” feeling around my face. Not a body load, but a head load.

T+0:50: Color-shifting is readily identifiable everywhere. I am experiencing stimulating and sedating symptoms simultaneously... I feel both wide-awake and drowsy. It’s strange.

T+1:35: I just took a shower. Time seems to be altered significantly, in the indeterminate sort of way where I can’t tell if it’s been sped up or slowed down. Open-eye visuals are still color and light-oriented, with no movement and no changing textures. Closed-eye visuals in the shower were at times downright remarkable: I saw leafy sculptures etched into a hard stony surface like concrete or canvas. Vegetation carving itself into place and continuously changing. Forests awash in geometric texture.

Compared to the previous trial, there is a stronger “pushing” feeling about the face, like pressure against my head. It’s a little strange, and I wonder if higher doses might get downright unfriendly.

T+1:50: I get into the car with my girlfriend. We are preparing to go to a nearby art museum and view some ancient and contemporary art together. It is just as I get in that the first texture-warping occurs. Objects change their textures, taking on the appearance of an animal skin or looking like they are wrapped in plastic or made out of bubble wrap. At one point all the metal in the entire car appears to be shiny plastic. These effects are transient… they come and go.

T+2:05: We stopped in a 99 cent store to get a snack and a bottle of water before buying our tickets for the museum, which is a couple of blocks away. In the wide open space of the store, a change in depth perception becomes strikingly apparent. Looking down the aisles at the textures of the thousands of items and dozens of people, it all seemed to stretch on with such amazing depth and surreal detail that I could barely comprehend the image. There are so many little texture distortions on the skins of the candy bars and all the shiny little cans of soda! I had to stop for a minute and just stare. Then I walked through the isles, purchasing what I needed with no difficulty.

T+2:15: We get to the art museum. There are still awe-inducing distortions of depth, and the wide open spaces outside the museum, with columns and long streets trailing out into the city… amazing! We buy our tickets and go inside.

T+2:20: We enter the museum space. There is a geometric sculpture near the entrance built right outside one of the staircases… a brightly colored tentacle-like shape rooted in the ground and twisting up through the air. We stop and look at it. Since it is built right next to the staircase it looks like part of the room, not a separate art exhibit. In my foolish state of mind I make the mistake of trying to touch it. A tiny old asian security guard starts jabbering at me, letting me know with comical hostility that there is NO TOUCHING ALLOWED. NO NO NO SILLY MAN, YOU CANNOT TOUCH THE ART! My girlfriend and I both apologize, walk away, then laugh hysterically.

T+2:25: We are in the Pavilion for Japanese Art, walking through a room full of twisting spiral platforms, which lead us through 16th century east-asian culture. An assortment of scrolls, banners, and metal plaques from the homes of the nobility five centuries ago on the other side of the planet. A wonderful journey.

T+2:30: We arrive at what will be my favorite exhibit for the day: The tetsuke gallery. The tetsuke was essentially a belt clasp: It secured the kimono of a Japanese noble. It was practical, but also extremely ornamental, symbolizing the lineage of the person wearing it. Important figures would commission expensive tetsukes from the best available craftsmen, carving detailed family emblems, which often portrayed either a spirit or a God. There were over a hundred different tetsukes, representing a bewildering array of deities such as Ryuku: The confronting dragons. Mitsukiyo: The dragon guarding the jewel of the Buddha. And the personal favorite of my girlfriend and I, Baku: The Monster who eats nightmares. Baku had great emotion and caricature to his face… a nuanced expression that could be either benevolent or mischievous. I would not soon forget his whimsical face.

T+2:40: We’re getting to the end of the Japanese and Chinese art exhibits now. I’m noticing strong perspiration, especially as I walk around. Not too surprising; psilocetin increases perspiration about the same.

T+3:05: Still walking around. Sweating, but not the least bit exhausted. I stop in the bathroom for a minute, and after using the stall I stop at the mirror and take a look at my face. The pupil dilation is fairly extreme. It would be immediately noticeable to anyone who looked at me closely. The visuals currently are only modest. There are some nauseous feelings, and a dizzy head-load that fluctuates in intensity.

T+3:30: The colors of Jay Defeo’s “The Jewel” splashed across one tall wall of the museum are really vibrant… they draw the eye away from all other art in the room, demanding attention. Once I get close and have a good look, I can’t tear my eyes away for several minutes. A very compelling piece of art, and all the more enjoyable due to an intensification of color, texture and depth perception that has not yet left.

T+4:05: It is six o’clock now and we are wrapping up our time at the art museum. After the contemporary artists came the European art pieces. There are middle ages and renaissance exhibits from Italy, France, England, and several other areas. There are definitely some good pieces, but I find European renaissance art can get a bit repetitive. Sometimes even at a gallery I haven’t been to before, I feel like I’m not seeing anything new. It’s a decent series of exhibits, though, and it was worth spending some time in. The African section of the museum was a sad joke: One small room, mainly sculptures, a few paintings and pieces of pottery. The small size of it seemed insulting compared to the many-room extravaganzas that the continents of Asia and Europe received.

T+5:00: We arrive back home. There are definitely still some effects from the Miprocetin, and it feels like they will leave only slowly.

T+5:35: Effects still receding little by little… I notice that where 4-AcO-DMT leaves me feeling fulfilled and enriched after the experience, Miprocetin’s come-down is a bit exhausting. It overstays its welcome just a little.

T+6:05: Pupils have returned halfway to normal size and the effects are mostly over.

T+6:35: The effects are completely over.

Miprocetin has been an interesting substance, but it is not without its flaws. There are places where it succeeds and other places where it falls flat. I enjoyed the sensory effects. They aren’t particularly strong, but they are enjoyable and unique- a new and worthwhile kind of experience. The pastel color shifting was the most evident open-eye visual effect, and it was unlike the color alterations from any other substance I have tried. The eyes-closed stream of leafy, organic patterns was less unique, but beautiful enough that I really can’t complain.

The mental effects were more of a mixed bag. Miprocetin wasn’t particularly emotional… there were no outbursts of laughter, no mood swings, and no looping thoughts. This separates it from the deeply emotional and spiritual nature of psilocybin mushrooms or 4-AcO-DMT. However, Miprocetin alters focus and concentration. These changes can be both positive and negative at different times. Often concentration is initially increased, along with coordination and reaction speed. But later, after the drug has deepened and persisted for a few hours, all those things seem to slow down.

Ultimately, Miprocetin leaves me feeling a bit exhausted mentally. The dizziness became irritating at times, and inhibited my ability to harness a reaction speed that was basically enhanced. Miprocetin has a strong body buzz to it, not unlike that from 4-AcO-DMT. It is a fairly enjoyable feeling, and this makes Miprocetin viable as a recreational substance, or possibly an erotic enhancer.

I think Miprocetin succeeds most as a casual, social substance, taken rarely and at moderate amounts. I doubt increasing the dosage much beyond twenty milligrams would have particularly good results. The visuals are already there, the mental effects would probably never reach a full and meaningful psychedelic conclusion, and the side-effects might increase. But at these doses, it was a fairly effective tryptamine. This substance is observational, not self-analytical. It is for exploring the world, not getting lost in internal realties.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 71912
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 25, 2009Views: 13,675
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