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Citation:   orangefairy. "2CB OVERDOSE: An Experience with 2C-B (exp71809)". Erowid.org. Jan 13, 2009. erowid.org/exp/71809

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firstly if you have taken a 2cb overdose it will be fine i promise. we looked on here an found no info at the time. 7 friends on different occasions have taken upto 150 mg in one go nasally an tripped very hard but havremotely been in danger.

I am an experienced raver an have been known to aquire large ammounts of chemicals, i used to take a lot of lsd but after my ex girlfriend hospitalised herself on a high dose keep away from it. since then have taken a lot of other psycadelics but my favourate was always 2cb. i am/was very causious with it. i never took more than 5-10mg orally an 3-5 mg insulphated would give me visuals, my friends would take more but i always seemed sensitive which i put down to previous heavy acid use.

on the night of the accidental od i got a g of pure 2cb from a well known an reputabe source. it definately was 2cb. was very anal about giving my friends some even tho they were eager an gave very mild doses out of less than 10mg worried thta anyone would have a bad time. all went off to a rave my friends run in sheffield.


T-13 hours 7mg oral 2cb before we left
T-13 to T-0 repeated cocaine 2.5g of strong rock cocaine (40%pure)
maybe .5g of mdma
small ammount of speed
.5g of ketamine
2+ bottles of rose wine
was pretty drunk an still feeling the effects of the drugs taken at the rave an had beeb drinking in the few hours we had been back to the house. had met a girl, decided between her an my best friend J that we'd do the g of coke i'd been keepin for the long journey home. A goes to get g of coke from my bag. coke an 2cb had come from same dealer. girl looks too hard in my bag an finds my 2cb. too drunk to relasie that i was cutting 2cb out i put out greedy lines of coke for the 3 of us before A has to go get the train to london.
T-0 120mg-130mg lines for me an J, 100mg for A
T+5 talking to J downstairs, feel good but no effects yet
T+10 feeling something, hear screaming from upstiars, go up to find A with a friend rolling around the floor with green mucus comming out of her nose screaming 'what the f*ck thats no coke M thats not coke' i told her she was having an anxiety atack an run downstairs to find my g.f. about to have a line, grab the tin half way thru her line an pass it round, 10 people confirm it to be 2cb. ooops. run upstsairs avoiding my friend lookin like shes fitting on the floor to find my coke in a wrap in my bag untouched.
T+15 reassure friend, force feed us all 2 pints of water. tripping quite a lot by now. wash my nose out to try an rid any excess powder an ask friends to call an ambulance. friends had misheard an think we've had 20-30mg so refuse.
T+20 very agitated, thinkign abouother 2c-x od's an their deaths feel very scared. try to ring 999 but cannot dial as i cant see. i feel very good but increasingly scared of how high i'm geting an where it will go sas i find 10mg a heavy trip especially if i snort it.
T+30 am on sofa everything is melting. 2 paramedics arrive with strong yorkshire accents looking liek they're out of a carry on film an keep askin us if we've had 'e' , 'what tablets yous 'ad?' i keep saying 'i've taken a massive od of experimental psyadelics could u jus get me to hospital'
T+50 get in the ambulance tripping VERY hard, am suprised we walk into it as i am convinced we're going to die.
T+1.10 in hospital e is so strnage an funny an we're so loud, my friend has a flower in her hair an no shoes, i have psycadelic dress an orange hair an my friend is wearing sunglasses an a born to be wild tshirt hehe. unfortunately J (born to be wild) is having a bad time an has become cattatonic (he may have d 150mg it was by eye but a very big line)
T+1.30 get bored of answering questions on my mental state come down enough to realse if i was going to die i'd be dead by now an bring my friend A down by tripping out an the weird hospital picures an making us laugh. both sign ourselves out as we have capacity, takes a few minuites of arguement but i think they're keen to see us gone.
T+1.50 find my friend, still in a bad way repeating the same thing over an over, locked in the time we were in the ambulance. speak to a doctor who has been tryin to get us to calm him down an he gives him 4mg diazepam.
T+3 after a while reassuring my friend that we're ok an we should leave an go the pub an get a pint. he takes his drip out, puts shades on an we leave with the doctor chasing after us. feel like we're in party monster.
T+4 takes us an hour!!!! to get out of the building, 3 of us wandering around corridors tripping very hard. eventualy get a drink, as a+e wouldnt give us one as it was a 'poisioning'
T4.5 in pub, feel amazing tripping less, looking out an a large lake, talk about a lot of things.
T+5 decide to not fear 2cb an to get it out the way now an go take 20mg each with friends who've picked us up.
T+6 back at house, decide to do some coke. A passes me wrong wrap again. do maybe 80mg each an realise what we've done. laugh. find coke do that.
T+7 2cb hasnt really worked, go get pizza an fall asleep in back of nice warm car dutring long drive back.

from this i have learnt that
-100mg doses of fresh 2cb are probably not going to be fatal (several friends have made same mistake since)
--my tolerance is now 30mg plus nasally to get a visual effect if at all. nowi only feel a weird body high.
--all 3 of us have made big life changes, all have had some depression an anxiety issues.1
--we now all try to mark our wraps
--my friends have taken upto 300mg over a few days session with no side effects other than marked drop off in effects after first dosage or so.
--find the heaviness an unplesentness of the trip can be greatly eased with a pint of water, it can make me quite dehydrated.

peace love an hugs. fairy. x

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 71809
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 13, 2009Views: 13,880
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2C-B (52) : General (1), Various (28)

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