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We Were The Archetypes
DXM & Cannabis
by MyNameHere
Citation:   MyNameHere. "We Were The Archetypes: An Experience with DXM & Cannabis (exp7156)". Jan 26, 2003.

530 mg oral DXM (liquid)


Hello all; my experiences with psychoactive drugs is quite extensive, but I've never gotten around to writing up an experience. Well, here I go:

A friend and I, having my house to ourselves, had decided to partake of DXM and enjoy a trip together. The night before I had smoked myself as high as I'd been in several months, and in my state I had decided DXM (which I've read about many times right here on erowid) would be the next drug to try. After several attempts up the stairs, I raided my parents' medicine drawer and found 1 4 0z. bottle of robo w/pseudoephedrine. I've had some nasty ephedrine experiences (I'll tell you about them sometime), so I vetoed the idea, but the next day, after some discussion, the above mentioned friend and I split 1 8 oz. bottle and 1 4 oz. bottle of extra strength tussin (15 mg/ml dxm).

The dossage came to around 530 mg. a piece. We downed it quick, then chilled and watched TV for around a half hour. After this we went outside to have a smoke - I hardly ever smoke, except when high, but at the moment a cigarette sounded good; boy was I wrong. After a few drags, the combination of a winston red 100 and a bottle and a half of cough syrup had me gagging and puking like never before. My friend, though, didn't experience any naseau during the trip.

After that episode, I was worried that I hadn't absorbed all the DXM before expelling the syrup, but I soon knew I wouldn't have to worry. I began to feel slightly high, with a pronounced sense of being stupified or druged. Conversation was difficult, but this soon passed. Around 1 hour after ingestion, we were both begining to feel light-headed and giddy. We dediced to smoke a joint, and this mellowed us both out. While puffing the roach, I suddenly felt myself drifing away from my body, like my mind was being lifted out of my head. I felt cold and light, and I could tell I was moving away from any kind of high I'd ever felt before. As I came back from my trance, I realized my friend was still talking, and I had heard everything he'd said - I'd even been responding. I told him this, and he laughed - we went inside to put some music on. We chose to listen to Mogwai, and the music really affected the trip. We both got lost in the slowly building sounds and rhythms, and I experienced intense visuals.
Though I was standing up, I felt as if I were in a rollercoaster, flying around turns. It was as if gravity were swinging wildly around the room. After tripping on the music for a while, we pulled ourselves out of it and decided to talk some. My friend had a intense robo itch, which I said was to be expected (gotta love erowid research). We were both also walking stiffly and strangely, and while talking I would subconsiosly assume odd, contorted hand positions. I didn't realize my hand was doing this until my friend pointed it out.

By now we both felt intensely removed from our bodies. We were walking around the room, but we didn't really feel in the room - we were in a space where we could feel the entire universe, and I realized that everything is a universe; this phrase took on intense importance in my mind. We commented that it was as if we could look down on the world and our physical experiences, and let whatever we liked take us on a trip - the music was like a slide we could ride down if we wished.

The important thing was that we were on top, above all space and time. My friend began saying that we were the archetypes, that we had always been there. He was Achilles and I was Ajax, he was Jesus, I was Prometheus, stuff like that. All myths seemed real. Another joint was in order. I rolled it, but it took what seemed like hours, and I could not judge how much herb I was putting in. The next day I realized that that one joint had used almost 4 grams of herb - a very fat J for one paper. We smoked it, somehow, and became even higher than before. By this point I was past all physical effects of the drugs, and could hardly walk. I stood in the middle of my living room, and watched as I flew through ancient temples and mountains. I felt outside of time; as my friend had said, I was the archetypes.

Another CD was in order: The Fucking Champs. One song took me especially hard, and I began speaking along with the music. I repeated phrases of severe importance over and over, telling my friend what I was seeing. A small man was telling me these things as a drill was slowly being pushed into my temple. It drilled into my brain behind my eyes, and I repeated over and over, 'Let yourself belive you've never seen light like this before.' When the song ended, we both came out of our trance-like states, and talked some more. Quickly, however, we were overcome by our trips again. The odd thing was that I never felt overwhelmed or out of control. I decided to walk around, to see what would happen. I made it upstairs, into my dark room, and in the absence of sensory imput, was overcome by aztec-like visuals, yellow triangles flying in geometric patterns and the such. I went back down and told my friend what happened, and he went up, 'to have a vision quest,' he said. 20 minutes later he came back downstairs, a look of awe on his face. We began talking, and slowly revealed to ourselves the truth that our souls were eternal, and that we had been reincarnated several times. We both remembered our past lives, and told rich tales of primal rituals and lost loves.

I remeber very little of what we talked about, but it seemed immensely important at the time. After a while we both drifted off to sleep, and the next day neither of us experienced any hangover. It was like waking up the first day of school, or something like that; everything seemed fresh and new, and life was stupendous. The sense of rebirth was amazing. We have both decided to partake of DXM again together, but not for some time; there was alot to digest from our first trip.

All in all, I experienced an intensely spiritual trip which helped me examine myself and learn things I'd never known about myself. I don't really think much of what we talked about was real, but it doesn't really matter; I'm positive now that there's more to life than meets the eye, and what matters is what you examine, what you allow yourself to wonder about. Theres lots out there to be learned, and I look forward to learning it.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7156
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 26, 2003Views: 46,288
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Cannabis (1), DXM (22) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3), General (1)

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