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A First Combo with Amazing Results
by Zerotype
Citation:   Zerotype. "A First Combo with Amazing Results: An Experience with MDMA & LSD (exp71432)". Erowid.org. May 10, 2010. erowid.org/exp/71432

1 tablet oral MDMA
  0.33 tablets insufflated MDMA
  2 hits oral LSD


Alright, to set up the night I had arrived down in Huntsville at around 8 or 9 and met up with some friends we went back to my friends house where he lives with his sister. I hadn't met everybody that would be attending, but as the night went on I got to meet everybody cept for one person and all seemed well.

My friend go out to get the acid and bring their dealer/friend back they arrive and all is said and done by 1ish. I had already taken my 2 rolls and broken them up into powder and prepared a parachute and prepared 3 lines (I was a few bucks short and my friend was covering me so I let him do some and another person I had met seemed cool so I figured why not). We all drop at the same time 2 hits a piece (cept for the person they brought back he took 6) and they were spost to be 200 mic hits, but who knows.

Well, go to us all taking pictures and let me also elaborate on the ammount of people 7 of us all dosed on acid and 3 of us to be rolling.

So It is about 30mins after injesting and I'm starting to feel warm in my chest and staring at the floor and feeling a bit giddy this goes on for a bit and out of the few times I looked at a clock it was 1:47 and I decided to dose the xtc swallowed my parachute and did my line then the other two people did. Now after this I was coming up hard from the acid and x and it made me pretty nausious and while we all were talking in the kitchen I just went and threw up I don't believe I threw up any drugs or if I did it was very small. Went back in the kitchen and we kinda laughed then I took a shot of milk to try and calm my stomach followed by going outside to smoke a cig and that ended with me throwing up off the back porch.

Well, I just remember thinking to my self 'not a big deal people throw up' so I didn't let that ruin my trip.

Then I remember after this ordeal I ended up outside with one of my trip buddies after throwing up and the dogs were barking and he was nervous and I just responded to him 'its the nature of dogs, its no problem' not even 30seconds after that they quit barking and didn't for the rest of the time. We decided to move on inside and people were in my friends room since he had a huge monitor and they put visuals on with some music.

I moved from this room to where I saw two of my friend who are a couple in a bed and they were just cuddling and I just jumped in with them and started rubbing my friend just messing around with him, but it was a very touching moment. I believe around this point I took one of my shirts off. Lots of conversations were taking place that didn't make alot of sense in the kitchen since it would be at times all 7 of us talking and in all diffrent conversations we'd eventually just get lost in the talking. Oh yeah, at one point (around this time) I ran into the kitchen and dropped my pants and jerked off for a few seconds just to mess with my friends, everybody had a good laugh.

I had the gift of still being able to roll joints so thats what I was doing for alot of the night at random times (we smoked a half oz that night in joints/pipes). After smoking a joint one of my friends wanted to go to the park the only people that wanted to go were the 3 of us who were rolling. So, I go to put my shoes on and find this very difficult as my vision was playing tricks on me, some I wouldn't realize till the next day.

After a fun walk to the park we climb up this mud hill and I slip but my friends pull me up and we continue on to playing. Just swings and such I get on a swing and am just having a blast then my friend tells me to swing upside down (he just meant put my head back, but I knew what he meant) and I did and for some reason it gave me such a euphoric rush I got off the swing and was in awe. In mid conversation I run off to go on the slide and I get to the top and slip because it had recently rained plus my shoes were muddy. Soooo that sucked, but no bothers we started our walk back.

People asked us where we were and we told them back to grouping with everybody. I don't remember what times looking at the clock, but I remmeber everytime we did we were in awe at what time it actually was as apposed to what it felt like. It was defnitly time dialation, but not like I expirence on mushrooms (where time becomes completly out of grasp).

After getting back one of the people who went to the park with us retired to a room for a few hours to solo trip so we left him to do his thing. Continue to the person on 6 hits giving me his headphones in the kitchen I forget who he played for me, but it was very fun music. To remember all the conversations that happened would be impossible, but one I defnitly remember is sitting at the table with a bunch of people around and I was drawing this picture and we'd all trade headphones with classical music on them while doing so and it greatly intensified the expirence.

After the drawing was complete we decided to roll a joint so again I was up to rolling a joint which I did so then everybody but me and the person on 6hits were left. I start to light it and remember I had half a blunt of some pretty good weed left and bring that out and we bake out for a while, good times.

After this we get out a cake and the flavor of it was simply amazing (I believe it was called better than almost anything cake). Then a friend announced that two sides to the cake existed (fudge/caramel) a few of us were like 'holy shit thats crazy' and one friend simply said 'don't freak out or anything it's not layers or anything fancy' which was hilarious. Great moment following was us retiring to the living room to smoke and trip out which was very enjoyable. Everybody left the living room for a bit and rejoined in the kitchen, but I went back to the living room and shut my eyes and went on a journey and a friend came in to see what I was up to and I told him. We got up around the same time and he said 'thank you' because to us it felt like we were melting out souls together for a moment however brief.

Then our buddy who had gone off to solo-trip emerged and was a little shaken so went for a cig came back and apparently had his world rocked and we were all glad for him esp considering he said it was very difficult at some times, but worth it. Following this we go to the living room to smoke out and trip out again and just laugh and joke for a bit everyonce in a while. Then somebody wanted to watch the new southpark episode so we went to the big monitor and watched it all laughing our asses off. Before we saw the episode I saw it was becoming lightoutside and was disappointed we missed a sunrise, but over all didn't care. So, after the episode we went outside and talked about how wonderful a new day was and how this very day so many people's lives would change while others would remain the same in whatever they were doing, but to us we had been reborn.

To start the day off 5 of us took a walk to the park again, it was a beautiful day and every moment was breath taking even though I felt drained since by this point I had crashed from the xtc the acid was still going strong. I looked at my newly acquired bracelet (the girl tripping with us made it for me throughout the night) we arrive to the park and I see the slide and it looked so much taller earlier in the night, oh well I kinda laughed. Me and the girl and swinging together while everyone else goes over to a bench and chills. The conversation was great and she talked about how much she enjoyed LSD which I was glad to hear being as it was her first time.

After a bit of dicking around at the park we went back to the house and I put a xanax under my tounge to help my sleep as by this point I was very drained and just wanted sleep. Got the bitter taste out of my mouth and then laid in a corner smoking a cig with a friend next to me I don't remember after putting my cig out, but I knew it wasn't till 8-9 that I went to sleep. (which was very draining since I had rolled and also been up since 7am the previous day).

I awaken at 3ish in the afternoon and lived a dazed out/fryed day full of smoking/chilling and discussing the trips among everybody who was still with us.

Absolutely amazing time one of my most euphoric trips ever.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 71432
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 10, 2010Views: 1,542
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MDMA (3), LSD (2) : General (1), Various (28)

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