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Good Alternative to IPECAC!
Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue)
by Piznipy
Citation:   Piznipy. "Good Alternative to IPECAC!: An Experience with Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) (exp71369)". Mar 9, 2010.

300 seeds oral Morning Glory (seeds)


If there is one thing that I despise more than anything it is vomiting.

Me and my friend G went to king soopers and got some I don't know what brand heavenly blue morning glories. What is sad is I actually paid someone to drive us there AND I bought over 15$ worth of seeds. Now I read in TIME magazine that grapefruits increase drug potency so when we got back we snagged two and went into the basement. We also heard from urban legend that vitamin C does too so some EmergenC packets were also obtained. I would have to say that the seeds did not taste all that bad but the thought of them now makes me want to puke. So me and G downed 300 some odd seeds and went to watch T.V.

T-30:00- Definitely feeling different but not anything tangible. Family guy was not funny what so ever (didn't like that aspect). Now my eyes are naturally very dilated, which gives me a drugged out stereotype, so my eyes became ridiculously dilated around this time.

T-60:00- The ONLY good time I had with this plant was between 30 min. and an hour after ingestion. Skittles tasted amazing and grapefruit was bearable. This was the time that definite visuals occurred. The best way to describe the visuals was not like a vivid enjoyable hallucination, it was more like I feel poisoned and my eyes might never be the same. A lot of things “breathed” and straight lines would wave and bend. This alone without the poison in my stomach would make me nauseous. I started to get weird feelings about the t.v. and asked G if we could do something else.

11:45 pm. I have rough memory of the time so forgive me. My body started getting extremely hot and a feeling of 'I absolutely know I'm going to puke' takes over. To not be a jerk to G I asked for a trash can because secretly I hate puking and will avoid it at all costs. So having my face near the toilet is not a good idea. We sit there for a while and I focus on not puking while we listen to music. Every time I am sick and feel like vomiting I use strange methods to calm myself that are random, irrational, and short lived. (ex. Song with a “good mood”, different position, ect...) so I am very belligerent to my good friend G who is putting up with it quite well and I'm glad it was with him. And suddenly I felt so sick and paranoid that I got up and said, “we're going outside right now.” And I walk straight out of his room and out the front door.

12:30 A.M. Luckily G got a coat because it was really cold. I start walking at a very brisk pace to get my mind of vomiting, as if that would work. Not much happens except looking at cool trees and lying in the grass which makes me feel better again.

1:00 A.M. Almost instantly when we get inside the nausea comes back when we get inside but I don't want to make G go outside again. We lay down and start to watch the movie No Country for Old Men. Great movie but in my state it was horrible. Every gunshot gave me horrible negative feelings and any repeating noise made me nauseous (Ex. The tracking device). I try to sleep for another hour.

2:45 A.M. Peak. I go in and out of paranoid thoughts about how I can keep from vomiting. I am not religious at all and leave it pretty open but with lots of doubt. But I noticed that before I am about to puke I become a freakin' zealot! I pray and pray to yield no fruit and than the peak occurs at 2:45 A.M.. Whilst I am sitting in this personal hell, G's brother is playing Grand Theft Auto and a certain ding noise occurs rapidly and has been going on for most of the night. I get a feeling of the kids playing the game as all of the modern generation, siting like zombies laughing at a screen that does the same thing over and over again for a whole lifetime and I live out this lifetime with them, but only hearing it so the visuals don't hypnotize me into it.

After this thought a sort of static noise starts getting louder in my ears until all noise is gone besides that. Keep in mind I was watching every minute on the clock waiting out the nausea and repeating sounds. All sound is gone and I hear the door creak open. My heart races and I get a rush of adrenalin thinking I was going to die. The door closes and all the sound around me rushes back into my ears and I turn my head to see that the time has skipped ahead to 3:00. I sit there in amazement because I knew that had to have been 30 seconds at the most.

3:00-4:30 A.M. Torturingly long minute by minute waiting for the seeds to pass and I finally sleep. I am glad I don't remember this part well.

All in all I decided the next day that I would have payed twice the amount I payed to not take the seeds and the taste of the seeds lingered in my head when I ate. The next day it was hard to focus my eyes efficiently and reading was hard because certain words would separate from the sentence. I thought I was permanently damaged and was gonna be dyslexic for life. G never felt a single thing. I had to go to work and work a 9 hour shift until midnight an hour latter. Close to the most horrible days of my life and I'm guessing if I would have just sucked it up and vomited it wouldn't have been that bad so it is mostly my own fault. I am very hesitant about eating them again although I am successfully growing some vines that G will try.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 71369
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 9, 2010Views: 14,628
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