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A Not So Pleasant Night, Not That I Noticed!
Datura (flowers)
Citation:   d0g_p00p. "A Not So Pleasant Night, Not That I Noticed!: An Experience with Datura (flowers) (exp712)". Sep 15, 2000.

2 flowers oral Datura (fresh)
My experience is very much like Buzz's 'trip'. I was convinced by a friend to take the drug at a party, very convenient that a Datura tree was right outside. Anyway I made a salad out of the two plants that I found on the ground, and for about 2 hrs afterward I did not feel a thing, well that soon changed.

I started feeling really sleepy, and thought that is was just fatigue from being at the party for so long (keep in mind I had not had anything to drink or smoke) I remember starting to get bored and that is all I remember before waking up on the floor of the party with everyone dancing around me, or so I thought. Well it turned out that there were no dancers and that it was time for me to leave the party.

The owner of the house kept telling me to leave I remember asking him what I did wrong to get kicked out of the party, I mean I saw *TONS* of people dancing, drinking and having fun, but in reality none was there, I was the last guest. I decided that this sucked and would just go home, several of my friends decided to leave the party and join me walking home, but as you can guess nobody was there but me.

The walk home consisted of me talking to my friends who were sometimes there and then would just vanish while I was talking to them, I also saw a lot of my friends just standing on street corners saying 'hi' when I was walking past them, I thought that this was normal and I did not think twice about it. As I was walking I noticed several one legged people staring at me, I did not know why but they just kept staring at me! Everywhere I went they were there staring. It was not till I came down did I realize that the one legged people were actually parking meters.

I can write forever about that night, but I will just add a few more things, like trying to ride my skateboard home and realizing that it was an oil slick, leaving my real skateboard on the bus because it was too fucking heavy to grab, trying to read a book and all the pages were blank, the smoking problem (I would light a smoke and smoke it, but it was never lit) spilling water and cleaning it up for hours but I never spilled the water the scenario just kept repeating in my head for hours, and finally having my Nintendo (this was around 1992 when I tried this) controller melt in my hand.

I think the strangest thing about the trip was that I thought everything was normal, I did not know I was 'tripping' to me everything was just 'that way'. I don't remember how long the trip lasted I had no sense of time, but I do remember the horrible two days afterward when I was nearly blind because of the drug (could not read or tell time on my watch, everything was blurry). Also I did not remember anything that happened till the next day.

I had a pretty good trip I guess, I did not get hurt and I made it home somehow (I remember all of the streets looking the same). I would definitely not take this drug again nor would I recommend it. If you do take it, have a sober friend with you. Also be very careful on how much you take as you can die if you eat too much.

Exp Year: 1992ExpID: 712
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 15, 2000Views: 11,250
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Datura (15) : Large Group (10+) (19), General (1)

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