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Quivering Blob of Yellow Jelly Under the Sun
LSD & Ketamine
by Double_D
Citation:   Double_D. "Quivering Blob of Yellow Jelly Under the Sun: An Experience with LSD & Ketamine (exp71147)". Aug 28, 2009.

  repeated insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)


Hi, I'm pretty bored at work so I have decided, along the course of today, to relate with you some of the good and bad experiences I have had with drugs over the years.
OK, a bit about me, I started experimenting at about 13, some periods of my life have been much more manic and frenzied than others with regards to my consumption, some have by contrast been much calmer.

By the time I took the acid and Ketamine (K) mentioned in this report I had dabbled with exctacy, ketmaine, mushrooms, speed, cocaine, alcohol, peyote, codeine, MDMA, 5htp, melatonin, Rhodolia, salvia and tamazepam, perhaps a tad too extensively with regards to the last drug.

I am now 22, this experience occurred at the age of around 17 or 18. I consider that I have a good life, a nice car, a very well respected I.T. job, my own house and I have a clear vision of where I want my life to lead. I would say that I have been affected by the drugs I have taken, but not necessarily in a bad way, they have opened up my eyes to so many new things, different ways of thinking and viewing the world. They have indeed helped me through a lot of rough patches, but have at times in my life contributed to a temporary demise. I believe it also worthy of a mention that I am not a spiritual person, I do not take drugs for spiritual quests, to enlighten myself or gain some knowledge of my inner workings. However, even though that is never my original quest when ingesting a substance it has come to pass once or twice that I have found some answers to questions that I had tucked away in the innards of my brain, this day was to be one of those days.

The setting was a very hot mid summers morning, I had just arrived to an abandoned field next to a motorway that was to host a massive illegal rave. I had passed up taking acid many a time, almost fearing it and telling myself I was not ready. This day was to be different, me and a girl I really didn't know but that I was giving a lift up to this rave found a dealer selling K so I bought a few grams, some to take home and some to consume there, and also bought some acid.

A few moments passed, I racked up a small line of Ketamine back at the car, unfortunately I sneezed on the last half of the line and the next few minutes were a frenzied scrabble of me snorting bits of white powder off this girls lap, her shock turned to amusement as the Ketamine slowly started to take hold. I gave the girl (who we shall call V) a big grin and commented on the fact the color of her shorts didn't aid in me being able to locate the speckles of Ketamine (they were white), we had a giggle and then I placed the acid tab in my mouth.

To explain the sensation of ketamine for me is fairly easy I think. It is for all intents and purposes two different drugs. At a low dosage as I did on this day it is comparable to walking in a bouncy castle, slightly off balance, its difficult to coordinate anything, not that I feel I would want to. It makes me feel relaxed, like nothing matters because its all too far away to affect me, it gives me a slight spinning sensation and all in all gives me a great big smile. It also has the effect of throwing my directed concentration totally out the window, that is to say its very hard to concentrate on something I would want to concentrate on, end very easy to end up staring into space.

With this in mind then, I pretty much fell out of the car, managed to put my keys in my pocket, on the second attempt at regaining my balance we started to journey towards a large field next to the one hosting the rave. By this point the rave was fully underway and I could feel the hard drum and bass pounding my body. I was apprehensive about the acid, worried about what would happen, after hearing of so many stories of bad trips and not really having a firm grasp on my own state of mind. I brushed this off quickly by lying in the sun and looking at cloud formations with another small line of K. Slowly I started to feel something that was totally not Ketamine related, a rush of energy and euphoria, so much subtler to exctacy but also intermingled with a definite sense of apprehension. My intent for this trip had just been to lose myself, I had a few hard weeks at work and all I really wanted was a short break from reality. Boy was I going to get that.

At that moment I started seeing patterns emerging in my rucksack, like squiggly lines coupled with ancient mayan artwork, I could still see the bag and all its features, and I fully realized these lines (which were in motion) were caused by the acid. After that my world was completely blown apart. I shall start with my perception of time, it seemed to be getting faster and faster, then in a split second it would reduce to a crawl, then this cycle would repeat itself. This was emphasized greatly by the sound of the drum and bass in the background that seemed to be slowing and getting faster in response to the perception of speed I had on time at that particular moment, almost warping. At about the same time I had fully grasped this time concept, shit started to get a little weird. I will try and explain this as best as I can, but I donīt think language itself can convey what happened.

One minute I'm having fun with things going slower and faster, the next I am no longer me, its as if I am just a blob of energy sitting under the sun. I had no arms no legs no body as such, I was just there, unable to interact with the outside world, I was just a presence but the rest of the wold could not witness it, I could see everything clearly, the fields of grass started shimmering gold, I was struck in awe, the clouds slowly shifted in color, plants danced in a way no wind could have blown them, I didn't feel connected to anything, I felt as if I was just an energy, bordering on the outskirts of something greater. By this point the girl I was with had become slightly worried as I had been staring at the distance for a good hour, I was sweating buckets (although it was extremely hot) and all I had managed to say was, 'no fucking way, mate, what the fuck,' in a slow and incredulous tone over and over again.

By this time I was being fed water and I was slowly coming back to some form of normal existence. I was still tripping. It was like there was a constant mist in the air and the dust raised by the people dancing to the music was the most amazing thing I had seen. A total feeling of unity and togetherness. Something that really blew me away was seeing a tiny little moped emitting the sound of a monster truck. lol, that will stay with me for ever, and in fact on subsequent trips I have hallucinated that again but inversely, in this case a jaguar emitting the sound of a tiny moped. lol.. This is all that my memory allows me to recall. But I shall say this. Speaking now, I have had many more experiences with acid. The hard part is not trying to force myself to stay sane, the hard part is in trusting myself and believing in myself enough to know that I am clever enough not to hurt myself. I think the problem is that so many people were filling up my mind telling me not to worry and to not take it if I donīt feel right, and if Iīve had a hard time lately donīt take it. At the end of my trip I became paranoid, and that lead me to experience a bad trip. But hey we live and learn people :)

This experience is not meant to serve as a reference for people looking to expand an inner consciousness or look for revelations. Iīm simply a hard working guy that likes to feel different from time to time, likes to see things different colors, different shapes and move around likes the intense emotions and thinks drugs are the key to that feeling.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 71147
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Aug 28, 2009Views: 5,878
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LSD (2), Ketamine (31) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), Rave / Dance Event (18)

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