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An Incredible Tool
Citation:   Interstellar Arnold. "An Incredible Tool: An Experience with 2C-E (exp70931)". Jul 8, 2008.

  repeated   2C-E (powder / crystals)
My girlfriend, J, and I acquired 6 grams of 2C-E HCl powder from an online vendor, and had 4 amazingly powerful 2C-E trips over the course of approximately one month, starting at the beginning of December 2007, and going until the first week of January 2008.

The effects of 2C-E we got went far beyond the 9-12 hours we actually tripped out. Both J and I had a distinct and very powerful afterglow from 2C-E that lasted several months. We both decided, as a direct result of our 2C-E use, that we no longer wished to consume alcohol as an intoxicant, and now 4.5 months later we are both adhering to our decisions very well. What I believe 2C-E did to us was help us to become aware of the cultural conditioning we have all been subject to for our whole lives to drink alcohol. At some point along our little 2C-E odyssey, the fact that alcohol made us feel dumb, stupid, caused a lot of strife throughout all of society, and is in fact a quite physically harmful thing to ingest just felt like it was being made so well known to us, and we just kind of went “Why the fuck DO we drink?”

There is yet another remarkable effect 2C-E had upon me which I think is even more remarkable than the alcohol consumption cessation. I was a smoker prior to this 2C-E experiment, for 6 years. I am 21 now, and began when I was 15. I had been trying to quit on an off with all miserably failed attempts for about 2 years prior to this experience; I simply did not like being a smoker, but I felt quite seriously addicted to nicotine, and would engage in such activities as smoking cigarette butts at work sometimes, and rolling up scummies out of ash trays from time to time. It had truly become a filthy (not to mention expensive) habit, but quitting didn’t quite seem like an option to me, for I was working a shitty kitchen job and living somewhere with lots of young people where drinking and smoking was the norm.

I can’t recall exactly the chronology of my quitting and 2C-E use, but it was something like this. I remember smoking on my first 2C-E trip, and still feeling like I “enjoyed” my cigarette, but I was thinking an awful lot about the sheer stupidity of it. I also engaged in this type of thinking when sober, but it was different somehow on 2C-E. The 2nd and 3rd time I tripped on 2C-E, I think I may have had 1 cigarette, and it had it sheerly out of a dependence on nicotine. However, these times the cigarettes dry acrid smoke was especially potent with my heightened senses, and I had taken larger doses of 2C-E, and my mind was working much faster and was “way further outside the box” so to speak.

I’m having difficulty describing how I felt 2C-E was important in helping me stop my addiction to nicotine. But I feel like our change in attitude towards alcohol, and my addiction interruption occurred because of similar mental processes. It didn’t feel like 2C-E helped any physical symptoms of withdrawal at all. Everything that helped me to quit was like positive mental reinforcement I gained from the time I spent on 2C-E. The reinforcement manifested in several ways during the trip, such as realizing the emotional impact of needing a cigarette in order to feel satisfied, crazy psychedelic imaginings and mental imagery of the damage I was doing to myself when I smoked, although this was not unpleasant, it was just like a logical “well if you’re going to put formaldehyde and tar in there then this is what you might look like in 40 years!”. It was much more powerful and profound then I can possibly convey here, as is the norm for strong psychedelic experiences being written up in trip reports.

The fourth trip I remember not smoking a single cigarette, and all my cravings felt very manageable mentally. It felt as through 2C-E helped me find the strength within myself to remind myself why I do not want to be a smoker any longer, EVERY time I felt a craving arise. It was like I thought about my addiction on 2C-E so intensely, that I could never again pretend to ignore the fact that it REALLY BOTHERS ME to be a smoker. I used the nicotine patch for a short time immediately after quitting smoking, but I didn’t use it for anywhere near as long as the directed amount of time (10 weeks). And after I stopped using the patch, no symptoms returned, and still 4.5 months later, no relapse.

As a side note, J was never a smoker, and did not like me being a smoker. So although I say 2C-E helped me quit smoking, I also wanted to quit prior to using 2C-E. But I felt as thought 2C-E helped me quit in a very unsuspecting way. I never had quitting smoking as a serious issue I wanted to tackle with my use of powerful psychedelics, but it was just a nice little bonus this teacher gave me.

Some other effects me and J both noted as a part of our months-long after glow was an increased ability to cope with stress, better communication with each other, it was easier to think positively more often, and we both had a very profound new capacity to think about spiritual matters in a very receptive and deep way, which we both think we were unable to really “accept”, such as the continuation of our essences or souls or minds or whatever you wish to call it after bodily death occurs.

During our 2C-E trips, it honestly felt like so much knowledge that has been accumulated in the ancient religions became accessible to us through whatever means, and the results of that exposure was our afterglow. The experience still resonates with us today, but not nearly as much as the 4 weeks following our trips. It was truly remarkable to have a ++++ experience, and we both feel very lucky to have procured such a (relatively) large amount of this extremely extraordinary compound.

As to the individual subjective effects I got from 2C-E on my trips, I was also very impressed. It definitely felt “classically psychedelic”, whatever that means. Take the tried and true psychedelics – LSD, mushrooms, peyote, DOM – well I would classify 2C-E’s effects are comparable to, but different than these. I have only ever tried LSD and mushrooms of these examples, but 2C-E definitely is a super valuable tool. My trip was remarkably clear headed, no thought looping or racing thoughts. My thoughts were extremely voluminous and fast moving, but it felt organized. It is like LSD and mushrooms are using a really really awesome computer that only has DOS, and 2C-E is like upgrading to windows. It’s still all there, and you can do all the same things, but 2C-E felt more user friendly in my experience. Mushrooms have always been “explosive” for me. 2C-E felt cosmic, extremely vast, extremely structured and organized, artificial (not necessarily a bad quality, but it definitely didn’t feel natural in my body!), and defiantly has a “wise teacher” feel to it.

And yes, it was impressively visual. I was more impressed with the non-aesthetic effects of 2C-E, but even still the visuals are nothing that can be dismissed. I had very thick lasting trails, it didn’t seems all “multiples frames”, if I moved my arm trough the air it would seem as though my hand were leaving solid impressions of itself behind. Color enhancement was very noticeable, and something we both noticed was a “new psychedelic color”, that seemed to be like every shade of neon and black flickering at 10000000 times a second. This color would appear to overlay objects we looked at, and would make up the unique, not-LSD fractal-like geometric designs. I also watched J’s hair turn the most insanely crazily color of neon purple for a split second, so much so that it seemed to light up objects around her. It wasn’t even like it was a visual, her hair actually seemed to change to that color and quickly fade back. I was quite amused by this effect.

At some points when our conversation with turn to “darker things” we would notice the visual become correspondingly dark, and when the subject matter returned to more positive matters, the visuals would “color up” again and become happy. It was very interesting. I think one of the most intriguing visuals we both noticed was that we were both convinced we could detect auras. I don’t know how to describe it other than it feels like I am beginning to approach the spiritual world. Everything about all of our trips just oozed intense spiritualness.

We listened to a lot of Shpongle and Sons of Aurora, King Crimson, Tool, and Ween and anything else that ticked our fancy. The music did sound absolutely amazing. It had that “psychedelic depth” to it, and it wasn’t only crazy tripped out techno that made us feel good. Ween and other good old guitar rockin’ out music felt so heartfelt and still produced mushroom style music euphoria. But no unique effects were noted from listening to music otherwise.

The best thing about 2C-E if you ask me, is that all the changes it brings about, it feels as if they come from the heart. It was a very natural feeling state, despite the synthetic nature of the drug. It is paradoxical, but then again, isn’t everything?? Thanks for reading my trip report, I hope you have gained something from it.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 70931
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 8, 2008Views: 22,489
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