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Transcendental Information Budda
by Roach D
Citation:   Roach D. "Transcendental Information Budda: An Experience with DMT (exp70766)". May 18, 2010.

40 mg smoked DMT


It was about 9 o'clock on a thursday night. The night b4 was my first dmt experience, i didnt 'break thru' because i probably only smoked about 20 mg. Anyways an intense trip,from the night b4, filled with crazy colourful geometric shapes and a heavy body fry had me excited 2 smoke it again.

When we smoke it we freebase it outta bong,The water takes away alot of the harshness. So i load about 40 mg this time cuz i wantd 2 see the 'jeweled self-dribbling basketball' everybody was talkn bout. So i sit back on the couch and he puts on some tool (i dont listen 2 rock n roll) so the addition of that strange sound also made it a wierd experience. Anyways i hit it 2 times and held it in as long as i could however i ended up coughing both the hits out after about 10 secounds.

He told me 2 hit it 1 more time and this time ghost the hit. By now im already tripn balls, the floor looks like a moving rainbow honeycomb and my body is covered with tiny colored beads. As im hitin it 4 the 3rd time i close my eyes and try 2 concentrate on holding in all the smoke.When i had finally filled my lungs and couldnt hit it any more i laid back n2 the couch and continued 2 hold in the smoke.Idk how long i held the smoke they said i didnt blow any out, idk i had my eyes closed the entire time. When i finally exhaled and went 2 inhale again it was like i felt my body bieng folded inside out and spread across the couch(apparently i had just laid down).

Now im tryn 2 focuse on the vale, the name given 2 the crazy closed eye visuals of dmt by Terrence McKenna. I think? Idk anyways in the middle of the vale is a glowing light that increasingly got bigger and bigger. At this time i can still hear sounds from this world, i know im still here and i know that im tripn balls.Then outta fuckn nowhere i get sucked thru the growing light in the middle of the vale. Now i cant hear shit and im floating thru like a huge bright nothingness and Im thinkn that i died. I remember thinkn gotdamn it im dead wtf i thought he told me u couldnt die on this shit! Remember this was only my 2nd time smokin this shit so idk wtf is goin on.

Finally i stopped floating, i was sittin in the middle of a huge glowing center with pulsating purple flashes of light all around me. In front of me was a purple glowing budda he had no facial features at all and his head was surrounded by a yellow haloic glow. Next 2 him was my deceased mother, who i was still completely distrought over losing. For the nxt 10 minuets that seemed like an eternity i was enlightened and comforted by both the budda and my mama. They both let me know alot about life and death,Why im here and what im doing wrong.

It was a surreal, life changin experience.It overall brought me 2 peace with the loss of my mother and showed me that i was leading a life of dishonesty and selfishness.Its been a lil over a month since i sat with the transcendental information budda and ive smoked alotta dmt since then however no more spiritual experiences. Fuck it, its still mind blowin every time!

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 70766
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 18, 2010Views: 1,003
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DMT (18) : Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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