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Fantastically Unique
Datura Metel
Citation:   SpacingVading. "Fantastically Unique: An Experience with Datura Metel (exp70601)". May 25, 2009.

4 flowers oral Datura (tea)
    leaves oral Datura (tea)
Three days ago I tried 3 flowers with no innards in a tea. This was interesting - reality was reasonably easy to warp, directly or indirectly. My house was a stable environment. I had no sober sitter. A cleverer man would have had a ground check ready but, then again, I think I was able to control myself. Now this was a medium dose. This incurred side effects such as: Blurred vision, spacial reality, dryness of mouth and not being able to use your muscles like you normally would. I think this is attributable to the holistic properties of this sacred flower. Possibly similar to partial astral traveling - I'm not quite there but still able to feel above numbness. Then experiences the next day - feeling gravities pull and thinking this body is a restriction.

Two days laterÖ It was going to be a week later, but I got bored and impatient (not working anymore). So I thought Iíd pay the neighbourís Datura bush another visit. To prepare I lit candles and incenses for a sanctified space. I boiled the four flowers, stem bits and a couple of small leaves until it was reasonably reduced from almost a full medium sized pot of water. I drank it in three cups to let my body familiarize itself with the substance. To me it is quite pleasant tasting, the flowers go a bit slimy in the water. Then I ate an apple, meditated on the candles; waiting for the plants pureform to set in.

The onset was gradual. Like I would think I see people or wormholes or whatever in my peripheral vision but when looked at directly they disappeared. At one stage my two cats were wondering around to get their food and every time I looked to pat them they would somewhat be deflated (flat), or grossly disfigured but somehow still breathing and alive. Lucius, my kitten, turned stiff and into some kind of reptilian baby. For a moment I thought he was dead, but soon after second thoughts came and I brought myself back to the ground, knowing what my mind created and what the beautiful psychotropic plant was seasoning my evening with. I dropped a glass somewhere along the line and cleaned it up somewhere along the line (not without stepping through it a few times). Iíd look at tea towel on the ground and it would make a face at me; turn away look again and the face would change from: happy, nice, naughty, mean, deathly etc. I would ask the towel questions and it would respond with a facial expression. This also happened in a similar way with the catís undead corpses.

I also went for a trip outside somewhere. I think it was a friends place 6km away. I donít remember how I got there, I think I walked; but stark naked or with just a leather jacket. There was a party going on there and nobody seemed to mind I was naked. I think it was obvious that I was tripping (of which this friendly group of people were familiar with).

Then the memories of jumping over tin roof sheeting (very loud) and stepping in really slimy grass/mud/feces while regular visits to my body of mole crickets/leaches trying to eat me. I was not too sure of my exact location; still naked (from memory anyway). I said goodbye about five times thinking I lost my bag, so I searched and searched and searched. Not really sure what was reality but I made as much sense of it as I could. These realms are as real to me as this physical life we lead (both start and end in the consciousness).

Getting home. Again I Must have walked. I get home sporting my favourite leather jacket (emphasis). I then trundled around my commune home backyard (four houses, one block of land, lots a hip-hippies). Finding my way to the house I think my front door is locked. I lose the spare key in between cracks in the bricks. I didnít have mine because it was apparently in my bag which I couldnít find. Seem to remember seeing it next to a car on the road out the front and then going to get it and finding nothing. Now, thinking thievery has manifested in my realm. So I search for the key I lost in the bricks. No success just a bunch of other keys that had no physical use. Someone even came along and told me they put a padlock on the door; house works. Quite furious I look inside the door to see a padlock and not one but two deadlocks (normally only one). Something to note, it was really hard to get things off the ground. I think maybe a lot of what I saw was based on thought structures in my head that were so similar to real things in my life (just a little twisted). Either I couldnít pick it up (like a 2D object inseparable from the floor) or the object would fade and dissipate into the space as I waved my hand through it. I remembered (thought I did) that my bag was on the chair inside, so I go around the house and find I didnít lock my bedroom window. I climb in. IíM IN!! This was big for me because I was very chilly. I comforted myself with the ultimatum thought of a hot shower. I found my bag next to the couch I was lazing on previously. I sat.

Then I started seeing people. Not only faces in things and common faces at that but real people. I knew everyone that appeared to me. The first couple I approached to speak with. They froze on the spot, with a look that explained, ďIím sorry.Ē Then others appeared I spoke to them, they froze too. Then I figured something odd was happening. Everyone I spoke to froze. Me, ďDonít tell me youíre going to freeze as well!! Come on donít do that,Ē Almost losing. Then I figured I had an amazing ability to make time freeze. This was quite astronomical. I forced an answer out of a couple of people which they muttered: yes, no or maybe. The cats werenít affected. As well as having conversation with them (they were eating and drinking at their bowls). Guess who was eating with them? Why a wild zucchini with legs, arms and a face of course. This obscene creation caught my eye a few times, but I was happy to let it graze with the master. Cats caught mouse, me proud.

Then I was hell bent on seeing an entity. By this time everyone had left. I focused on the fore air and deciphered a shape and form. Now, knowing something was with me, I wanted to speak to it. I got my hand made pendulum charts and pendulum out. Every time I went to pick up the pendulum it would dissipate and leave a mark on the couch from where it Ďwasí. I searched for it and found it and lost it a few more times like this; so I gave up and thought this isnít what I should be doing. Then I forgave myself for listening to the justifications in my head. At some stage a bee (we have a bee hive in one of our walls) popped into this realm. I followed itís fascinating journey to the lightbulb. Very trippy. He/she then flew near me and stung me where my crown chakra should be. I got the stinger out but seeing there is no swelling this morning it may have all been my mindís creation.

I got to bed eventually; partially cleaned up the broken glass (of which people were walking around) feeling like I should clean it up before my housemate gets back (sheís in Tasmania for two weeks). My housemate was one of the people there. I would start talking to her, look at her and get little answers for my working questions. Look away, look back, she is now part of the couch, her face embedded in the lining but still able to converse with me. From then, whenever I decided people should freeze I just had to look at them in the eye and only say a few words; then smirking at me.

One other thing I experienced was clairaudience. Any consistent sound, like a fridge or scraping of paper, was manipulated to create voices: Yelling children, happy moments shared, possibly whoever this house has held before. Itís like they donít have energy like us to make sounds but they do have the energy to fluctuate consistency from sounds to form what we know of as hearing physically.

Bed. Sleep. Fantastic dreamerage. One of which this rather sternly built African/American was dressed in a huge hairspray container as part a bath edge for a products commercial. Memories of more dreams will pop up later in my day. Sleep. Sleep. ZZzzzzzzz.

These are not definitive but just some awareness of what you might be in for. This is the morning after, my eyes are blurred for near objects and Iím still seeing wisps of swift, graceful energy in my peripheral vision. Overall, I enjoyed myself immensely. No, not for all, as I am told, but fantastically unique just the same.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 70601
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 25, 2009Views: 13,890
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Datura (15) : Various (28), General (1)

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