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These Little Pills Pack Quite the Punch
Oxycodone, Oxycontin
by Mykal
Citation:   Mykal. "These Little Pills Pack Quite the Punch: An Experience with Oxycodone, Oxycontin (exp70554)". Mar 1, 2010.

160 mg oral Pharms - Oxycodone (pill / tablet)


My friend E and I were at school one day bored as usual. He talked to me about his friend who obtained some Oxycontin from his father. I personally have never been into drugs. I've smoked weed and Salvia (x20) 2 times and drank alcohol a few times before my Oxycontin experience, but I was nowhere near ready for the experience that was about to come. I had no knowledge of Oxycontin and it was pretty stupid of me not to research it before I popped the pills.

So that day at lunch I took Eric up on his offer to buy some of these pills. He had just as much experiences as I had in drugs. So again we both werenít ready for what these Oxycontin pills would do to us. We payed the kid $15 for 4 OC 80 pills. Yes I now know and realize that is extremely cheap considering some can sell up to $60 for just one pop.

Upon obtaining the 4 pills I took my 2 and gave my friend Eric his 2. They were pretty small and me being the newbie at drugs that I am thought 'well these are small...thereís no possible way they can have a punch to them.' I was dead wrong about that assumption. With this thinking and the fact that the kid we bought these Oxycontin pills from said his dad takes '10 a day' (which I now realize is complete bullshit) I was reassured that if I took 2 I would be perfectly ok.

My friend Eric decided to take his 2 OC 80's and I decided that I would wait until the next day so I could trip out at school. My friend Eric didn't explain to me how strong the pills were until the next day when i had already consumed them. I really wish he would have told me sooner how bad his trip was so I would've steered clear from taking both pills. On the other hand Iím happy he didnít tell me to take one because I would have most likely had a good trip off just one. This in turn would give me the urge to do it again. However that wasnít the case and my trip went something like this...

It was 7:05 am just getting ready to leave for school. I decided to pop the two pills then head off to school. At 7:15am I arrived at school and was talking to my friend Elly. She too had consumed oxycontin but only took one 80mg pill. After I commented 'why did you only take one? Aren't they pretty weak?' She replied 'No what the fuck these pills are pretty strong. I wouldn't take two I don't want to die.' So I thought to myself 'oh shit' but then I reassured myself that no no no these canít be that strong. Eric took 2 and he's fine.

I was seated in my 1st period and I started to feel a little woozy. My nose began to itch like crazy. It was amazing how much I was scratching it in class. The bell finally rang at 8:30am and when I went to get up out of my seat I had difficulty walking. It was really hard for me to keep my balance. I continued to reassure myself however though that 'I only took 2 small pills I'll be fine...I'll make it through this.' Again I was very very ignorant in my thinking.

As I ventured into 2nd period at around 8:40am I didnít feel so good. I was sitting in class and I started to feel very sick. My friends kept asking 'are you alright man? You look pale. You sure you're not sick?' Every time someone made a comment like this I began to feel sicker every time. After about 10 minutes in class I had to run out of the classroom to vomit. As I made my way out the door I had a sort of projectile vomit into the trash can. It was pretty disgusting how it sort of shot out of my mouth. After I finished puking I returned into the class and apologized to my teacher telling her i threw up. She insisted I go to the nurse but by this point I was so paranoid that the nurse would know that I was on something. So I decided to stay in class.

It was now 9:20am and I was still in my second period, when again I had to disrupt the class and run out of the class to throw up. This time when I walked back in the classroom my teacher had a pass for me to go to the nurse. I refused to go and waited until the bell rang to call my dad. I called my dad saying I threw up and didn't feel good. I did not tell him I was high on Oxycontin. He said he would pick me up in a half hour. So at 9:35am I walked into my third period. As soon as I sat down and the bell rang I had to run out of the class to throw up. The process repeated some 5 minutes after. Then my dad finally arrived at school to pick me up. I was so scared that he would be able to tell I was on something, but luckily he didnít suspect anything which I donít know how it was possible. On my way home my dad had to pull over his car because again I had to throw up. This was now around 10:10am. I had taken the pills 3 hours previous to this and I had already puked 5 times. This however was only the start of the throwing up process.

When I arrived home I went straight into my room and began a long process on continually throwing up. I try to drink some fluids but everything I put into my body came back up minutes later. From 10:30am to 11:00pm I was throwing up about 3 to 4 times an hour. When I could finally get some sleep. I thought for sure I needed medical help.

I felt the worst I had ever felt in my existence. Not to mention it felt like I had shit stick sideways in my intestines. I was so constipated it wasn't even funny. I was dizzy and couldn't focus on anything. I tried to watch some TV. but it was very annoying to me to try and focus on it. I found myself sitting there in my room doing nothing but staring at the wall and throwing up non-stop. When I awoke the next morning I STILL FELT HIGH from the Oxycontin. I was so pissed at myself. I decided to stay home fearing I would do nothing but throw up at school. I finally felt somewhat normal at about noon that day.

After constantly throwing up, feeling like I was dying and the inability to focus on anything I absolutely hated the trip. I enjoyed the first maybe 15 minutes of the trip but after that it was hell. It was one of the worst experiences of my life and something I wonít repeat. If I had known that Oxycontin was essentially semi-synthetic heroin I would have never ingested it. My lack of knowledge in the substance and not knowing that 80mg of Oxycontin was a shit load was stupid on my part.

I just encourage those wanting to experience and experiment new drugs to know what you are getting your self into. Know your facts and risks about the drugs and don't do them blindly as I did. Stay safe and fun. Although I am thankful I took such an abundance of the Oxycontin because it gave me a horrible trip. So horrible I refuse to attempt it again. Those wanting to experience Oxycontin, be careful these little pills pack quite the punch.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 70554
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 1, 2010Views: 73,431
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Oxycodone (176) : School (35), Overdose (29), First Times (2)

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