Lucky Find
by Jay
Citation:   Jay. "Lucky Find: An Experience with DOC (exp69878)". Sep 22, 2010.

1 mg oral DOC (liquid)


Here I am, at about 10.00 on a Friday night with nothing to do. My best friend K and I had planned to go clubbing, but she ended up visiting her boyfriend instead. My (other) best friend (BP) was trying to plan something with me, but there was nothing to be found. We decided to call the night a bust but I told her I would call her if anything changed. Iíve been IM-ing my friend David throughout the evening, weíd been trying to find acid for me and I was supposed to get Adderall for him, it was too late in the evening to get anything. He then tells me he could get a hold of something else if Iím interested and asks me if Iíve ever heard of 2C-C, 2C-B, and lists some others. Of course I have. He tells me he could get something like those from a friend, that something being DOC. He told me he was picking up some for a friend and I could come along if I wanted. I had only a basic knowledge of what it was, and was curious. I agree to go with him to his dealer and discuss a possible purchase.

I call BP and tell her whatís going on and ask if sheíd like to possibly go in on this with me. She definitely does not. I decide to check it out for myself anyway, and David and I go to meet up with his source. I meet his source, a kid heís known a few years; heís very knowledgeable, quite brilliant and well versed in the selling/buying and such of these gray market, unscheduled psychedelics. Not to mention close to everything else. I talk a good hour and a half with him, he answers all my questions I have, and more. He has the DOC in an alcohol-water solution. I decide to buy 1 mg, David buys 3. I take mine at midnight on an empty stomach. We sit around and chat some more, then David and I head back to his apartment, as he told me he would stay with me as a sitter.

At around T+1.00 hr I definitely feel off, my muscles are tense, Iím antsy, but I feel amazing. Iíd compare it to MDMA, but cleaner and more genuine, not so forced. Everything is funny. We are watching Amťlie, I could not love the movie any more. Talking with David, petting his cat, and laughing have become my favorite things of the moment. Everything is very euphoric.

At T+1.30 hrs these feelings are gradually intensifying and Iím getting slight visuals- if I stare at something for a second or so, Iíll see waves. There is slight color distortion too. Swallowing is somewhat difficult, and I feel a pressure in my head, ears, and neck. I get this almost exact same feeling on shrooms. Iím getting some pretty bad jaw clenching as well. Itís nothing terribly uncomfortable though. I also have this feeling of oneness with everything. Itís not very intense, but I feel very connected with everything that is going on in the room.

At T+2.00 hrs I wonder if the trip is going to intensify at all. Worried about under dosage, David offers me a mg. of what he bought. He says since he got it for a good price, heís just going to keep the 3mg he bought for himself and get his friend more later. Why not? I take it and I decide I should eat a little something before it kicks in. I hadnít eaten in a day and I knew I wouldnít eat while on this drug or for a long time after. We took Davidís car and went to get some fast food. The ride was much more fun than any car ride would normally be. Everything was great. We get back to his place and I find I canít eat even though Iím starving. Food didnít have much taste and was hard to swallow. I managed to eat some though.

At T+4.00 hrs visuals are a bit more intense, as are the colors. The come up of this drug is pretty sneaky. Iím laughing a lot and talking like how I do when Iím rolling pretty hard- my sentences are really choppy and itís hard to put thoughts into words. I feel pretty fucked up, but Iím very clear headed and aware of whatís going on. I decide to go back to my place, which is a short walk from Davidís, before I really start tripping. I left at a good time, things were only getting more intense. I stop outside of my dorm tower for a cigarette and watch the walls morph and twist, everything is quite pretty. I get up to my room and Iím tripping hard. I realize Iím tripping hard and start laughing, and laughing, and laughing. I feel amazing. Visuals are amazing. I lay on my bed, turn on my laptop, put on some good trance and switch on the music visualization thing on I-Tunes and stare at my wall which has now become an art show slash fractal slash rainbow. Patterns so incredibly intricate play across my walls and morph into everything. Nothing stays still. The color from my computer screen spills out to fill my whole room. Itís so intense my eyes are watering. Everything leaves trails, too. I had great fun moving my mouse around the computer screen and waving my hands in front of my face. Iím sure I looked pretty stupid, but it was beautiful. The jaw clenching is really, really bad, the worst Iíve experienced on anything. But the trip is too euphoric to pay much attention to it. I grab my rave-pacifier-necklace and bite down on that.

The COVís on this drug are not what I expected them to be at all. Instead of seeing patterns and fractal-like things like I thought I might see, it was like dreaming. I closed my eyes to see myself lying in my bed. I looked really fucked up. Another time I see myself walking on a road and a ton of bikers ride by me. I make friends with two of the bikers, a guy and a chick. They are dating and are really nice and nice looking. The girl asks if Iím tripping, I tell her I am. She says sheís on DOC too, but she took a little bit more than I did. She tells me to call her later so we can both compare our trips. At sometime I come out of this and started writing down a mental note to call her when I realized this didnít really happen. It was confusing. I went to another world as soon as my eyes were closed. I saw myself doing things Iíve never done, talking to people Iíve never met, and so on. At one point I saw myself reborn, it was terrifying. But nothing freaked me out. My mood was totally stable and controllable on this drug.

T+6.00 hrs: So here I am still tripping hard, when the fire alarm goes off. I just laughed and followed my floor mates outside. It looked like I was the only one still dressed and awake, and tripping. :) Everyone around me was entirely pissed about it but me. It was freezing outside, but I felt nothing. I sent a text to one of my friends in my dorm tower saying how funny it is to trip to a fire alarm. He wrote me back and said he was on shrooms and didnít even leave his room. I laughed at that. Our fire alarms are never for fires. Itís happened three times this year and itís always been a kid trying to smoke a joint or something in a room. After they let us back in, my shroom tripping friend came to visit me and we compared our nights and such.

T+7.00 hrs: My friend leaves, Iím still tripping, but the peak has passed. I notice Iím suddenly freezing. Iíd been cold all night, but my teeth were chattering at this point. I turn up the heat really high, and decide to take a shower. It was a crazy experience. I swear I could hear every water drop and the walls of the shower have a tile pattern that was fabulous to watch. When I ran my fingers through my hair it felt like I was pulling it from my head, not out, but making it longer. It was weird. I get out, dress into some warm clothes, feel very comfortable, and continue to watch the art show on my walls.

T+9.00 hrs: The visuals have calmed down, I decide to try and sleep.

T+12.00 hrs: I wake up, and still have slight visuals, like at the beginning of the trip. My body is incredibly weak. My mind is very productive, I find it really easy to lose myself in thought. Iím in bed for another two hours just laying there before I can bring myself to get ready for the day.

T+15.00 hrs: At this point, I feel baseline, but really, really tired and really, really spaced out.

DOC proved to be an awesome experience and I would definitely do it again. Next time though, Iíd like to trip it with people. Iím usually fine and sometimes prefer tripping by myself, but this would be really fun to do with a group of friends. I could even see doing this at a rave; you feel amazing, bodily, and the visuals are stunning. Plus, youíre mind is completely with it, so a ton of people wouldnít potentially freak you out like on other psychedelics. Another thing I would have done different is to make sure I have sufficient sleep before going in on a drug with such a long duration, and had something to eat. I hadnít done either for a day before I took the DOC, and I was thoroughly exhausted after the trip. Not so fun.

Overall, Iím glad to have had the opportunity to get my hands on this stuff!

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 69878
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 22, 2010Views: 11,837
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