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Exploratory Dose
Citation:   Peach Gruger. "Exploratory Dose: An Experience with Datura (exp69856)". Jun 30, 2018.

28 seeds oral Datura
This was my first experiment with Datura. I'd taken mushrooms 4 times two years ago; that was the extent of my experience with psychedelics. I heard about Datura from Carlos Cataneda, and wanted to try some in a sober minded, experimental, and respectful manner.

I bought a pack of seeds from a company that doesn't treat their seeds with chemicals. I soaked 28 seeds for 1/2 an hour, then drank the water, chewed the seeds thoroughly and swallowed. This was about 9 pm.

I had read in Casteneda that Datura has possessive, female qualities, and that one ought treat her with respect. I have a good relationship with my sister, one that is respectful and non possessive so, while waiting for the seeds to take effect, I played a bunch of songs that she likes, and that remind me of her. This put me in a good frame of mind for the subtle effects.

T: 25 minutes

The music had more of an impact on me than it normally would, and I found myself crying in sympathy for my sister, who had grown up with me and experienced some of the same family strife. After a while, I got up and danced around. At first, my dancing was inspired, in part from anticipation, but also somewhat from the drug. I had moments of feeling “closer” and “more involved” with my experience.

T: 50 minutes

I was still dancing, but my movements were lethargic. I checked my pupils in the mirror and they were slightly dilated and my body felt soft and puffy.

I felt a loss of coordination as I poured myself a glass of water (some dry mouth). I drank just a little, then opened the fridge and stared at it for a few minutes. Generally, I kept a sense of humor about my idiocy, and allowed it to run its course.

I stood outside in my backyard for a moment, and felt more still, grounded and powerful than usual.

T 1:10

I climbed into bed feeling very heavy and slow. While falling asleep, I tried to do “dreaming” as I sometimes do when I’m falling asleep. Usually, I have some control of my bodily sensation while lying in bed, but with the effect of the drug, I felt like I had more concentration and could illicit slower and stronger effects. Once, I was imagining a scene from my personal history and felt myself being pulled quite strongly toward it. I didn’t want to go there just yet, and was able to back out of the scene.

T 10:30

I woke up with some lingering lethargy and slight dry mouth. Slightly lowered pulse rate. Other than that, no noticeable side effects.


It seems like a good tool for exploring lucid dreaming.

My body felt much more inclined to follow my mind and my imagination. A normally harmless juvenile thought about something like Jews burning in the Holocaust, might ignite a vivid and real experience.

The trip has inspired me to continue my personal consciousness studies. I will probably use Datura again in another month or so, with the same or stronger dosage.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 69856
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 30, 2018Views: 2,019
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