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Rectal Alcohol
by sillywabbit
Citation:   sillywabbit. "Rectal Alcohol: An Experience with Alcohol (ID 69839)". Apr 18, 2012.

1 oz rectal Alcohol - Hard (liquid)


having heard for-ages the legend of 'drinking alcohol rectally' and then reading about amy winehouse snorting a shot of vodka and not-dying... i decided to finally try alcohol rectally yesterday.

from searching online most postings recommended using a standard enema applicator and mixing warm/body-temp water in a 1-to-ratio with any burgundy/red wine (which is 20 to 30 proof). I hate wine... but I love bombay sapphire (which is 94-proof)... since i am heavier than most people (6'3' and 270lbs) I felt confident i could handle more alcohol than the standard dose.

The enema applicator holds 6oz of fluid (it looks like a turkey baster with a very thin 3'-long nozzle. i heated tapwater to 99-degrees and checked it with a digital thermometer to not-burn myself. I poured a 1oz shot of bombay sapphire into a true-lined 1oz shotglass (NOT 1.5 like many are) and sucked it up into the enema applicator. i then squeezed-out the air i also sucked up and sucked-the remaining 5oz of water. i put a small portion of Wett Platinum lube on my anus and completely-lubed the 3' tube applicator. it slid-in very easily with no pain at all. I squeezed the plunger and got the full 6oz of liquid in my ass.

t+0 OH MY GOD IT BURNS! Burning sensation subsided within 20-seconds.

t+1 i feel like i need to poop a turd, i know not too and hold it

t+5 very warm sensation starts to envelop my head, like i just-did 4 shots of liquor in a row

t+20 feeling truely-drunk on 1shot of liquor!

t+40 room is spinning, feel like sleeping, very strong buzz

t+41 urg to poop is overwhelming, i run to bathroom and squirt what feels like a bad case of diharrea / hershey squirts, smells horrible

t+1 hour, buzz about same, still spinning

t+1.5 hour buzz wearing off

t+2 hours no buzz - i think to myself 'this must be the crack-way of doing alcohol'... very low price and very intense buzz that doesn't last long. the burning is very bad. i would not try this again.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 69839
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 18, 2012Views: 24,897
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