My Opiate Cure
Poppies - Opium (tea)
Citation:   Dr. Feelgood024. "My Opiate Cure: An Experience with Poppies - Opium (tea) (exp69502)". Sep 20, 2022.

15 pods oral Poppies - Opium (tea)
ok, So let me catch you up on things so you can understand why these little pods are so vital to me. I experimented with about every drug you can think of in about every way possible from eating a variety of pills to smoking crack to shooting fentanyl. (I've done a lot more than your average 3rd generation middle class kid from the suburbs should have ever been exposed to.) Any way, through it all I got really into opiates. I know that it is pretty standard for addicts to try and justify why they like mind altering substances, but the opiates really did help me a LOT with my social anxiety. I know no doctor would ever think of prescribing them for that reason, but I loved how outgoing and sympathetic I became on opiates.

My affiliation with them began simple enough by befriending an older stone-cold opiate addict, who I sort-of looked up to. He often had pills around and I would drop $10 or $20 to buy a few vicodin or percosets and hang out at his house all day. Well, It didn't take long for me to realize that I have a naturally higher tolerance for opiates that grew quickly with my exploits. I was starting to view these pills as pointless then I was introduced to what would become my new best friend for a while… Oxycodone. Yea Boy! My god when I snorted that first 40 mg line I found what I was looking for. I was suddenly in the best mood I’d ever been in and was able to not only talk to others openly, I found myself wanting to be the center of attention. Well sadly, this couldn’t last long because I’m not rich, and I quickly found out what withdrawls were really about. I said fuck drugs and began my life over again. The End.

Just kidding. I got a way better paying job that allowed me to get high whenever I wanted. So that’s what I did. I got higher and higher. There wasn’t a day that passed that I didn’t have some sort of opiate in my system. I preferred to snort them but was eventually shooting them as well. This went on for about 6 months until I decided my tolerance was high enough to eat 2 fentanyl duragesic patches at once. All I remember I thinking that I was starting to feel something, then I was waking up in the ER after my 4th shot of Naloxon unable to answer my mother who was screaming at me “What did you take?”

I should have died that day, but someone loves me and she made the phone call at just the right time, that woke someone up and when they checked on me they found me passed out, not breathing with blue lips and called the ambulance. Most people would have quit, But this experience kicked me into overdrive, and I was taking anything I could get my hands on for the next 2 months from methadone to coke, to of course oxy’s.

Finally, one day when I was out of money, out of places to stay, and almost out of gas. I said “OK, now I’ve had enough.” I went home and asked to be checked into rehab. My parents gladly said yes, and a few days later I was off for 30 days of intensive in-patient rehab. Holy Shit, I thought the withdrawls from eating pills were bad until I went through withdrawls of shooting pills. Anyway, a month later, I was clean, feeling good and back on the street, determined to do it right. I got a job that paid OK, not like my last one but good enough, and ditched my drug doing “friends.” I worked out regularly and tried to stay positive, but I was missing something.. I missed my drugs.

The days became so monotonous that I started to get frustrated and depressed, but I knew where I stood. If I did any drugs, I was out of my house, so I still managed to stay clean. Then I remembered something one of my good friends had told me in rehab; that is was easy and possible to get high from poppy pods. So I begged and pleaded and whined until my girlfriend gave in and said I could try them. So, I ordered 100 off the internet and was so excited that my stomach was in knots. About 3 days later, they arrived. I came home from work to find a package about the size of a sheaf of paper that rattled when I shook it. I immediately opened it and began to follow the recipe that I had memorized from researching the subject on the internet so much. I ground them and heated them with lemon juice and so on.

When I began to drink them, I found that, yes, the tea does taste like shit, but for a guy who used to stick needles in his arms, nothing was undrinkable (for a buzz). I drank about 15 pods worth (because that is what the recipe said would be a strong dose) on an empty stomach. After almost an hour I began to worry that I had bought the wrong kind of pod or something. Then, as I was re-reading the recipe, I began to get shooting sensations of muscle tightening that reminded me of injecting morphine. I instantly became happier and it wasn’t long before my couch swallowed me and I was back on my old territory.
I instantly became happier and it wasn’t long before my couch swallowed me and I was back on my old territory.
My eyelids became heavy and my pupils small. I got a smug grin on my face as I started to feel like I “beat the system” because I could legally do this and still be considered drug free by everyone around me (the nasty taste kept them from trying).

I love my pod tea, and to this day it is probably the only thing keeping me sane. I order pods every other week or so, when I start feeling really stressed out. And, no they aren’t as good as Oxy’s but nothing really is to me. They do give me a strong opiate buzz that lasts for hours longer than any pharmaceutical I’ve ever tried. Everyone loves me when I’m drinking my tea, because I laugh easy and I’m very agreeable. I truly believe that these dried pods, obtained so easily, have been one of the biggest factors in me not going back to “harder drugs.” They give me something to look forward to, and keep me mellow. I've been out of rehab for almost a whole year now, and although I haven't given up drugs entirely I have a pretty normal life with pretty normal friends, that I would like to keep and grow on. They and my pods have helped me to stay happy. Peace and chicken grease.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 69502
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 20, 2022Views: 1,141
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