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Perfect Pain Relief
Hydromorphone (Dilaudid)
by DrGT
Citation:   DrGT. "Perfect Pain Relief: An Experience with Hydromorphone (Dilaudid) (exp69485)". Jun 19, 2009.

1 mg IV Hydromorphone (liquid)


I came across some Rx grade IV Dilaudid for the first time sometime in 2007 I believe. I work in the healthcare field and it is a very popular drug for pain relief in the hospital. Dilaudid is schedule II in the US, and IV preparations are hard to obtain. I've tried plenty of opiates before this, including oxy/hydrocodone and IV morphine as well, but nothing compares to Dilaudid in my experience.

Dilaudid 1mg IV is 'equianalgesic' to about Morphine 10mg IV, I'd only taken morphine IV at this point and only about 3mg at a time. The morphine experience was months before I decided to take the Dilaudid and at this point I was not taking opiates regularly. I remember people who've used both heroin (which I haven't) and Dilaudid saying how the rush from Dilaudid was as good or in some cases better than heroin, this was exciting to me.

I believe I was sitting in my car and I just couldn't wait to try it. It was 3am and I'd just gotten off a long 12hr shift, I was sore and achy from running around on my feet all day. I contemplated going home first, but the 20 minute drive just seemed too long to wait. I wanted to try this stuff I'd given to many patients in pain. I had a sterile 3ml syringe and 25 gauge 5/8th inch needle, this is my favorite size since 25g is large enough for an easy flash and push without exerting too much pressure on the plunger. Some like a finer needle, but with larger volumes, say greater than 1mL, it takes too long and is too hard to push. I drew up the 2mg which is 1 mL plus I added 1ml sterile saline from another vial I had. Diluting leaves less residual drug in the syringe.

Still sitting in my car with dark tinted windows in a quiet lot, I cleaned my AC vein with some alcohol, no tie needed, stuck, flashed and pushed the whole 2mg fast and hard. I withdrew and applied a cotton ball. Not but 3 seconds later did I get the most intense rush that took my whole body by storm. Initially, it's like every muscle in my body contracted, starting with my throat and quickly spreading to the rest of me, and then released and became completely relaxed. The 'rush' I call this lasts only 5-10 seconds or so but I find it to be the single most pleasurable drug effect I've ever felt. After the initial rush, a warm wave of pleasure took over my whole being; the day's aches and worries gone in a flash. I opened my eyes and took a deep sigh of pleasure and relaxation. Feeling warm and slightly mushy all over, I started the car.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

I noticed I was quite, okay VERY high, and I know DRIVING WHILE ON NARCOTICS IS HIGHLY DANGEROUS AND STUPID, but I felt I was able to drive alright, so I headed home. As I was driving home, I noticed I had no pain whatsoever, I was completely free from muscle tension and nothing hurt, even my feet and the terrible pain I often have from plantar fascitis was gone. I made it home alright, smoking a cigarette on the ride even. When I got out of the car I felt dizzy and slightly numb, but pleasantly so. I kicked off my shoes and sat on the couch and just enjoyed the comforting feeling of being completely comfortable and carefree. Some slight nausea was felt, and I did develop some generalized itching that wasn't annoying. After about an hour of enjoying the buzz on the couch, I retired to bed.

I couldn't exactly fall asleep, but I found I was in sort of a waking dream state. I'd close my eyes and be in a lucid state where I could control what I was seeing. This was not a hallucination state, like mushrooms or acid that I've taken plenty of, but more a peaceful semi-sleep state. I remained unable to fall completely asleep for probably another hour, but awoke normally about 7 hours later with only mild residual drowsiness.

Since this experience, I've sought out Dilaudid whenever possible. Some weeks I can get a milligram here or there and I find that 1mg is a sufficient dose for pain relief and a pleasant but not overbearing high. The major problem with the drug is it's extremely high addictive potential. The rush is so amazing, it's breathtaking. I find myself craving the drug more than I'd hoped, not that I take enough of it to become dependent on it or ever even feel withdrawl effects, I take it maybe a couple of times per month at most, it's just that it's that damn good in my opinion. Whenever I have the slightest ache or pain I just wish I had some Dilaudid. Morphine, fentanyl, the -codones, pale in comparison. I can't recommend seeking this drug out if you have any problems with addiction or an addictive personality. This is a drug used by the medical profession to treat severe pain, building a tolerance to any opioid is foolhardy if ever you should ever require emergent pain relief.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 69485
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 19, 2009Views: 92,634
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